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Tahiti Village- Behind The Scenes at Consolidated Resorts- A Robert Paisola, EXCLUSIVE

UPDATE 9/15/2012

This is a confidential message that we just received on the Tahiti Village Lawsuit Issue and the Arty Spector and Todd Spector Scams.  We are filing a petition in court based on this employees statement.

The bottom line is that if you are contacted by Inetegra Servicing to pay money DO NOT DO IT, Send an email to us at

Attention Mr William Durso... You are going to FEDERAL PRISON.

This is the memo exactly as we received it from our inside informant...

Mr. Paisola
Integra Servicing is a 3rd party collections company that offers different solutions to different people that owe money to ASNY (Tahiti Village) or any ASNY Product and fell behind...When people call our office,  depending on which collector they reach and how they are feeling that day,  they may receive a year payment waiver or no payment waiver. 

William Durso is the director for integra and the supervisor of ASNY. They are all the same. Supposedly Origin Resort Financial bought the paper and integra servicing services the paper. He is a criminal.

There is no such thing as Origin Resort Financial, and integra Debt Collections is just across the hall from ASNY.   (See )

Mr. Paisola , Check it out.  Also, once a manager knows you or your investigators are involved we are told to get rid of you no matter what.  That is why you are the only person that can get a settlement for a debtor.

Borrowing someone elses computer please do not try to contact

Thank you sir. Hopefully people will see this and learn that you can help them.

If you are being harassed by ASNY, William Durso, Integra Collections, Origin Resort Financial (shell company) or any of these entities, email us now.  Watch this video first. Then Email Then Call 1-877-517-9555 and Leave a very detailed message.


This is a 66 page document that was transcribed. We did this for one reason, so that YOU the American Public could see what Consolidated Resorts is all about. This is from a man who worked there as a senior manager for 20 years. He is very clear in his mission to hold Consolidated Resorts Accountable for their actions. Not a word of this has been edited. This will be used as evidence in the court hearing against Artie and Todd Spector. You will notice that the conversation contains some graphic content, but everything has been done to simply show YOU the VICTIMS, what happened.

Please respond at


Transcription Begins :

Robert Paisola: Good Afternoon, this is Robert Paisola reporting live from Las Vegas Nevada regarding the issue of Tahiti Village and Consolidated Resorts. Today we are going to talk to a very senior manager that has a lot of information for our investigators. We are recording this call live and we are going to protect the name of the source by referring to him by his first name only. This interview is being broadcast Live on the Western Capital Multimedia Network and will be transcribed.

Ray: Do I have it? I don’t know if I have it or not.

Robert Paisola: No. This is out – it doesn’t answer a call because it’s just goes out. It’s now my line only. I use it for – I mean, even if you try to call, I wouldn’t get answer.

Ray: Oh, I don’t – I can’t. I’m out in the garage. So, what’s up?

Robert Paisola: How was your weekend man? I know you’re taking off and heading to a wonderful world of sun.

Ray: No, I live in a wonderful world of sun.

Robert Paisola: Yes, of course you do. Did you get a job yet?

Ray: No, I’m not looking.

Robert Paisola: What’s going on man? Talk to me. Tell me what’s up with these clowns.

Ray: I’m just wondering where you come and go.

Robert Paisola: Okay. You want to know how I came into it?

Ray: No. Yes, I mean like you’re a – you do something and you represent clients. I mean, I don’t really know what you do.

Robert Paisola: Oh, okay. Have you…

Ray: I’m eager – where’s the beef?

Robert Paisola: Okay. Have you been to any of the websites at all? Have you seen any of the stuff around or the CNN stuff?

Ray: No. How do you spell your name?

Robert Paisola: Okay. P-A-I-S-O-L-A and it’s Robert.

Ray: Wait, P-A-I-S-O…

Robert Paisola: L-A.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: So, type…

Ray: P-A-I-S-O-O-A?

Robert Paisola: S-O-L-A.

Ray: Oh.

Robert Paisola: Yes. Type in Consolidated Resorts and you’ll see the first thing. Oh, and

Ray: Wait, Rob P-A-I-S-O-L-A consolidated resorts.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And then do what?

Robert Paisola: Are you by a computer? You can see?

Ray: No, no, no, I’m up by my pool.

Robert Paisola: Oh, okay. We’re on a site called the Timeshare Chronicles and there’s also a site called Tahiti Lawsuit, T-A-H-I-T-I Lawsuit.

Ray: T-A-H-I-T-I and Timeshare what?

Robert Paisola: Tahiti Lawsuit.

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: And then Timeshare Chronicles, C-H-R-O-N-I-C-L-E-S.

Ray: C-H-R-O-N-I-C-L-E-S.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. So, where do I fit in to help you? That’s basically the main…

Robert Paisola: Well basically, there’s two ways of assistance on this I guess. There’s two ways of looking at this. My past two years have been dedicated to dealing with this issue for people around the country who have been screwed by this company. Okay?

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: Just as you got screwed, now they’re screwing – they have no regard for anybody or anything.

Ray: Right, right.

Robert Paisola: So, we know that. That shouldn’t surprise anybody however, that’s just the way they choose to do business.

Ray: Right, I understand.

Robert Paisola: We have close to a 100 people that are actual victims of this company and…

Ray: More than that, I have thousands of them for you.

Robert Paisola: Well, I’m saying right now, the people that are actually in our inventory that have actually come to us and say, “Okay, here’s our problem.” I mean, we probably have 3,000, 4,000 e-mail stories but I mean, just clients, people that have just become clients who want to get involved in a class action litigation against this company. Okay?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: That was never the intention but it is kind of ended up turning into something like that.

Ray: How do you make money? How do you make money?

Robert Paisola: Two ways, number one, by the sheer volume of people. The number of people who come to us is huge. In other words…

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: … I chose not to work very hard therefore I don’t take 20 clients a week. I don’t have to. I don’t want to.

Ray: Right, right.

Robert Paisola: I chose to take the ones I want and the ones that I can assist and we’ve had some successes and they’re all over the internet. So many times when we get some refund, we post the check, we post the copy of the settlement agreement, we post – well, I don’t…

Ray: How much do take of the settlement agreement?

Robert Paisola: None. None because the settlement agreement – they’re denying they even exist, okay? The company is denying that they exist but of course, we know better than that. We actually have copies of those. And I just got another one this morning of a…

Ray: But how do you make money? The company settles with you?

Robert Paisola: No, no, no. The company hasn’t settled with us at all. A lot of people hypothecate that. A lot of people believe the company is offering us a lot of money. All I will say is that we would not even consider walking away for 10 Million Dollars. We do not want their Money. We want Artie Spector in Federal Prison

Ray: But you have to make money some ways.

