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Me By Melia, When in Cancun Mexico- The Only Place to Stay, Robert Paisola Reports

March 03, 2008
New York City, (The Associated Press)
Robert Paisola Reports "The Me by Melia Hotel" Nothing but Perfection

The Me by Melia also known as "The ME" has long been one of Cancun’s most fabulous hotels, with a prime location on a quiet street directly on the Hotel Zone with Oceanfront access and incredible beaches. The ME Hotel property underwent a $15 million renovation after Hurricane Wilma, which established the baseline for all of the hotels in Cancun.

When you arrive at this one of a kind property, you are personally greeted and provided with a warm cloth to refresh and rejuvenate from your trip from the airport which is a short 20 minute drive. The Zen Like features are unlike anything we have ever seen, with aroma therapy induction throughout the property.

This art deco property has been carefully structured to ensure that your entire stay is as simple as the motto "Everything is possible"

The Marble floors gleam, the interior lighting is one of a kind and the lobby is nothing but a "welcome home" feeling that we have never felt before.

All of the approximately 400 rooms all look out on the water (to varying degrees) and have plenty of space. The swank, sophisticated SALT Restaurant serves an incredible buffet with traditional continental fare along with a top-notch international wine list; dining experiences include dinner on the beach in the Maxim Grill, accessible from the pool or from your own private beach cabana.

Whether or not the art deco ambience is your cup of tea, there's no denying the superiority of the service: A beach attendant brings ice for the bottled water you grabbed from the minibar, or sets your tote bag on a stool so it doesn't get sandy; a spa attendant adjusts the temperature of your shower before you step in. And everyone is polite—and friendly—to a tee. The Chief Concierge Mr. Lucio Aleman along with the properties Managing Director, Raul Petraglia continue to ensure that the experience at the ME HOTEL IN CANCUN is nothing but a worldwide destination where "Anything is Possible"

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