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Consolidated Resorts Tahiti Village- The Scam Continues, Robert Paisola Investigates...Again!

Hi Mr. Robert Paisola

I found your name on the internet and I am hoping you can help me with some information. My wife and I went to Vegas over Easter. We ended up signing on the dotted line for a time share with Consolidated Resorts Tahiti Village.

Looking back the cost was ridiculous in my opinion. $25K for 10 years at a terrible interest rate. We signed on March 23 and once home I sent a notice of cancellation along with all the material they gave us on March 26th. It was signed for by them on March 27th so I am within NV's 5 day cancellation period. I have tried numerous times today to call them and talk to a live person to no avail. How long should I wait to hear from them? Should I contact my bank to ensure that they don't take anymore money than the down payment that they already have taken?

Should I expect a full refund to include my down payment and closing costs and paperwork fees? According to NV law they have 15 days from date of signature to get my money back to me. Should I expect to hear from them with a better deal (which I will not take) or will they just refund the money without calling me? Sorry for all the questions but I made a huge mistake here and I don't want to get caught in a jam for the next 10 years.


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