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Tahiti Village-Consolidated Resorts-The Confidential Settlement Documents, Robert Paisola Reports


This is a confidential message that we just received on the Tahiti Village Lawsuit Issue and the Arty Spector and Todd Spector Scams.  We are filing a petition in court based on this employees statement.

The bottom line is that if you are contacted by Inetegra Servicing to pay money DO NOT DO IT, Send an email to us at

Attention Mr William Durso... You are going to FEDERAL PRISON.

This is the memo exactly as we received it from our inside informant...

Mr. Paisola
Integra Servicing is a 3rd party collections company that offers different solutions to different people that owe money to ASNY (Tahiti Village) or any ASNY Product and fell behind...When people call our office,  depending on which collector they reach and how they are feeling that day,  they may receive a year payment waiver or no payment waiver. 

William durso is the director for integra and the supervisor of ASNY. They are all the same. Supposedly Origin Resort Financial bought the paper and integra servicing services the paper. He is a criminal.

There is no such thing as Origin Resort Financial, and integra Debt Collections is just across the hall from ASNY.   (See )

Mr. Paisola , Check it out.  Also, once a manager knows you or your investigators are involved we are told to get rid of you no matter what.  That is why you are the only person that can get a settlement for a debtor.

Borrowing someone elses computer please do not try to contact

Thank you sir. Hopefully people will see this and learn that you can help them.

If you are being harassed by ASNY, William Durso, Integra Collections, Origin Resort Financial (shell company) or any of these entities, email us now.  Watch this video first. Then Email Then Call 1-877-517-9555 and Leave a very detailed message.

THE PAYOFF DOCUMENT $25,000 TO KEEP QUIET THE ARTIE SPECTOR , TODD SPECTOR, AND ATTORNEY RANDY RICHARDS WAY OF DOING BUSINESS AT TAHITI VILLAGE, CONSOLIDATED RESORTS AND THE ASNY COMPANIES. NEVER EVER PAY THIS COMPANY A DIME.... EVER.... SUE THEM!America, we have been telling you for years that this company is a scam and this is the proof. This is page one of a settlement agreement by and between one of our clients and Arthur Spector of The ASNY Companies. Look at the document carefully and be sure to read the last paragraph. Why would they not want this document to be in our possession? Because we will tell you and then they are exposed. Here is the proof. Have similar problems email or call 1-877-517-9555

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