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Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate in Las Vegas, Pure Hell, by Robert Paisola

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate in Las Vegas

Dear Robert,

Please excuse my approach. I obtained your email address from advise that you have provided to another timeshare owner on I am in a similar situation to Sunhee who purchased a timeshare at Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate in Las Vegas.

My wife and I live in the UK and signed for the timeshare in September. I have made several communications to Westgate explaining my wish to cancel, but have yet to receive a response. As I'm sure you understand It's not very easy to get hold of them especially as I live in the UK. I have even sent an email to the salesman that we dealt with, without any response.

I really hope that you can help my wife and I as we don't know where else to turn and we are now 6 months furher down the line. The next step for us is contacting our credit card company (who continue to process payments). We don't feel that this would be productive at this stage as it would only involve another party to deal with and we would rather correct the issue at source.

I look forward to your response. If you require any further information (I'm sure you will) then please don't hesitate to request it.

Many Thanks in advance for your assistance

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