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The Wyndham Timeshare Company Lawsuit Gets Underway: David vs Goliath, Robert Paisola Reports


Mr. Paisola,
Thank you for all that you do to help consumers like us. We made a video so you can show our situation to the world. The quality is not great, but used the only camera I have.  The message is unmistakable.  Enjoy
I sent the link to WVO management as well as my FB page.  Maybe I will get some positive results.  Will keep you informed.
Throwing rocks at the hornets nest,
Chip Slate 

Dear Robert,
I'm so glad to hear from you! 

Alicia Dickson, Owner Care Team Lead, whom I reference below, turned me down cold.  What a ....

HOWEVER, i also sent the same 1/2" thick package of letters and internet downloads from your web-site to the Attorneys General of Florida (corporate office of Wyndham Resorts), Virginia (where the time share property is located), and Illinois (where I live).  Florida and Virginia came up with "so sorry we can't help you".   Lisa Madigan, AG of Illinois came through!  She sent a stern letter to the legal office of Wyndham in Florida.

On July 29, I got a call from the Wyndham legal office, saying the issue was kicked upstairs to their office.  Lisa Parker, from Wyndham's legal office, asked for any additional e-mails between myself and the salesman--Kinja Dixon.  She said that there might be something useful in them that I might not catch. I forwarded her about 20 e-mails from a period of about 8 months.  And best of all she stopped the 10-12 collection telephone calls a day while she was reviewing  the case!

On 8/12/2011, I had a phone call with Lisa Parker.  Wyndham decided to cancel the upgrade, and put the contract back to 308,000 points.  YEAH!  They sent a letter to Illinois AG Lisa Madigan stating they did nothing wrong, but as a good will gesture they will cancel the upgrade.  Lisa Parker sent me a copy of the letter to Lisa Madigan and a reinstatement mortgage of the old mortgage.

Before signing and notarizing the reinstatement mortgage and sending it off, I called my Pre-Paid Legal Services attorney for a document review.  She suggested some necessary changes.  I am waiting for a return conversation with her, to make sure I worded my e-mail correctly to Lisa Parker. 

BASICALLY, THE PROCESS IS BEING RESOLVED TO MY SATISFACTION.  IF I HAD NOT SEEN THE STORIES IN THE TIME SHARE CHRONICLES THAT WERE SO SIMILAR TO MINE, I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THE COURAGE TO PRESS THIS ISSUE.  THANK YOU.  The old contract is at Bonnet Creek--which is much more saleable than Williamsburg, so once the paperwork is done for the re-mortgage, I will put it on the market.  I have had it since 2007--so if I don't make a payment for several months, while it is on the market, Wyndham will forgive this.  This is a BIG
The Wyndham Timeshare Company: David vs Goliath, Robert Paisola Reports

We are finally in Court Against Wyndham Resorts: People v Wyndham 2011

This site explores what happens when a former employee of a very large corporation is sued by them. Wyndham vacation resorts is, by their own estimation, the largest seller of timeshare interests on the planet. The gist of the suit is that Wyndham alleges that I used confidential information and trade secrets that I gained during my employment and from a number of visits to their dumpster in breach of my fiduciary duty and my contract with them.

My argument is that a contract or a fiduciary duty cannot be created by placing one of the parties in an impossible or an illegal position. What Wyndham does is appear to be self-regulating by claiming that it has “sales compliance policies” that salespeople are required to observe. At the same time it requires its salespeople to violate the same policies by teaching them a deceptive method of selling the product.

In order to avoid the scrutiny of regulators and to stave off lawsuits, Wyndham occasionally sacrifices a salesperson here and there. It then can claim that it is not really evil from the top down, it’s just that occasionally a ‘rogue’ salesperson strays from the fold which is otherwise shining with integrity. Indeed, Wyndham has a ‘Wyntegrity’ line for employees to call when something is amiss. I imagine someone akin to the Maytag repairman covered in cobwebs at the other end of the line wasting away from inactivity–or more likely someone who will listen in sympathy to the revelations of offended employees like a covert KGB agent who then goes to arrange the execution of the informer. Placing Wyndham and integrity together to make a new word is to create an oxymoron in its truest sense.


We will post all 170 pages soon

Download the Entire Wyndham Policy and Compliance Manual that they fought so hard to keep out of the public eye. Yep.. We have it for you!


Wyndham’s  Owners’ Survey

Here’s a copy of the survey that Wyndham gives its in-house salespeople to use when they make those morning visits to the condo. Note how question 13 asks about the assignment of an “member services coordinator” and how question 15 assumes that the owner has attended a “dinner party”. Of course the owner doesn’t have anyone assigned to him as a coordinator because the person does not exist according to Wyndham’s Compliance Policy numbered 221. There was no invitation for that owner to attend a dinner party where ‘beneficial’ information was given. This question is just there to create a problem, which violates yet another Wyndham policy.

Here’s the policy. Number 221. Read through it and see if you’ve ever heard any of the forbidden language.

There is no such thing as a 'personal representative'.
They’d never tell you that you should have a ‘coordinator’ would they?


The Wyndham Vacation Resorts Sales Pitch: The “Take Away”

The “Back End” of a timeshare presentation is when potential buyers are presented with the realization that they’re going to spend some money. In-house sales representatives do this by “creating a problem” on an existing owner’s account. “Oh, you’ve missed the banquet? Why didn’t you go? Why did you decline your invitation? Why did you “opt out” of your benefits? The blame is placed on the owner, but at the same time the salesman becomes their friend who does battle for them against the evil and unseen “corporate office” who is withholding the precious ‘benefits and special programs’ that the owner is missing out on. These are benefits that every other owner enjoys–but in order to get them–you have to buy something.  Wyndham’s Branson in-house department won a prestigious timeshare sales award called the “pinnacle” several times for its ‘presentation’ which is featured here. This “back end” was introduced into the San Antonio location by the current in-house director of sales.

So if you’re a “Worldmark by Wyndham” owner do yourself a favor and listen to Brian Wagner’s entire sales pitch here:

Much Much More to Come... The Undercover Investigation Unfolds , There are more details at

So Wyndham, do you want to sue us, Bring it on and we will nail your ass hard. You have no clue what we have , You screwed our Worldmark Clients, Fairfield Resorts and we are releasing ALL of the hidden audio. 

Good Luck,
Robert Paisola

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Sunny said...

This is interesting stuff. I hope all timeshare owners or about-to-be owners read it all. Wyndham is the largest scammer, but many others are out there with twists on the same thing.