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Mr. Paisola,

thank you for taking the time to read this. I have spent the last few hrs reading alot of your replies. As I was just introduced to this website by another disgruntled timeshare owner.

You see, like most people I did most of my research on timeshare ownership after I bought mine. I purchased an every other yr starting 2010 a 1 bedroom at PH Towers in Vegas.

I paid 19k and after reading all these posts on this website I fell for the same tactics. I managed to give them as much as I can afford for a down payment (2k) and am financing the rest with them at 16% interest like 311 month for 15 yrs. Right now I'm managing to afford this, I just recently purchased in Jan 08. But after gaining knowledge, Why did I not know about buying on the resale market. What a bad financial move right???

How could I have not known I would only be able to get 20% of what I paid for, ESPECIALLY since i told my sales rep that the only reason I want to buy it, is so I can sell it in the near future and hope to make a nice profit because I believed PH Towers was different and unique and new construction and elegant and what not??? She just nodded her head and must have been thinking to herself "boy, this guy has no clue" How come there is no public awareness on this subject.

I read about some class action lawsuits I mean how can I get more info on that, is there someone really gonna file one against not only Westgate but others as well as they are all deceptive.

Anyways I just needed to vent a little bit after reading all these posts, Right now I'm managing to make the pmt but I am going to try and use it to my advantage I think. I mean being Westgate gold owner BS or whatever, I should be able to get good deals on trips, so maybe I can turn into a mini travel agency and advertise trips and charge them more money for what Westgate will give it to me for.

I realize there may not be any hope for me in selling this timeshare for a profit (eventhough I have it on ebay as we speak) so either I am going to have to enjoy it, use it, pay maint fees, but try to make the most of the situation by making money from some of its membership priveleges.

Do you have any advice for me as I'm sure there are many of us timeshare owners out there who could use some.

Thanks alot, Pat

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