Robert Paisola: We do make money on this, in fact that some of these people, by the sheer number of people times $500, you got – that’s 50 grand right there and it’s not…

Ray: Oh, that’s how you made money.

Robert Paisola: Yes. And then also, a class action – we were with the class action attorneys and then that’s where the real money comes in. That’s when it really…we have the only CLASSIFIED DATA in the world and we are going to publish it all. We do not want the 10 Million.

Ray: Yes, but it takes – okay. I understand that, Rob.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: But how can I help you?

Robert Paisola: Well, I guess, you sounded like you were getting screwed by this place and we’ve heard from so many employees and we did that piece with ABC News, it started in Las Vegas and Went National, we got close to 1000 calls. This is the one that you saw – it’s actually now on our website, that’s when all the cards started tumbling if you will. I guess that’s the best way to put it. And so, we’re getting a lot of people who were saying, “Hey, wait a second. This isn’t right. This is wrong. This is…” I’m not Mr. Moro. I’m not here to judge anybody or to do anything to say what’s right or what’s wrong. I’m simply here as a consumer advocate if you will. Okay? And I get paid to be a consumer advocate if that makes sense. I get paid to take care of these problems of these people or victims around the world that were created by Artie Spector and his boys

Ray: But how do I get into your program?

Robert Paisola: Well, it sounds to me like – I believe you said you have an absolute, amazing amount of knowledge in this company and the Pedigree of the Management Team. We want Arthur (Artie) Spector in Federal Prison for his illegal acts at Consolidated Resorts and the shell companies. I tell you what, he – they’re getting very nervous over there because we’re telling people all over the world on International Television not to pay. We’re actually going after the Credit Bureaus and their involvement. We will give them one chance and then Congress will be involved. They’re in the position right now where they’re going to have to absolutely delineate and remove every single trade line that they posted on people’s credit reports based on fraud and that takes away a lot of negotiating power.

And so, we have yet to hear from Artie and his boys. Now, it would be nice to…

Ray: Rob, I got to take this call. Can you call me right back? Can I call you right back?

Robert Paisola: Sure. Just dial in on this exact same number and I’ll stay here and wait for you.

Ray: All right. What number is that?

Robert Paisola: I don’t even know what it is. I have no idea.

Ray: I’ll call.

Robert Paisola: Okay. Time is 8:32 AM. It’s Monday, July 6, 2009.

Ray: Yes, that’s Madoff [Phonetic] [0:07:49], just like Madoff.

Robert Paisola: Oh, my God. Well, they’re going to be Federal Prison with Madoff by the time I get them with him.

Ray: Good. I hope I can assist you.

Robert Paisola: So, what did your boy have to say when he called you?

Ray: He calls me and he’s working over there in what’s called the In-house Department.

Robert Paisola: In-house.

Ray: That means you’ll get it.

Robert Paisola: No. I don’t know. I’ve never heard that word.

Ray: Okay. In-house means, these are people who over the years, there’s 300,000 of them, who have bought Tahiti Timeshares either Club 271, Club 272 or Club 273 [Phonetic] [0:08:22]. I mean, common Tahiti, that’s the third one. And then they bought small packages, 20,000, 30,000.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: And they bring them in.

Robert Paisola: Oh, and they don’t sell them off.

Ray: No, and they show them a higher price than a cold tour. See, I got to give you a little lesson.

Robert Paisola: Go ahead.

Ray: So, okay. So, the cold tour is an OPC tour that’s picked up on the street that doesn’t know shit or shine all up and their promise she will pick up and all this shit to take the tour. But an in-house tour is a great tour. They come from Hawaii. They come from all over because they are already invested. The majority of them are paid off. They bought the smaller package that’s anywhere from 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 13, 15.

Now, we show on the cold tour, we show 4799 work down but the in-house rooms show 5799 and works down. And then they say, “Well, we’ll give you a 100% of what you’ve got in and then we upgrade you to a bigger package.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: That’s an in-house tour. They’re still operating but what Artie did was, he set up a company called ASNY in New York.

Robert Paisola: What was it, Artie Spector New York.

Ray: Right. So now, what happens is he didn’t pay 1,700 employees who got fired and not paid, some were salaried, tax were taken out, others were ICs, independent contractors.

Robert Paisola: He has 1,700 employees who got fired?

Ray: Pardon me?

Robert Paisola: The actual numbers, 1,700 employees?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: Including like janitors, people that were going to probably – wow. Okay.

Ray: Yes, administration. Jesus, I keep getting this goddamn calls.

Robert Paisola: That’s all right. Go ahead.

Ray: They want to talk to you too. Hold on. I’m going to call you from another phone

Robert Paisola: That’s fine.

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: No, that’s not a problem. It’s just my cell phone that just, I don’t know how much battery but that’s fine.

Ray: Okay. I’ll call you right back.

Ray: It’s my cell and I hope I won’t be interrupted.

Robert Paisola: Okay. Hold on. Let me write this down, 702…

Ray: You realized I’m willing to help you. I don’t care about any compensation.

Ray: Look Mr. Paisola, Everyone in the company knows who you are. You are the only person that has ever been able to break down this fraud. They are scared of you, and they know that you have gone to the mat for clients much larger than Consolidated Resorts. I have been in meetings where they discussed offering you the 10 Million Dollars to just shut up, but you told them to go to hell. That is when you won over the entire senior management team, myself included. Nobody has ever stood up to them, and they know that you can put them in prison. But, you need to understand that , I am 64 years old and I got – I had open heart surgery and I have 7 melanoma cancer surgeries for the last 14 months or so, I know everything that you will need to get a Federal Indictment against them. I’m just helping you because you need someone to help you and I think God led me to you or you led yourself to me or somehow we hooked up and I like fighting with you and I like talking to you. I just like you buddy. You’re cool.

Ray: Oh, you know what? You needed me to be your equal sometimes, huh? And it’s kind of fun.

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: You need to see your equal sometimes. I tell you that, that’s for damn sure.

Ray: Like you’re not my equal. I’m so fucking smart that you can’t [cross talk] if you were so smart you would have told me nine years ago when could not have helped you as good as I can now. Anyway, you sound like a kid. How old are you? 40?

Robert Paisola: Yes, yes. I’m 40.

Ray: Well, I’m 64. So, the first 20 years of our life, we’re going to school and we’re growing up. Then between 22 and 30, we’re worried our dick and we’re worried about making some money and buying a house.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And then we get a kid or two and then between 30 and 40, it’s torture. The romance goes away and then all of a sudden, your health starts failing and then you get old and sick and tired like me.

