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Westgate Resorts: The Illegal Activity Never Ends. Robert Paisola Reports

Robert Paisola, CEO of Western Capital
 To our friends around the country:
As many of you know, we have been dealing with Westgate Resorts and its CEO, David Siegel, now for over three years.  We wanted to let you know that we are having progress, (just Google Western Capital v Westgate Resorts) and you will be able to see all that we have done.

This is the copy of an EMAIL that was sent to one of our VIP clients.  
Listen Carefully, Tell them to go to hell and DO NOT PAY THEM. We have many victims in line for a class action lawsuit against this company.  This is the kind of email that we receive on a DAILY BASIS:

(This is an actual email to Western Capital / We never publish or discuss our clients, so the names are deleted for privacy and security purposes  See  )

Mr. Paisola

Back in June 2007, my wife and I decided to visit Westgate Resorts. 

It seemed like a pretty nice place at the time, nice people, etc... However, we did have to listen to the sales pitch. We felt pressured by their 3 step selling process and succumbed to purchasing a property. We did want to visit Westgate Resorts again before we made a decision, but the sales representative told us we wouldn't be able to visit again. At that time, I really wanted to give my family something to look forward to every summer because my wife and I worked very hard during the year. 

Well, things became rocky financially and I had to make some phone calls to creditors and such. In speaking with a Westgate Customer Service/Account Representative I found out we would've been able to visit Westgate Resorts in the future if we didn't purchase the property. At that point my mouth dropped and was speechless. I became very angry, because this meant I was lied to and was taken advantage of by the sales representative. From that point forward, I refused to make another payment. I've ignored their routine calls, emails and third party companies (trying to get me to sell the property). 

Robert, to be honest, I don't want to have anything to do with them period. I've done my research on the CEO and the many issues people have had with Westgate Resorts to include a lawsuit that was noted back in 2008 or so.

What are my options? I really don't want my credit to suffer because of this and I don't want to pay any more money than I have to towards Westgate Resorts. I feel like I've been taken advantage of.

The latest development is a Final Attempt email from one of the representatives I've dealt with in the past. Below my signature line is the email thread up to this point. Notice the 72 hours deadline given and then call me within 24 hours. 

Please help!

This is what Westgate Resorts Employee Elizabeth Tenreiro wrote:
An audit of our records indicates that you have a Defaulted Account with Westgate and that you have NOT ACCEPTED assistance from our department to rectify your problem; although there have been numerous attempts.

However, if this is incorrect and you would like our help, it is necessary that you contact me within the next 72 hours. If you are, in fact, NOT ACCEPTING our assistance, you can just reply with a "Non-Interest" e-mail and we will proceed accordingly with your account. Please remember we have your best interest in mind and we're working for you.
Just in case you didn't receive the original e-mail, I've taken the liberty of sending another one! Thanks so much!


My name is Elizabeth Tenreiro, and I am your Account Manager for Westgate’s Resorts Corporate Division. Let me say that I am not in collections department or the legal department. I want to assure you that the only reason for this correspondence is to let you know that there are now options available to you and your families through our new hardship program. This new program will remove your name from the Defaulted Status list , eliminate a negative credit report and ultimately relieve you of all responsibilities for your Defaulted Account.

Unlike many major corporations, Westgate Resorts understands that sometimes situations occur in life that cause unavoidable financial stress, and believes that everyone deserves a second chance. That is why; Westgate does not want to pursue any court proceedings or negative credit reporting if we can come to an agreement as soon as possible. Please know that each account has different deadlines so it would be to your benefit to contact me upon receipt of this e-mail.

It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have, and share these new options with you. My contact number is 407-992-7800 ext. 57019 or 1-800-651-7606 Ext. 57019.

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Please know that I'm only here to help.

Elizabeth Tenreiro

Listen America.  Do not fall victim to these people.  How do we know about this?  Because one of our OTHER clients just got THIS email from the CEO of Westgate, David Siegel.
June 1, 2011

Unlike many major corporations, Westgate understands that situations happen in life, beyond our control, which unfortunately can lead to financial stress. We believe that you had every intention of enjoying a lifetime of vacations when you made the decision to own with Westgate Resorts. It is in this light that, once again, we are opening our doors so that you and your family can regain the vacations that are so well deserved. In addition, this will enable us to remove your name from our defaulted account list.

As an added bonus, I have pre-selected you to be able to take advantage of our "Once in a Lifetime" inventory sale. This sale offers you an incredible opportunity to acquire one or more weeks for up to 50% off our current prices. We don't want you to miss out on this extraordinary event. Act fast; there is a limited amount of inventory available.

Please call 1-800-835-2877 or 407-992-7826 to speak with your VIP representative for assistance with your acquisition.

Yours truly,

David A. Siegel
President and Chairman of the Board 


We are here if you need help. It will be the best thousand dollars you ever spend

 Robert Paisola
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Western Capital Group of Companies

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