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Tahiti Resorts Scams Again! By Robert Paisola

Greetings Robert,

I greatly appreciate your assistance regarding this legal situation. As per our brief discussion Wednesday afternoon, I had contacted C. Resorts yesterday. The first person (female) I spoke with wanted to know our position in this matter. I said we were going to be represented by Robert Paisola. I asked her if she knew who he was, she said no, however connected me immediately to their legal attorney "Mr. Randy Richards" I spoke politely and again stated I would be represented by you. He had no comment, and I said I'm sure the two of you, will come to a mutual settlement. He again had little if anything to say, although I know my phone call was being recorded for quality assurance. I of course could try to tape the same call and ask their permission to do so, but I'm sure that request would be flatly denied. I will talk to you soon, and my prayers go out to your family members involved in that horrific sea disaster.

Best Regards,


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