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Westgate Resorts and David Siegel Screw Another Victim: Robert Paisola Reports

Hi Robert,

I love your website and am so glad you are fighting for the ordinary people who are getting ripped off due to Westgate. We were brainwashed into getting a timeshare in 2004 and have not been able to get rid of it so far. I live in London and have only been once in 2008. Then Westgate tried to sell us another timeshare only this time I was 100% wiser and they really worked hard for their money and got nothing out of me. We now are using a timeshare company recommended by Westgate to give it away for nothing just to get out of the deal legally. We have paid money up front to 2 other timeshare organizations in the USA and one in the UK with no success at getting rid of it. The whole ordeal has completely put me off the USA. There are people here in the UK who are just going to stop paying their maintenance fees but will refuse to give Westgate their deeds back so they can't sell them on to some other fool. I worry about this as I am an honest person. I now trust no-one which is a shame as I look back now and realize what Westgate is - one big scam. Can you include people in the UK in your fight? I know other people who would gladly join your fight.



Samedi said...

I am from France and I have been scammed by WESTGATE resort 6 months gao!they lied and misled us into thinking we were buying a villa then when we wanted to cancel the next day they would not let us,our closing agent diappeared for a month!they lied and lied and lied!we did not know what a timeshare was,they kept saying it wasvilla,an investment,we could make profit,etc...alll the lies in the book!
they conned us of 4000$,we stop the payment but we want our money back and we want to expose them cause I won't rest until I get back at them!
Please help us!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to stop paying the maintenance fees, because they already stole $14 k from me. I already paid the loan in full and never used it, but I don't want to ruin my credit, is it true that if you stop paying the maintanace fees they can report you to the credit bureau ?