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Consolidated Resorts Strikes Again: Club De Soleil Fraud: Chicago Title Fraud: Robert Paisola Reports

UPDATE 9/15/2012

This is a confidential message that we just received on the Tahiti Village Lawsuit Issue and the Arty Spector and Todd Spector Scams.  We are filing a petition in court based on this employees statement.

The bottom line is that if you are contacted by Inetegra Servicing to pay money DO NOT DO IT, Send an email to us at

Attention Mr William Durso... You are going to FEDERAL PRISON.

This is the memo exactly as we received it from our inside informant...

Mr. Paisola
Integra Servicing is a 3rd party collections company that offers different solutions to different people that owe money to ASNY (Tahiti Village) or any ASNY Product and fell behind...When people call our office,  depending on which collector they reach and how they are feeling that day,  they may receive a year payment waiver or no payment waiver. 

William Durso is the director for integra and the supervisor of ASNY. They are all the same. Supposedly Origin Resort Financial bought the paper and integra servicing services the paper. He is a criminal.

There is no such thing as Origin Resort Financial, and integra Debt Collections is just across the hall from ASNY.   (See )

Mr. Paisola , Check it out.  Also, once a manager knows you or your investigators are involved we are told to get rid of you no matter what.  That is why you are the only person that can get a settlement for a debtor.

Borrowing someone elses computer please do not try to contact

Thank you sir. Hopefully people will see this and learn that you can help them.

If you are being harassed by ASNY, William Durso, Integra Collections, Origin Resort Financial (shell company) or any of these entities, email us now.  Watch this video first. Then Email Then Call 1-877-517-9555 and Leave a very detailed message.

As you know, we have been dealing with the Artie and Todd Spector Fraud Machine at Tahiti Village and The Consolidated Resorts Properties for over four years.

We battle this company day in and day out.  One thing that we can not be is PAID OFF.  We simply take our fight for you deadly serious.

I want you to read a letter from a client that we have that has been a victim of the Artie Spector Scam. We have audio that we will be posting, however at this time, we want YOU to see exactly how we are approached daily.

We are committed to help as many people as possible, but there is only so much time in a day.  We are preparing for a Class Action Lawsuit against these people, and these are our results:

Dear Mr Paisola:

I want to thank you for you never ending work against Consolidated Resorts and their Chairman, Artie Spector.  Our story is similar to the thousands of stories that you have posted, but these people Must Be Stopped.

Our Consolidated Resort  Story …
My husband heard the advertisement for the free trip stay in Las Vegas and tour for Consolidated Resorts – Tahiti Village on the radio.  He responded to the ad and made reservations.  Consolidated Resorts made our accommodations at The Stratosphere.  
In January 2009 we went to the presentation/ tour for Tahiti Village … which was actually not at Tahiti Village at all.  We were simply on vacation.  At the presentation, we were lead to believe, by our salesperson, Sean Collins,  that Tahiti Village was the best thing that ever came to the strip … and we too could OWN a piece of the Famous Strip of Las Vegas.   

We were told by Collins that our investment would only gain in value and that it would be worth upwards of triple the value within several years.  He further stated that this was a golden opportunity and that it WOULD sell out quickly.   

We were also told by Collins and his managers that this investment would allow us the opportunity to AMAZING travel deals and that we would NEVER pay full price for vacations again.  They said that once you bought at Tahiti Village (a Consolidated Resort Property), that you could stay at any Consolidated Resort Property with just simply one phone call.   

They said that we could borrow against our "Investment" which is not true.

They said that Tahiti Village would be your HOME resort, but you could stay and any of the resort that they owned.  They stated that it would not be considered an exchange thru Interval Gold.  It was just a benefit of owning a Consolidated Resort week.

The entire presentation was full of lot’s of bells and whistles … even a spinning wheel and balloons to pop.  
(See Covert Video Court Evidence 3498.3) 

They popped a balloon for us and WOW we won 6 Holiday Adventure Vacations …  instead of the normal  2. ALL absolutely FREE  … (wrong).

It all sounded great and then Sean Collins and his managers got out this pencil and paper and started talking cost.  They priced the Tahiti Village week for a two bedroom at upwards of $25,000.00.  We immediately said NO.  That we were not interested, that it was too much and we could not afford it. 

He continued on with how great of investment that it was and that we could even borrow money against our investment in the future.  (Federal Fraud) He made us feel as if we were not intelligent, because we were not taking advantage of this awesome opportunity.   

