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Consolidated Resorts Scams Fox News Media Anchor, Robert Paisola Investigates

Dear Mr. Paisola,

I hope you can help me.

5 years ago, my husband and I got roped into buying a timeshare from Consolidated Resorts (Tahiti-Las Vegas) through many misrepresentations and high-pressured sales.

They threw in all kinds of extra incentives including 5 FREE TRIPS to our choice of locations worldwide. The catch - we had to buy the airfare THROUGH THEM - which cost more than the actual trips, we would later find out.

We bought a 1-bedroom, every other year for $8,995.

After we agreed on a price, they said they need a down payment of more than $2,000. We paid it.

2 days later we got cold feet and called and asked to cancel the sale. They said the person we had to talk to was not in but someone would call us back. No on called and when we called again once we returned home they said it was too late.

We financed it for 14.9 percent - BUT our sales people swore up and down that since this is a deeded property that we own, we can refinance through our own bank for a lower interest rate. Our bank, of course said no, since they have no recourse to repossess.

So, we have been paying our $160/month for 5 years... thinking we must be paid off soon, we called to check on our balance (we never get any statements) and they said we still owe $4,952. I asked how that is possible and they "mentioned" the $1.98 finance charge - PER DAY!!!! We have been paying $60 per month for finance charges per month on top of the interest!!!! They NEVER mentioned this as we would have never agreed.

And, they claim we owed $8,995 AFTER the down payment. This was NOT our original agreement.

I am beyond sick over this entire thing.

By the way, we have NEVER spent even a single night at Tahiti. The thought of it makes me want to cry. We also pay nearly $200 in maintenance fees every year.

Can you please offer advice as to what we can do???

I have lost more than a few nights sleep over this and I just want out.



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