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Robert Paisola: Consolidated Resorts Inc Afiliated with Goldman Sachs Group. Scams people by Misrepresentation Breach of contract and Deed Fraud


Consumer Alert / Warning Story - Consolidated Resorts Inc Affiliated with Goldman Sachs Group in Las Vegas, Scams people by Misrepresentation, Breach of contract and Deed Fraud:


My name is Fred Rose and I am part of a group of 51 people that are coming together to take action against Consolidated Resorts Inc because we have been scammed. We have extensive documentation to prove that Consolidated Resorts misrepresent their property at the time of sale, breach the contract signed by owners by renting out our properties and committed deed fraud by issuing deeds for empty lots.

We have tried to work with this company; we have filed complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and have even hired individual lawyers. We are now presenting our story to you for your consideration. So that you can provide a community service and help prevent this from happening to more people.

One thought to keep in mind as you read the information below and consider our request to do a story. The 48 owners that are part of this group are spread over the whole country from different walks of life and we bought our units all at different times but yet we all share a common story.

Consolidated Resorts Inc is a Vacation club / Timeshare Company that was founded in 1982 by Arthur Spector in the Hawaiian Islands. June 2007 Goldman Sachs Group Inc's Whitehall real estate fund said it made a "substantial" investment in Consolidated Resorts. The company and the property ‘Tahiti Village’ is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. "We expect to combine this platform with our extensive resources in Whitehall to continue to grow this business into what we believe will be a world leader in the vacation ownership industry," said Stuart Rothenberg, the Goldman managing director who heads the firm's principal real estate investing unit, in the statement.

The company advertises “Vacation ownership done right!” This has been far from the truth for me and the other owners that I have been in contact with. Consolidated Resorts lures its victims to Las Vegas with phony FREE MINI VACATIONS or telling people that they had won a vacation at famous Las Vegas. Once people get there as part of their price or vacation they have to attend a Timeshare presentation, which we were told would be 2 hour. The reality is it is a hardcore sells pitch for 2 to 4 hours if you decide not to buy and a 6 to 9 hour experience if you believe in their lies and buy. I bought based on the information that was presented, which has turned into major lies. Over the last 2 years of ownership, I have never been able to use this property and it has been one problem after another.

To try and keep this email at a reasonable length but present the facts, I am going to outline the issues below.

    1. Consolidated Resorts Inc misrepresented sales presentation by your agent and mangers pursuant to NRS 119A.130 at time of sale using Unfair or Illegal Business Practices. This can be supported by all of the owners associated with this action.

--Deeded timeshare property can be refinanced as any other home or property. This was a total lie. I have contacted several lending companies and none would finance it. This was an important item because of the interest rate that we were being charged, 16%.

--Time share could be rented out. This maybe true but if you can not reserve a week per the contract, how would you rent it out? After 2 years of ownership I have not been able to use it once or lock in a single week.

--Split weeks into 3 or 4 day segments. The sells presentation states that this could be done but when we called and requested it Consolidated said NO.

--Split Time share into 2 units and use separately. One of the main reasons to purchase the larger unit was because it had a lock out and we were told that we could split it into 2 units and use it 2 weeks a year. When I requested this, I was told that this could not be done.

--Phase 2 owners could use Phase 1 with no problems. This was not true. When I contacted them they told me we would have to pay the maintenance fees and an additional fee to use phase

1. We paid the fees only to be told that nothing was available. So now we have been paying maintains fees for 2 years for a phase 1 that we can not use and phase 2 that is not even built yet.

-- Free trips. As part of the package were given six free trips. After receiving all the information a couple months later we learned that there was major restricts and we could not book more than 30 days in advance before your trip to let you know if it is available.' HOW CAN YOU PLAN A TRIP THAT WAY?? Plus you had to use their travel company for all additional items. If we wanted to book additional people, our 2 children the cost of the vacation would go to more than I could book the same vacation for all 4 would be through a different agency. I was told that adding the kids would be minimal. Another example is they would give us free accommodations but we would have to book airfare through their agents, the airfare was double what other travel company wanted.