He continued drawing on a piece of paper and telling us how we could sell mini vacations to friends, (See exhibit c-32) (that we would get FREE) and by selling these vacations, we could pay for our week.  We again said NO!

Our salesman then got up and went into a room … then came back to our table and said “I’ve got GREAT news for you.”  I just talked to my manager and he said “that I can get in you the back door, for less than half.”  He said that a week at Club de Soleil had become available and we could buy the every other year  there.   

He said that we would never even have to step onto the property of Club de Soleil … that all we had to do is call The Consolidated Resort reservation line and make our reservation for Tahiti Village.  He said that this was “Our way into the CLUB!!!! and that we only had to pay $11990.00.   

He said that this was a special deal and that he rarely saw one come available … but it was our lucky day and we now had a chance to own a part of Vegas!    

My husband and I talked about it and said no again.  We did not want to spend the money at this time.  The salesman then filled our heads with 40 more minutes of how amazing this opportunity was and that we would be crazy to pass it up.  I tried to leave many times and was not able to leave, I felt like a hostage.  I asked him on several occasions about our desire to be on the Strip in Vegas and that we were also interested in the Hawaii property.   

He assured us that one simple phone call would put us at any of The Consolidated

After 20 more minutes of the sells pitch and our minds full of hype … we were pushed and pushed into just saying  yes to get out of there. He said we could cancel at any time and that was our plan.

Horns blew … streamers flew …. And we were told that after signing the paper work that we would go back to our hotel in style … a limo awaited us … because we now OWNED part of the Vegas Strip. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
 Our total purchase prices was $12,000   plus $300.00 settlement charges
 We put down $1600.00 on my credit card
 They financed $11,000 at 16.90% interest
 We put it on Auto Pay on my credit card because they said that if would waive a monthly fee
 At signing we were told that we had to join Interval Gold (an exchange program)but this fee would    be waived. Our card was charges $404.00 for something … I do not have an exact invoice this ????

We left in a limo …

We have been trying to resolve this matter for 2 years.  Even though we knew that this was a scam, we were terrorized that our credit would be ruined and we would face "Foreclosure"

So,For 2 years we made every payment on our credit card …. 

In January,  I called the Consolidated Resort Reservation number that was in our package … it was disconnected.   I went online and found another number (and some other interesting info that I will comment on later Mr. Paisola has these tapes).  

I called the number from online and never could talk to anyone.  I then called a different number and went into a queue and was on hold for 30 minutes.  I Then talked to the lady on the switchboard  … she could not help me.   
I Then I spoke to a girl name Megan and told her I wanted to make a reservation at Tahiti Resort.   

She said, you own at Clue de Soleil and that I could not make a reservation at Tahiti Village unless I paid the regular room rate.  

 I told her what we bought and why and what we were told. She said “Oh, we changed that last year. You can no longer just call us to stay at any of our resorts.” She said, “You have to do something called Bank your week and try to exchange it with Interval Gold.”  

 I was furious and stated my frustration with Megan.  She just said sorry, can’t help you!  Staying at any of the Consolidated Resorts was THE ONLY reason that we bought, besides being compelled!!!!!
I then started researching Consolidated Resort and learned that they had gone bankrupt …. And that I was just one of many that had been scammed!  I canceled the credit card, as you suggest so that the payments that were being stolen would be stopped.
Needless to say …. No one has been willing to help me, but they call daily wanting money.
That is why I am dealing with you.  I could not believe the settlement agreement that I read on your site, You got money back when every other company was simply lying to us. (See Below)

I have paid The ASNY Company 6400.00 the following …. And have received NOTHING in return:

Thank you for taking our case to the American Public, and please guard the fraud deed information until court. We know that you are the only person in the Nation able to take this company on and put Arthur Spector in Jail.  I Dare them to mess with my Credit.

There needs to be more people like you. and if anyone is reading this and has gone through a similar situation , there is only one answer... Robert Paisola

It will all come out in court.

Thank you for accepting us as a VIP Client.

If you are dealing with this company, Tahiti Village, ASNY, or any of the Arthur Spector Companies, visit Now and Read carefully and then call Western Capital At 1-877-517-9555
for results. Notice the Confidential Settlement Agreement Above states "
Here is 25,000 but Do Not Tell Robert Paisola or Western Capital (from Randy Richards Attorney - Disbarred)

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