Robert Paisola: Yes?

Ray: So, come on. Who do you think is smarter? I’ve been this search for 64 years…

Robert Paisola: Come on, man. You got 20 years on me. How do I answer that? You got 20 years on me.

Ray: Everybody, let’s go. The first 20 don’t count for anybody. So, you – I have 44 years to your 20.

Robert Paisola: Okay, all right.

Ray: All right. So, let’s know what happened. I got a call last night from Mark Desrocetrs.

Robert Paisola: Mark – yes, who’s Mark Desrocetrs. You haven’t said any…

Ray: Mark Desrocetrs. His phone number –I’ll give you his phone number.

Robert Paisola: Is that the guy on Florida?

Ray: No, no, that’s Romero. He called me too.

Robert Paisola: Okay. Hold on. So, Mark Desrocetrs …

Ray: Mark Desrocetrs, Desrocetrs, Mark Desrocetrs. Do you want me to spell it for you?

Robert Paisola: Sure, why not.

Ray: Okay. Hold on. I’ll get a sign pen because I got my list here like monster. I have everybody listed. What I’m going to tell you today you’re going to – you better sit down because you’re going to fall over.

Robert Paisola: Well, I am sitting in my office here trying to figure this whole thing out, yes.

Ray: Oh, it won’t be hard after 37 phone calls. You’ll finally get it done. Here, Mark Desrocetrs, D-E-S-R-O-C-E-T-R-S.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay, 326- xxxx

Robert Paisola: 702.

Ray: Yes, call 702.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: Okay. Now, he calls me and he said, “They’re throwing people out of the Tropicana last night, at 11:o’clock at night and I’m still working for you for free.” So I said, “I don’t believe it.” So I get my cam and I go down there and I get the front desk manager, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay. Now, just because I want to understand the significance of Tropicana, is that one of their sales force?

Ray: Okay. What happens is, is we were on those ads n television, not we but Maria Calbert [Phonetic] [0:14:40]. She’s the vice-president of marketing, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And she’s an officer of the company, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And her direct phone number, okay?

Robert Paisola: Maria Calbert.

Ray: Okay, is 702 right?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: 217-4366. Now, her husband is in sales. He leads a group like 50 sales people and there’s been something very strange about him. We spell his name K-A-L-B-E-R. And she said, she’s the vice-president of marketing and she’s an officer, director and stockholder.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: And they keep at this too because she’s the genius.

Robert Paisola: So her husband’s – what’s her husband’s name?

Ray: I’m sorry, what?

Robert Paisola: What’s her husband’s name?

Ray: Don Kalber, Donald Kalber.

Robert Paisola: K-A-L-V-E-R.

Ray: K-A-L-B-E-R, Kalber.

Robert Paisola: Kalber, got you.

Ray: Okay. So, he for years have been with the company and he never sales Timeshare but he gets paid in shining amount of money. So, I’ve always found that very strange so I did some investigative work and I found out, the reason he doesn’t sell Timeshare, he has no license and it’s very easy to get license. It’s about as easy as getting a driver’s license.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: There must be some black gentleman in the wood pile reason why he can’t get license. I’m just putting it out there. I can’t give you any valid information on that.

Robert Paisola: Oh, sure.

Ray: I only give you facts.

Robert Paisola: Sure.

Ray: So, now Kalber comes to me, about three days ago and he sat down with me over lunch. And he thinks I’m his friend. But he doesn’t understand, I only have one friend, Ben Franklin.

Robert Paisola: Yes, and your family of course.

Ray: Right and you, my consumer advocate buddy.

Robert Paisola: Yes, exactly.

Ray: So I said, “Take a piece of paper and diagram this whole thing for me.” So, he put down Goldman Sachs, gave Artie Spector – are you ready?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: $700 million. This is all in his handwriting. And Goldman Sachs got the money from their clients and put it into Whitehall Real Estate Trust Fund #1.

Robert Paisola: So, wait. So, Goldman Sachs took it from their clients and put it into $700 million, that’s what they created Whitehall…

Ray: Investment Fund #1.

Robert Paisola: Investment…

Ray: And Artie Spector got the $700 million and he gave up 75% of Consolidated.

Robert Paisola: Okay. But that was – but he received $700 million, he received it because of the Whitehall Investment #1.

Ray: Right. But he got $750 million and he gave up 75% of his company.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: And he retained 25%.

Robert Paisola: Jesus.

Ray: Plus he retained Consolidated Realty and Consolidated Marketing. And also, he’s very tricky but I’m trickier.

Robert Paisola: Of course.

Ray: It’s really fun. So – and he’s my – and he’s Jewish, Artie Spector.

Robert Paisola: Oh, is he?

Ray: Pardon me?

Robert Paisola: He is Jewish.

Ray: Yes, and his partner was Michael Kaplan and he gave Michael Kaplan $35 million to go away. Michael Kaplan is a retired Assistant Attorney General for the state of Nevada.

Robert Paisola: How do you spell Kaplan?

Ray: K-A-P-L-A-N. What do you mean, how do you spell Kaplan? You’re going to have me taking your dick out pointing in the toilet, Kaplan, K-A-P-L-A-N. It’s like the most common Jewish name in the world.

Robert Paisola: Okay, Michael Kaplan, $35 million to go away.

Ray: Right. And he was a retired Attorney General.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: For the state of Nevada. Okay. Right now, Artie takes his $750 million and he buys two gulf streams yacht and 40 Ferraris.

Robert Paisola: 40 Ferraris?

Ray: Ferraris and Porches…

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: … Lamborghinis and all the shit you can think of that is out, this guy had invested with, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Just like the guy from the south, Kushi [Phonetic] [0:19:26] who bought the gold shower head for $8,000.

Robert Paisola: Oh yes, oh yes.

Ray: Okay. Well this is funny. Now, he also buys 1% of MGM.

Robert Paisola: 1% of MGM?

Ray: From Tricinda.

Robert Paisola: Artie has?

Ray: Yes, with the $750 million. He got tired of buying cars and houses so he bought TricInda.

Robert Paisola: T-R-I…

Ray: Pardon me?

Robert Paisola: T-R-I-C-I-N-D-A?

Ray: T-R-I-C-I-N-D-A, yes. It’s [indiscernible] [0:20:02] MGM.

Robert Paisola: Right, right.

