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Tahiti Village- Never Ever Buy From these People and Tell them To Go to Hell, Robert Paisola Investigates


I tried for 4 days to reply at the bottom of the page, but it says you weren't accepting new questions.

So, I hope this is the right way to go about this.

My husband and I bought into Tahiti Village 11/06, I think it was the day right after we got married, which was also my birthday. My husband originally wanted to go just to get the "free" perks---and when you fill out all that detailed paperwork, well, needless to say, the seller/promoter that was working with us made a complete fuss over us and gave us the royal treatment. We were initially turned down after having ran a credit check and me giving them a credit card w/insufficient funds. But they were able to fanagle the paperwork and "work out a deal" so to speak. We had both filed for bankruptcy [me 13 and husband 7] in the early 2000's. After this, every single month after that financially we went downhill.

Bought Grandview back in early 05. At least we have a deed and the HUD for it.

Also have Moon Palace, Cancun ... only to find out we don't really own anything-- $20K-some later--that's almost all paid off.

I just asked for the contract and the deed [after 1 year of not receiving it] from Tahiti.

I just recently had to pay about $1300 to get caught up with Tahiti-- found out that $800 of that I had to pay was 2/3 of it was over due maintenance fees, and 2-1 time fees, a transfer fee [ what the heck am I transferring? I only paid for 1 year [that I had to pay for] with Interval International, and a general fund fee [I thought that was what maintenance fees were for]. And I had to pay for Feb and March. Tahiti Village is relentless in collecting--- after being only 1 day late, I started getting phone calls--and I made the mistake of answering 1 of them--- more than 10 times a day. I made sure to tell them they were calling a cell phone number, which is also a work phone number [for me it is the truth, I don't have a landline], and not to call here. It didn't work. I have collected 85% of their incoming calls by answering them and immediately hangning up, so I have documented proof of the harassment.

I appreciate it when you say to take care of family first--- but we both have government jobs, and when they both threaten court if we default [both being Grandview and Tahiti Village] we can't have that on our records--much less wages being garnished--or even face termination.

I am currently not working, in a heated battle in a denied work comp case, and my husband is working 80+ hours a week just to keep the major bills paid. Our tax refunds have literally flown out the window, $10K to catch up on past-due bills, including our home mortgage. I also am going to be having major surgery first part of April, where I will be wheelchair bound for 1/2 a year.

We just want out of this headache. We've learned our lesson--- we never used either one of them, and have no intentions of doing so--we can't even use Grandview as our week falls during a very busy time for us at work and we have no chance of getting vacation during that time.

We've tried just offering them back--- they can keep the $ already invested. Won't happen, even with my "story". I'd be hauled to court for default and have to pay the difference between what they could re-sell it for. {I've seen both properties listed on eBay for 1 penny--and not sell :( }

I only wish I would have known about you earlier--- we would have never gotten into this mess. I see I'm not the only one though. I'm glad you're out there, fighting for us, exposing the dirtiness that timeshare people do to get a $.

I hope this is enough information.
Thank You--All the Best

Amy Smith

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