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A Consolidated EMPLOYEE Speaks Out, Robert Paisola Reports

My name is XXXXX and I am an ex employee of Consolidated Resorts. I started with the company on July 5, 2005 as a qualifier. A qualifier was basically the bottom level position, just above admins. By June 23,2009 when our doors closed, I had been promoted to Concierge Dept. Manager.
For the length of time I worked for this company I was loyal, I dont think that for the entire tennure of my employment i missed more than a week collectivley.
I had no disciplinary write ups or suspensions. I worked hard. At one point of my employment I had a manager that was my boss and at the time I was one of the assistant managers for the Concierge Dept.
This man, that i will leave nameless was a pig. This man bullied, insulted, and sexually harrassed very many woman throughout the company. The person running the company at the time was his best friend and for a long time nothing was done. I really liked my job until my position with the company changed and i was made to have to work directly with this man. In 2007 I had to make a formal complaint to the other bosses and this man was fired. But during the time I worked for him he would deliberatley not pay me all my wages in full. When all was said and done I was owed over $2500 in wages that I was not paid. When I presented all documents and stubbs to the appropriate people, I was told 6 weeks later that the company could not prove when I worked. So i had to take the loss. I watched memebers of management deliberately cheat agents out of earned pay. I came to be very close to the agents that I managed because I tried with all my might to make sure their pay was paid in full and on time. However while doing so I myself continued to be mispaid. This is just a small portion of the story I have to tell about Consolidated Resorts.
I had Todd Spector himself tell me how valuable and loyal I was to the company and my loyalty and dedication would not be forgotten the company just had to get through this recession. I could name a list of all the criminals that ran the company but Im so sure you already know. This company used alot of honest, innocent people, distroyed many lives all so that the EXECUTIVES CAN HAVE $25,000 CREDIT CARD LIMITS as one executive put it.
In spite of all that was done to the employees, the worst was what they did to the customers, everything was all lies and they used us to do it.
At the end of the day that company left us out in the cold and ran with all the profits. We couldnt even get wages earned and due to us, our vacation time, sick time. That might seem like small money to those big wigs, but to us who have lost it all, it means the world.
Now that they are all working on their next scam and not giving us a second thought who can we turn to? Who is fighting for what was done to us?

In need of direction

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