Ray: Okay. I can’t believe that you don’t know anything about all this but go ahead – I’ll go ahead. So anyway, now Artie is sitting up there and he keeps the lobby of Tahiti Village. He keeps the restaurant building for this restaurant called Tahiti [indiscernible] [0:20:19] and then Eddy’s [Phonetic] [0:20:19] as the sales center. And he keeps the 10 acres in fact but how he makes the deal happen is he had sliced the price of the Timeshares to Goldman Sachs. He says, “We used to sell them at $8,000. Now, we’re going to sell them at $40,000 or $50,000 or $60,000 and we finance about 17.9% interest in over the course of 120 months.” A $40,000 sale is really $90,000.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And you sell each unit 52 times.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I think he’s crazy to make this fee so then he can see out of realty issued a $750 a year. I mean, that’s a round numbers.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: If you multiply 750 times 52 that gives you a mass of amount of money and a cause of faction at that. Now remember, these people get a team to work those condos that they could use one week a year. Meanwhile, that maintenance contractor comes worth million [Phonetic] [0:21:15]. If you take $750 times 52 you get how much money?

Robert Paisola: So, that’s come to $350,000 per unit.

Ray: Right and how much is the cost to maintain a 1,500 square foot condo?

Robert Paisola: Not that much, that’s for darn sure.

Ray: Now, multiply 800…

Robert Paisola: Hold on, my battery is dying buddy. I got to call you now.

Ray: Okay. You have to call me on what line?

Robert Paisola: I’ll call you on this exact same line you’re calling me on. This is…

Ray: 870-4826.

Robert Paisola: You got it. I’ll do it. My battery is dying.

Ray: How long? When are you going to call me?

Robert Paisola: Right now. Okay. Bye.

Ray: Are you there?

Robert Paisola: Yes, I’m here. Yes, my phone was just dying.

Ray: Okay. So, take – they have 800 condos over their Tahiti Village. So, take 800 condos times how many? 35,000? What was that figure? 750 times 52 is what?

Robert Paisola: Well, about $350,000.

Ray: Okay, times 800.

Robert Paisola: Geez, okay, $240 million.

Ray: Okay. So you got that maintenance fee contract for that much but the keep raising the prices too so that becomes more valuable and remember, this isn’t what’s called perpetuity so it becomes more valuable as time passes.

Robert Paisola: Now, are they selling those contracts? Are they actually selling the maintenance contracts off to…

Ray: They sell – no, they don’t sell the maintenance contracts, there’s nothing to sell. All they – it’s like a slot machine.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: They’ll get into the wall and the people give you a credit card and then every year, they just hit the credit card. That’s the end of it.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: There’s nothing to sell. That’s just easy money. That’s like a slot machine that broke and the money just keeps pouring out. Now, they got 300,000 upners [Phonetic] [0:23:22] right now between the 10 resorts in Hawaii and the four here and the one in Orlando.

Robert Paisola: What did you call those? Upners?

Ray: Pardon me?

Robert Paisola: You call those upners?

Ray: Upners.

Robert Paisola: Is that a…

Ray: I call them maintenance fees.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got you.

Ray: Okay. So, he’s got 300,000 people obtaining maintenance fees from anywhere from 200 to 900.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: For the rest of their lives and there’s no way out of the maintenance fees because you can’t sell the Timeshare because nobody buys them.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: All right? If you look at the website, you’ll see Tahiti Village Timeshare for sale for $2,000.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay and then part of the pitches, the real estate pitch gives you all in the tee down the strip.

Robert Paisola: Right and we’ve – okay, go ahead.

Ray: Okay. So now, GMAC says, “We don’t want anymore just papers, no good.”

Robert Paisola: GMAC and that was their primary funding source.

Ray: Yes, three of them. They also have Textron.

Robert Paisola: So, GMAC…

Ray: And Textron.

Robert Paisola: Textron, okay.

Ray: Like someone out of business, they went bankrupt.

Robert Paisola: Textron goes out of business. Yes, GMAC and the GMAC exec said, “This is BS paper [Phonetic] [0:24:34]. We don’t want anything to do with it.”

Ray: Yes, they cut it off. They called us into a meeting on the 23rd of June and told us we have to sell more and we have to get more down payment and we had to shorten the length of the paper and discount. Do anything you can, get more, get more, get more. And then 15 minutes later, they fired all of us, 1,700 of us.

Robert Paisola: 1,700 people, Jesus. Okay.

Ray: Yes. But that’s between Orlando, Hawaii and us. We have 1,200, 13,000 just in Vegas. See I remember, when they put these ads on television, the lines light up and hundreds of calls come in and they’re baby boomers, people that don’t have car loans, people that don’t have credit card debt, people that own their house. They know exactly what they’re doing and they use that too to Allan Thick [Phonetic] [0:25:24].

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And Rose Ann Barr [Phonetic] [0:00:00] and Tanya Roberts.

Ray: Yes.

Ray: And they use all the baby boomer people, okay? That everybody relates to. Now, the people come in for this stupid third rate show tickets and they see Allan Thick. They bring Allan Thick in and he stands on the stage and he says, “I bought five Timeshares. You got o buy them too.” And because everybody relates to him then they buy. Wait until Allan Teak finds out about we’re just team that’s on the piece of paper.

Robert Paisola: Yes, well isn’t he one of the shareholders?

Ray: Yes, absolutely.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: He just came in and when you depose or you do whatever the fact you’re going to do, he talks about a son because Robin Thick [Phonetic] [0:26:10] is a big recording star, his son.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. So, you’re getting the picture. So Artie retains the lobby of the hotel, the restaurant building and the 10 acres of the back, fucks Goldman Sachs at them, hundreds of millions of dollars and then he talks to his people that are close to him into investing in Whitehall. Monoyudis put in $200,000, Kalber put in $100,000. I don’t know how much Carl Hardin put in.

Robert Paisola: How do you spell Monoyudis? I’ve been trying – since I talked to you.

Ray: Okay. I got to look at my contracts thrown in the car because I have meetings with…

Robert Paisola: Because I remember I was talking to you but then I cannot, I still couldn’t spell that.

Ray: Okay. Just find somebody that’s Greek and ask him how to spell Monoyudis. It’s M-O-N O-Y-A-D-A-S or O-U-D-A-S.

Robert Paisola: Okay, okay.

Ray: Call Tahiti Village, do you understand? And just say, “look, you got comp tonight by the name – by someone by the name of Monoyudis. How do you spell that?

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: They’ll tell you.

Robert Paisola: Got it. Okay.

