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2 Additional Tahiti Village - Consolidated Resorts Victims Speak to America, Robert Paisola Reports

As many of you know, we have been following the Tahiti Resorts and Consolidated Resorts Class Action Owners Group Postings. This group is getting large and we are very proud of our VIP Members for their diligent legal research.

This is a home made video that was made by Denise & Gary Whitmore, 2 Members of the Consolidated resorts Class Action Committee, lead by Western Capital, Robert Paisola and Mr. Fred Rose.

If you are a victim of Consolidated Resorts or Tahiti Village, please send us your detailed story to

To your Success

Robert Paisola
The Time Share Chronicles

Readers Comments:

Excellent video! We to were victims of the Consolidated Resorts/Tahiti Village sales personnel. We fell for the freebies and we regret every minute of it! Vacationers Beware DON'T BUY from these folks no matter how many trips or freebies you are promised....!

kittydog1313 (1 day ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply Spam Excellent Job on the video! I definitely agree with you! DON'T BUY!!!

It will haunt you for life! Even if you pay it off you won't be able to use your own timeshare or exchange to anywhere you want ,like they say you can! Forget all the free trips! They are a joke!
Derff68 (1 day ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply Spam Fantastic JOB on the Video! Consolidated Resorts \ Tahiti Village SCAMS and ripoff people . We are forming a Group on Facebook called Consolidated Resorts Class Action Comittee. Come by and sign up if you want to help go after this company.

Again - Great job guys. Fred

THETJFAMILY (1 day ago) I second that agreement. I believe your statement in this video, especially since we were also LIED to. We all have different stories but saying the same thing... Consolidated Resorts is a SCAM!!! To you listeners out there don't fall for the FREE TRIP Gimmick like we did. All it will do is give you years of paying for a complete JOKE!!!

indianspringsdrnw (1 day ago) I agree 100% with your video. I was told this past Sunday from the supervisor on duty 2nd shift that they always hold back rooms for out of town visitors. She stated this is info is not told to buyers.I told her there were openings on the internet at Tahiti for the week I was requesting. She had the ball s to tell me I should go through them. DId I show my ass(sorry). Still got no where.

At my next stay I will wear a tee shirt saying something like" Tahiti does not tell the truth"

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