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THank you Robert Paisola and Attorney General Madigan


Mr. Paisola,
Thank you for all that you do to help consumers like us. We made a video so you can show our situation to the world. The quality is not great, but used the only camera I have.  The message is unmistakable.  Enjoy
I sent the link to WVO management as well as my FB page.  Maybe I will get some positive results.  Will keep you informed.
Throwing rocks at the hornets nest,
Chip Slate 

Dear Robert,
I'm so glad to hear from you! 

Alicia Dickson, Owner Care Team Lead, whom I reference below, turned me down cold.  What a ....

HOWEVER, i also sent the same 1/2" thick package of letters and internet downloads from your web-site to the Attorneys General of Florida (corporate office of Wyndham Resorts), Virginia (where the time share property is located), and Illinois (where I live).  Florida and Virginia came up with "so sorry we can't help you".   Lisa Madigan, AG of Illinois came through!  She sent a stern letter to the legal office of Wyndham in Florida.

On July 29, I got a call from the Wyndham legal office, saying the issue was kicked upstairs to their office.  Lisa Parker, from Wyndham's legal office, asked for any additional e-mails between myself and the salesman--Kinja Dixon.  She said that there might be something useful in them that I might not catch. I forwarded her about 20 e-mails from a period of about 8 months.  And best of all she stopped the 10-12 collection telephone calls a day while she was reviewing  the case!

On 8/12/2011, I had a phone call with Lisa Parker.  Wyndham decided to cancel the upgrade, and put the contract back to 308,000 points.  YEAH!  They sent a letter to Illinois AG Lisa Madigan stating they did nothing wrong, but as a good will gesture they will cancel the upgrade.  Lisa Parker sent me a copy of the letter to Lisa Madigan and a reinstatement mortgage of the old mortgage.

Before signing and notarizing the reinstatement mortgage and sending it off, I called my Pre-Paid Legal Services attorney for a document review.  She suggested some necessary changes.  I am waiting for a return conversation with her, to make sure I worded my e-mail correctly to Lisa Parker. 

BASICALLY, THE PROCESS IS BEING RESOLVED TO MY SATISFACTION.  IF I HAD NOT SEEN THE STORIES IN THE TIME SHARE CHRONICLES THAT WERE SO SIMILAR TO MINE, I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THE COURAGE TO PRESS THIS ISSUE.  THANK YOU.  The old contract is at Bonnet Creek--which is much more saleable than Williamsburg, so once the paperwork is done for the re-mortgage, I will put it on the market.  I have had it since 2007--so if I don't make a payment for several months, while it is on the market, Wyndham will forgive this.  This is a BIG load off my mind.

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