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: Got it. I got you.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: That 10 acres in the back, isn’t that supposed to be that 10 acres supposed to be used for the additional towers that they’re supposed to be building that they’re selling land on and there’s no – we’re actually seeing deeds of – okay, let me be very clear. The plot maps, when we looked at the plot maps at the stay at the county, we were looking at Chicago title and we actually looked at and that was actually blank dead land. These people had bought dead land and we went to Clark County, pulled the plot maps and saw that these people were buying nothing. There was nothing there.

Ray: Yes. What they’re doing is this, they tell people to buy this and they dropped the price in the cold room from $47,990. I have all the price sheet. They show $47,990, put $9,600 down.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And payments of $820 a month and then all these phony little receipts built in, general fund $285, deed fee $95 and just all these little insularly fees, okay? But they mount up. Then they say, “Well, if you promise not to come back to Las Vegas in the next three or four months and you let us rent it to our summer customers, then what we’ll do is we’ll give you a discount.

Robert Paisola: But there’s no property to rent because it’s all dead land.

Ray: No, but what they do is, they turn around and tell them in the beginning of the presentation, they have a chance to buy in to Phase 5 and Phase 6 but there is not going to be any 5 or 6. So, what they’re doing is that every life’s span of payments is about 24 to 30 months so the people stop paying then they have a whole bank of phones to call up the people and buyback for penny on the dollar…

Robert Paisola: And that’s the $350 you gave as your deed and sign these documents for 350 bucks and that’s…

Ray: No, no, no. You sign – you pay 95 for the – the 250 for the general fund.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: The general fund is a phony fund. They charge you an additional $404 for closing cap through Chicago Title and they pocket that too. [Indiscernible] [0:29:41].

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. So, they switch you.

Robert Paisola: So, is it really – does Chicago Title really do their title work because…

Ray: Yes, but Chicago Title is not part of the scam. Chicago Title issues the title but it’s on a condo that was repossessed or given back in lieu of foreclosure.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: They just don’t tell the people that.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: You understand?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And then they pocket the spread and the 404 they collect and what it really cost to do the deal with Chicago Title. That’s probably about $300, a net on every sale goes to Spector’s pocket. Now, the reason you can’t track anything because you don’t know all the different companies but I’m going to give them to you.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: You’ve got ASNY, that’s Artie Spector New York. Then you got ASC, which is Artie Spector Company. That owns the Wiki-Wiki Bar that owns the restaurant and that owns the market. Then you got [indiscernible] [0:30:45] Resort. That’s CRM, it’s Consolidated Resort Management, that’s where all the maintenance fees go.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Then you got CRI, that’s where I worked for, Consolidated Realty & Company, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: But I’m going to give you something now that you can really jump all over. Now, you got nine years of racial profiling.

Robert Paisola: Whoa, whoa.

Ray: Okay. See, what you don’t know about is when they get black people in, they take the normal that it’s their turn to take a tour and they pull them off and they put the black people with the black people.

Robert Paisola: Say again, say that again?

Ray: Okay. We got a Spanish-speaking people. We have Jewish people. We have Black people. We have Filipino people. And what they do is they racial profile. If you and your wife came in and you are Filipino, you would be assigned the Filipino sales person even if it was my turn to get the chance to make the commission.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And then the closer that goes to the table is a Filipino closer. Are you following me?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Now, one of the problems that goes out of date is we’ve got Black people. They consent the Black people and they don’t like that so I’ve got two guys, they’re dynamite, Reggie Haron and they’re I think, “I’m not going to this goddamn broke – black people from Chicago, I want those white folks form New York City.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: But they send them to the black people that are broke.

Robert Paisola: Oh, my gosh.

Ray: And then you’ve got another black guy and you’re so white. I have list of just few of these people and 200 sales people. Then you’ve got an actual room…

Robert Paisola: But these are buyer like Reggie Haron and Mitchell White are buyers.

Ray: No, Reggie Haron and Mitchell White are closers.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: An they can’t make any money dealing with broke black people from Chicago Eastside or something.

Robert Paisola: Yes, got you.

Ray: They want whitey like you.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And so, and like they sent me an old Jewish table because I’m Jewish and I know all about New York and Beverly Hills. That’s very serious. That’s called racial profiling. And then they prey on black and white couples because they want to be a part of everything because in the past, if you saw a white blond with a black guy, it’s like taboo, you know what I’m saying? That they know that those people buy psychologically and they prey on fat people because fat people are obsessive and compulsive, okay? And then they prey on handicapped people because they want to be a part of society. Do you follow me?

Robert Paisola: Oh, my gosh.

Ray: And then the guys that pay the sales people kick backs, they get to the tables where the stupid people just buy called to lay it down, “Well, this is Nick. I think I’ll just buy it.” Okay, I don’t have to hang up. Let me see who’s calling me. Hold on.

Hello? Hello? Oh, Michael Durantis. Yes, Ray. How are you? Michael, how are you? Where are you working? Oh, you came over with us to Geo [Phonetic] [0:34:31]? Oh, you’re at Kentucky Club, right? Yes, I started that, I started that. So, let me – yes, I started that before I went back to Consolidated. I started the whole Geo deal but I started Kentucky Club. Let me ask you a question. When you were dealing with – because you’re Spanish, you and your wife speak Spanish, right? You were only dealing with Spanish people, weren’t you? Bilingual, yes. But they used you to go Spanish-speaking people, right? Yes, because you speak Spanish. You’re bilingual. Did you get paid any of your money? Well, did you get or you reserved a $4,000 or any of the deals you have in the pipeline? You didn’t get – I didn’t know if you did or not. You did – how about your wife, did she get paid? Nobody do. Nobody got paid. Okay. No, no, no. I’m not working now. I just retired. I can’t do anymore. This is too insane. I just have a job. My job is to chase Monoyudis and get my money, that’s my job.

You know what you should do? Want to get your money? Okay, I’ll give you a phone number of a guy to call and he’ll help you get your money. You got a pencil? Call me later and I’ll give you a name of a guy that can get you your money. How much –this guy is the guy to call. No, let me ask you a question. How much do you and Brenda owed? Approximately? $40,000, $30,000, $20,000? Okay. Well, $15,000 that’s a lot. Call me later. I’ll give you the number. Okay. This guy goes after people to get – make sure that people get paid their money. Just call him if you want. He’ll take you on. I’ll tell him too and he’ll collect your money for you and give it to you. If you don’t want to call him, you want to give up and let them steal your money, go ahead. I don’t care. I’m not going to charge you anything to give you a phone number.

