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68 yr old mother scammed by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Robert Paisola Investigates

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Dear Mr Paisola,

Recently my widowed mother who is not in possession of all of her faculties was lured into purchasing a time share from Wyndham. With this time share she is supposed to receive some type of credit card in which whenever she uses it she recieves points to go towards her $1000 monthly payment for her time share. Additionally she was told that they would rent out her properties for her and that she would actually make money. My mother has attempted numerous phone calls to Wyndham and no one will return her calls. She has also sent them a certified letter requesting to get out of this contract. We have yet to hear from them. If my mother were to make the payments it would end up costing her 52k. This would virtually wipe out all of her retirement money that she has left. We have contacted the attorney general and the better business bureau and have not gotten very far. What can we do? Who should we attempt to contact at Wyndham? If we get an attorney, do we need a real estate attorney? Any information that you can provide would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

Answer: Hello Paul,

First of all, thank you for writing to me about the issue of Wyndham taking advantage of your Widowed Mother.

This is one of the worst cases I have seen.

I want you to call Wyndham. Tell them that you have talked to me and that they have ONE CHANCE to fully release her from this bullshit contract.

Should they play games with you, I want you to contact me privately and I will get involved.

Screwing someone the age of my mom does not make me happy and I am sure CNN would love to interview you.


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Robert Paisola


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