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Planet Hollywood Scam, A Happy Family!H

dear mr Paisola,
congratulations, I went for the 'presentation' came back and faxed cancellation and mailed 'postmarked' before the fifth day( not counting weekend) but they decline the cancellation. Paid $4950+650 . I have all proof documents which I will forward to you separately.
Thank you and 'god is great'.

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Anonymous said...

I attended a presentation 2 years ago but did't buy. Did purchase a 3 nite package for $645.00 that had 2 years to expire. The towers were still being built. Tried to book in May/11 and was first told no problem. When I confirmed my dates with other family members and tried to book 2 days later was told they were booked to Aug. Had to use it or lose my money. They wanted another $199.00 to extend. They booked me in a condo property (Flamingo Bay) off the strip that was one of the worse properties I have ever seen. Tried to talk with them at the tower and was given the run around to contact corporate. Total bait and switch. Very digusting experience.