All right. Why aren’t I working – why would I – I don’t want to work anywhere. I told you, my job – the best way to make money the fastest is to chase Artie Spector. I’m Jewish, Michael. Artie Spector got $2 billion. He cheated me. He owes me $25,000 and he owes all my friends. He owed about $3 million. You’ve been my friend, for how many years? Ten years? A long time. And Tino has been my friend for 25 years and my job is to hound Spector until we all get paid. I talked to Tino and Mario every minute of everyday. I talked to Tino three times this morning. The guy that owns Geo where you’re working is my personal friend. I started the deal when Kaplan and I got into a big fight and Consolidated, they fired me. I started the deal at Geo and then I left and came back to Consolidated then I got fired again then I went back and started the deal where you’re at now at Kentucky Club in the middle of the city center. Then I went back where Romero came and got me when I came back last July. Call me later and I’ll give you the phone number. Everybody has called this guy. He’s really a nice guy, all right? If you don’t want your money, don’t call me or don’t call him. If you do want your money, then call him. You buy your own ticket and take your own ride. Goodbye.

I assume you want…

Robert Paisola: Oh, of course. I like – I love hearing what you have to say. It’s just insanity but you’re right. I think the biggest issue is to go after Monoyudis and Spector but we got to figure out what their – I mean, I’m seeing the profiling. I’m seeing the deed fraud. I’m seeing the mass of amount of money that they bring in on the maintenance fees. I’m seeing all that but where is his Achilles heel. What is the one thing that’s going to get him to pay not only you but to pay the clients, to pay every single person that needs to get paid because he doesn’t want to go to Federal Prison?

Ray: Okay. He’s going to Federal Prison. It’s way out of your hands.

Robert Paisola: I know. But for what reason though? What is the big deal? What is it that he…

Ray: Okay, okay, okay. Number one, I assume that you’re going to cut me in for part of your consumer advocate deal. I’m not going to hold you to anything but I assume you’re a man of your word so if you tell me that because I’ve helped you, you’re going to hook me up with something, right?

Robert Paisola: I think that’s a pretty safe assumption and I think my reputation speaks for itself.

Ray: Okay. So, I like you and you like me and I trust you and if you don’t give me anything, I’m going to – that’s making difference. Anyway, I’m just – I always like to pull your leg. You know that buddy.

Robert Paisola: Yes, I got you, I got you, I got you.

Ray: Okay. So, here’s the Achilles heel. Number one, Goldman Sachs.

Robert Paisola: Yes, explain that.

Ray: Okay. Goldman Sachs took $300 million to blunt to investors and they steer them into the steel, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Goldman Sachs is about to issue several hundred thousand dollars to several people for bonuses within their organization. I got to the top tie at Goldman Sachs, okay?

Robert Paisola: And who’s that, who’s that?

Ray: I’m not telling you that right now. I’ve given you too much already. I’m going to suffer and make you wait a couple of days.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got you.

Ray: Okay. Now, I talked to him, okay, at the Personal Wealth Management Department. I have cell number, his home number, I have everything. He’s at 212 Broad Street, do you understand?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. Goldman Sachs just gave back $10 billion in TARP money last week, two weeks ago.

Robert Paisola: $10 million in what?

Ray: $10 billion in TARP money.

Robert Paisola: What’s $10 billion in part money mean?

Ray: Okay. That means, President Obama gave TARP money, T-A-R-P money to banks to survive.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Goldman Sachs got $10 billion.

Robert Paisola: Holy – okay.

Ray: You don’t know this, do you?

Robert Paisola: No.

Ray: Oh, see you’re not as smart as I am, are you?

Robert Paisola: Now, go ahead. You got me down buddy.

Ray: All right. But I’m helping you and I’m nice about it and you know I’m talking to you with love.

Ray: No, I understand, I understand. It’s just – it’s just weird that we’re given a $10 billion and yet they’re screwing people.

Ray: We gave it to Countrywide. We gave it to Bank of America. We gave billions but they all got caught. Remember, AIG got caught giving $3 million in bonuses and $5 million in bonuses?

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: So, before Goldman Sachs can give up their bonus, they give out their bonuses, it was on the paper yesterday. You turn it over, there’s a section. They’re giving out several to people $700,000 in bonuses, okay? But they couldn’t do it until they give the $10 billion in TARP money back to Obama.

Robert Paisola: So, they had returned the $10 billion?

Ray: They returned the $10 billion. That was taxpayer money. That was a loan from the Federal Government.

Robert Paisola: So, Goldman receives $10 billion as a government bailout and they just returned it immediately.

Ray: Oh, they kept it for the last several months. It’s a lie.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got it.

Ray: Remember, they got it.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: But they couldn’t get – they wanted to get the government out of their business so they had to give the money back ASAP. Then they – because you don’t want the government in your business because the government takes over.

Robert Paisola: And you’re telling me that this is in Las Vegas Review Journal yesterday?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Wait, there’s my phone again. Let’s see what idiot is calling me now.

Good morning. Oh, Mr. Monoyudis. Let me ask you a question, Jim. I have trouble with something. You spell your name, I’ve got it all on my documents M-O-N-O-Y. I want my money you owe me. What?

Robert Paisola: Say my name.

Ray: All right. Tell me what’s happened.

Robert Paisola: Put on speaker.

Ray: I can’t. You were let go. Yes, but all you guys did what? Yes, but now you worked for [indiscernible] [0:43:24], you worked for Artie. Okay.

Robert Paisola: Mention Paisola and see if he knows the name, CNN.

Ray: I don’t care when the bankruptcy is filed. I’m never going away Jim. I only have one job, okay? And my…

Robert Paisola: NBC Dateline CNN 2020 Paisola.

Ray: Okay, Jim. You don’t have to defend yourself to me. You don’t have to tell me anything. Okay, Jim. You don’t have – you don’t understand me. Why don’t you explain to me in person? But why not? Okay, Jim. Where are you going?

Robert Paisola: Do you mean, he’s going to put you guys all in jail?

Ray: But Jim, Jim, if I was you, I’d go away too. There’s a group going to your church today. There’s about 50 people Dusty Farming [Phonetic] [0:44:18] – okay, good. If I was you, I’d be dead scary.

Robert Paisola: Paisola, have you heard the name any Paisola? Have you heard?

Ray: Do you know a guy by the name of Paisola? Do you know Rob Paisola?

Robert Paisola: I’m working with the FBI, they’re nailing your guy. You guys are done.