--Phase 2 completion date. The contract clearly states that it should be completed in September 2007. I have just received noticed that the Grand opening is in August 2008.

    1. Consolidated Resorts has breached the contract no Rental Policy stated in its “Tahiti Village Plan Purchases Acknowledgment of Representations [1/104] [2].”

As Stated By Consolidated Resorts, Inc in broad terms:

“Neither the Seller, the Sales Agent, nor the Manger [Plan Manger] has any form of rental or resale program….”

It has been made abundantly clear publicly in Consolidated Resorts written agreements that Consolidated Resorts in broad terms, does not have any [ Internet, etc] rental programs.

Consolidated Resorts Inc misrepresented Sales Speech by your assigned agent and mangers pursuant to NRS 119A.130, stating on many occasions that Consolidated Resorts Inc is not in the business of renting rooms to time share owners and Furthermore continuing the same broad, misrepresented sales statement or act within your written agreement providing that your company is Neither in the business of renting its Time Share Accommodations or will provide any form of rental program, pursuant to NRS 150, 152, etc, outside of the ability by individual time share owners themselves. The renting of the owners time share makes the units unavailable to the owners.

Genuine Facts:

Fact 1 This “No Rental Policy Program” is shown to apply to all Consolidated entities throughout your documents and well understood, over the years, by all persons attending your introduction seminars and by new owners.

Fact 2 The two Resorts Rental Internet Practice discovered on the Internet web sites are, so far, Expedia and Hotel. Com. This is a Genuine Fact.

Fact 3 A combinations of past and present accounting and tax records from all parties involved will show Consolidated Resorts Inc has a practicing financial renting relationship and/or business partnership with the above well known rental or for hire Internet Companies. Factual.

Fact 4 Credit card receipts for guest accommodations within the past five years will verify non-time share holders from its legal Consolidated time share holders. Factual

Fact 5 The fact that non-time share holder who have rented have interrupted the time share availability at Consolidated Resorts for time share holders usage. Factual

    1. Consolidated Resorts Inc has issued false deeds. For example: my contract with Consolidated clearly states that we purchased into Phase 2 Parcel number 177-04-401-010. This is also recorded at Clark County NV Recorder website. Instrument ID: 20060504-01804 and 20060504-01803. Three parcel numbers that were issued to us. The first number 177-04-401-010 is the main property identifier. The second and third, 177-04-401-013 and 177-04-401-027 identifies the units in the first property. If you look up that parcel on the Clark county Assessor’s page you will find that parcel number 177-04-401-010 is NOT part of the Phase 2 construction. According to the Clark County Assessor’s page Phase 2 is 17704414000.

I have tried to out line the issue briefly and still present all the fact. If you are interested in pursuing this story, please contact me. I can supply statements from other owners to support the misrepresentation, information from Nevada Clark County Assessors offices to support the deed fraud and information showing that Consolidated Resorts is renting out timeshare properties on Expedia.

I can also supply letters from Randy Richards, Consolidated Resorts Attorney denying all claims of wrong doing to my lawyer, other owner’s lawyers and to the Better Business Bureau. Lastly I can supply a statement from an owner that made the same claims that we are and a letter from Consolidated Resorts, Randy Richards terminating his contract.

Thank you for your time and attached are some comments that I got in emails from the other owners. If you are not the right person for this story, can you forward on to the correct person in your organization.

Look for more information on our new Facebook Group on www.Facebook.Com - Consolidated Resorts Class Action Committee.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Frederick J Rose

120 Martin Ct

Fayetteville Ga 30215


We at Western Capital VIP Support this Organization and will soon be releasing a live video between Robert Paisola, the CEO of Western Capital and Mr. Frederick Rose and Consolidated Resorts that occurred on January 22, 2009.

If you are a victim of Consolidated Resorts or Tahiti Village, please visit us at and and look into our VIP Program by watching our VIP Video at

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