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Tahiti Village Continues with Lies, Scams and More Victims, Robert Paisola Reports

Mr. Paisola,

I have read the letters from other frustrated timeshare owners and I wonder is there a class action law suit for Consolidated Resort, Tahiti Village? I was lied to, and I felt forced into purchasing the timeshare. During the time the sales man, Brad Quenemoen, insisted we purchase a unit a Tahiti Village, my husband and I was against it. Then Mr. Quenemoen got the staff manager, Michael Dorantes, to come over and help him sale us a unit. My husband and I received Mr. Dorantes’s home and cell number for assurance that we were in good hands.

Please let me know if there is a chance that Consolidated Resorts are not doing business fair. I still am not aware of my financial company’s information. My interest rate is 16.5% and that is very high, but Consolidated Resorts is not my finance company, GMAC is but, they do not have a record of me. What are my rights as a consumer? I am being taken advantage of.

I have not had a job and I have not been able to pay Consolidated Resorts, so now I have gotten a letter for summons and civil complaint that might be filed with the court if I don’t contact them with payment. This is strong arm. Please is there anything you can help me with?

Thank you,


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