Ray: Yes. You’ve already told me this Jim. You don’t understand – the last – okay, I know. Now listen to me, I listened to you. Listen to me. Last night at 11:00 o’clock they were throwing two people out of the Tropicana and your good friend, Jimmy Cintron was keeping them thrown his way and he was hooking them again for a second hook. In other words, the people went to the Tropicana, they were turned away where they were staying thrown out and the general manager printed out a list. I didn’t even ask him and he handed it to me and then he gave me an e-mail and it shows that he was instructed to throw all of those out. So, Mark Desrocetrs called me and told me this. I got in my car and I went down there with a camera and I interviewed the general manager and his name Robert Hornbuckle.

Robert Paisola: Oh, my God.

Ray: He’s been the – pardon me? Well, I’m telling you about it. You’re the broker and the head of the whole company. You were until you were fired. Okay, just listen, just listen. Okay, try to listen. You called me, it’s your dime. Try and listen. I didn’t call you. You called me. Just try and listen. I’ll help you. So they steered him to Summer Bay and Summer Bay hooked them again for another $299 and told them to go out and sleep in the park.

So, they first take that one – that 159 or the 149 to come to Tahiti. Tahiti, through Artie Spector’s marketing company with Marina Kalber kept their money. They didn’t know until they got here. Then they shuffled them over to Summer Bay. Summer Bay said, “Yes, you can stay here but give us another $300.” So, some did and some didn’t. I got all the names of the ones that did and all the ones of the names that didn’t. Then I said to the people at Summer Bay, this was late last night. I mean, I’ve been up all night working on tracking you down like a dog. Then they said Circus Circus so I went to Circus Circus and they got the memo that Circus Circus put out. And I’ll tell you what the memo says. It says, “Don’t accept anybody from Consolidated Resorts. They’re out of business. Send them away. We have no rooms for them. They can go sleep in the street.”

Now, this is a memo that was given to all the people at the front desk of Circus Circus, okay? So, Circus Circus didn’t know what to do. They just turned around and I said to the guy – pardon me? I didn’t call. Don is the one – the husband, just let me finish. I’m trying to find my letter so I can read it to you. So, the guy put in writing, I said, “Explain this whole thing to me in your words and in your penmanship.” So, he took the memo that he received from his boss and he put in the memo, I read it to you. It said, “Consolidated Resorts Marketing is out of business. Turn guests away. Tell them no refund, no room but they can stay in Circus Circus if they pay our rate.” And he signed it, Sean L. and put his phone number down, 702-734-0410.

Then, I said, “Well, check the reservation. You must have hundreds of people.” He checks the reservation, “No, cancelled. Not in the system.” Then he turns around and he says, “No reservations from Consolidated.” And he puts down the date and he puts Circus. The supervisor cancelled everybody out. So then, I got in my car. I mean, I’ve been working all night. I’m tracking you like a dog and my dog is about 1,800. You’re the convict and I’m down the 1,800.

Robert Paisola: Do you think I’m on my way to see Paisola.

Ray: Okay, I didn’t say that. I said, you’re like the convict that dog tracks on television. So then, I turned around. I went over to your place, Tahiti Village and I went to the front desk and I asked them if they have any rooms available and they said yes. So then I said, “Well, can I rent one?” and they said, “No.” And I said, “Why not?” So girly said, “Because Monoyudis just told me I can’t rent any rooms.” I said, “Well, there’s people out there on the street that paid your company.” Okay. I’m just telling you what your – you’re not jammed at all. You’re wide open. I went up to Tahiti Village and stayed there until they closed. And Ryan served all the drinks to all the Filipino administration that you guys ripped off and didn’t pay them their vacation fee or their salary. I got a list of 40 of them that are coming after you. You have no idea. When you say you’re leaving, let me tell you son, you are not going to outrun the FBI.

So, wherever you’re going to go, go to like Brazil or something.

Robert Paisola: Paisola.

Ray: Well, you are the one that said you are leaving.

Robert Paisola: Paisola.

Ray: You’re the one that said you are leaving.

Robert Paisola: Paisola.

Ray: Paisola. God bless Jim Monoyudis. Well, you didn’t tell me how to spell your last name. M-O-N – you’re not going to? I have your name all over the paper. Look….

Robert Paisola: Paisola, Paisola, you’re done.

Ray: This will never be our last conversation. You and I have been talking for years.

Robert Paisola: Paisola.

Ray: We’ll continue to talk until you pay me.

Robert Paisola:, consolidatedresorts….

Ray: Go to

Robert Paisola: .info, .info.

Ray: Info.

Robert Paisola: Paisola, it’s…

Ray: Yes, Jim. I don’t take medicine. You got to take – well, you’re the one that called me. What is your title Jim? Well, I’ll keep calling you until you change your number.

Robert Paisola: CNN 2020.

Ray: Well, if you don’t change your number…

Robert Paisola: Forget it, 2020 Dateline.

Ray: Okay. I’m not calling legal. I don’t need to call. Have legal call me.

Robert Paisola: 2020 Dateline, that’s where I’m going to do…

Ray: Well, why do I want to call legal? I just want my fucking – I’m going to get my money out of your ass if I’m going to get my money.

Robert Paisola: And it’s not coming from the courts, it’s coming from CNN, ABC and NBC.

Ray: It’s not a threat. I do not threaten people. I just – I think it’s funny that you think that I’m just going to go away. I’m never going to go away, Jim. I’m 64-year-old and dying of cancer.

Robert Paisola: CNN, NBC, ABC.

Ray: Who cares if I’m on tape?

Robert Paisola: We don’t care.

Ray: No, I know. He’s threatening. He’s calling the police.

Robert Paisola: That’s fine. Perfect. Did he hang up?

Ray: I hanged up on him.

Robert Paisola: Okay. Perfect. So tell me, what’s his deal? What – this is a big time obviously.

Ray: He’s broker of record.

Robert Paisola: He what?

Ray: He’s a broker of records.

Robert Paisola: Of all the non-verifiable sales people, right? I mean, all the…

Ray: He’s boss of the whole place.

Robert Paisola: Yes, exactly. All right. So now – all right.

Ray: He’s the top guy. You heard the whole conversation.

Robert Paisola: Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. So, what is he trying to say because obviously, you’re not giving up? You’re running around all over these places causing all kind of hell for him. He’s not liking that but he’s still not giving you 25 grand?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: That’s not very smart. What did he say when you said Paisola?

Ray: I’ll call him again. Let me leave my message. Hey Jim, I got your threat. I want to make sure you had my address. You want to call the police? Call me in 30 – . And you didn’t pay me the money you owed me and I have nothing to do with any threats to you. All I said to you was, your butt’s out there and you screwed all of us out of the money, okay? This is a civil matter until the government gets involve that makes it a criminal matter. And if they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t. I’m just an old man with open heart surgery and six cancer surgeries. So, you have a good life and you don’t have to worry about threatening me. That’s twice in one week that you threatened me about your calling the police. Last week, I gave the phone call [cross talk].

