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Another Victim comes forward of the Playa Del Sol, Robert Paisola Investigates

First of all ... Who am I? Good Question...

That should resolve that question.

Hi Mr. Paisola,

I was scammed into buying the Playa Del Sol Grand before it was built. They promised me it would be MUCH nicer than the Mayan Palace. Ive been making my payments and when it was opened, I booked a week and went. It was a disasster and nothing like they promised me. I stopped making my payments and exchanged several letters with them back and forth fighting over this.

Finally I just said keep the money you collected and the time share and I walked away. Happy with the outcome I now see a bad note on my credit file. I called them to settle but they are insisting I pay them $5000 to remove it. Can you help me with this? Is this up your alley? If not please let me know where to go. I really appreciate your help.


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