Ray: Who you need to worry about is Paisola in CNN.

Ray: Why don’t you just call God? See you later, JImbo. Go ahead, what?

Robert Paisola: Oh, I was just going to say…

Ray: You don’t think I’m scared, do you?

Robert Paisola: No, I don’t think you’re scared at all. I think that’s awesome.

Ray: Okay. Now, you got to listen to what I did that for. Do you understand why Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins all his fights?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: He’s a counter puncher. He takes the first shot then throws three. The best thing they could do if the police come over here and arrest me. Do you understand?

Robert Paisola: Yes, but if the police come over there, I want you to have your cell phone on the whole time and I’ll record it.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: I’ll record the whole thing.

Ray: Yes, they’ll come. But I already have the biggest Jewish lawyer on retainer in Las Vegas.

Robert Paisola: No, what I’m saying is I will then take that tape and I’ll run that.

Ray: But they will not going to let me – if the police come here and handcuff me, they’re not going to let me take my cell phone.

Robert Paisola: Right. No, but what I’m saying is when they get there and ask your side of the story.

Ray: Oh, yes.

Robert Paisola: You have your cell phone on. So, make sure you plug this number in so you just have it dialed. So, when you’re there, we’re recording…

Ray: No, I’ll just turn this phone on because I have – can you hear on speaker box?

Robert Paisola: Yes. We’ll just – there you go. We’ll record live. We’ll record the whole thing.

Ray: Right. Now, I want them to arrest me, don’t you understand?

Robert Paisola: Oh, of course because it opens up a whole –that’s what I’m saying, the first person that they – they don’t foreclose on people, do they?

Ray: Pardon me?

Robert Paisola: They don’t foreclose on people. They don’t legally foreclose, do they?

Ray: Yes, they do. If they don’t pay, they’ll ruin everybody’s credit. They get a deed. They’ll ruin a creditor. They offer you a small kitten…

Robert Paisola: No, what I’m saying is do they actually go to court and actually sue people in court, in Clark County?

Ray: Yes, yes. And all their lawyers walked out last week because they didn’t get paid. They have a whole team of in-house lawyers. They all ran away. He was bluffing. He didn’t know that I knew that all the lawyers walked out.

Robert Paisola: So, Randy Boy left?

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: Did Randy leave?

Ray: I don’t know their names so I don’t know.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got it.

Ray: You have to call corporate. I do have the number for corporate.

Robert Paisola: Got it. Go ahead.

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: What is it?

Ray: Hold on. I’m peeing, all right? I’m drinking coffee and peeing and trying to help you at the same time. Hold on. The number for corporate is 967-5000.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. So, you – and we’re supposed to get Kalber insurance. They’re fucking us out of that.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. And the lady that’s supposed to handle that is Buffy Schneider [Phonetic] [0:55:01]. You don’t think I really care if they take me down to Clark County Detention Center. I think it’s the funniest thing in the world.

Robert Paisola: No, don’t even worry dude. That will be funny because everything will be recorded. It will be all over the – I’ll have it all over the world within minutes. Trust me. The entire thing.

Ray: You don’t know how many reporters I have on this before you got involved.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. I have channel I won’t even tell you.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: All of them ready to go. If they arrest me, it is the best that could happen, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: They’re going to arrest me for telling them that I’m going to get my money out of this.

Robert Paisola: No, no, no, you’re right because then it opens up a whole issue.

Ray: Yes. Isn’t that a terrible thing? Or do you think they’ll put me in jail for life for saying to him, “I’m going to take the money, get my money out of his fat ass.” Or do I say I got mad. I’m dying of cancer. I had open heart surgery. I’m 64 years old.

Robert Paisola: I’ve got your back buddy. Don’t worry about it. Trust me.

Ray: I know you do. I’ve got yours.

Robert Paisola: Don’t even worry about it.

Ray: I’m not.

Robert Paisola: They won’t have the guts by the time they get done of seeing what’s happening but my point was is…

Ray: Well, that’s the Achilles tendon, don’t you understand? I’ve got to set up. I’m doing the interview today with the news. I have set this whole thing up, Rob. I’m going nationwide on news today. They’re doing a series of six interviews with me.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And there’s one today before the bankruptcy. Do you understand this whole thing?

Robert Paisola: Who’s – tell me who’s doing it and what time – okay, it’s 9:57 so it’s 8:57 your time. Have you already – is this all set up or not?

Ray: Yes. We’ve been – I’ve been working on it for five days straight.

Robert Paisola: Who have you – is it with a national organization or local?

Ray: Big national. I’m waiting for the phone call to do the first taping. They want to get the first the first story on before the bankruptcy is filed. He told me they’re filing tomorrow.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Now, coincidentally, this is even funnier. I had a million dollars in Wachovia Bank and I went to the bank last July and I said, when Wachovia was failing and I said, I’m scared to death. I had an all different types of insured accounts and I said, “You’re going to go under and I think the FDIC Camp cover the action of the bank sale so give me my money.” They said they can’t. I said, “You better.” Then they called police. So, along with the police, came the reporters. So, I went on television and I told, “I brought my money here and this bank loaned all my money to people that lied about their loans and I own a bunch of real estate. I tell the truth. I did what’s called full documentation loans. I never lie. I pay my taxes. I’m like never been arrested for farting in the street. I haven’t had a traffic ticket and I had one in the last 27 years.”

Robert Paisola: Very, very – that’s awesome, that’s awesome.

Ray: Okay. So, I’m clean as a fucking whistle. I don’t even have a fucking marijuana joint in the house that I have a prescription in California for it because I’d have seven surgeries. I’m dying. There’s nothing you can for me.

Robert Paisola: Exactly, exactly.

Ray: Okay. So, listen to this.

Robert Paisola: By the way, just remember this on the side, it’s called The Robert Paisola Criminal or The Robert Paisola Innocence Foundation and we have a huge, huge say with prosecutors. When we take something on as a cause, they back off very quickly just so you should know that.

Ray: What is it called? Robert Paisola…

Robert Paisola:

Ray: Innocence…

Robert Paisola: Foundation.

Ray: Foundation, okay.

Robert Paisola: How do we know they’re filing bankruptcy tomorrow?

Ray: He told me.

Robert Paisola: Who told you? Monoyudis?

Ray: He lost his cool. I got him – I pushed him so hard, he lost his cool.

Robert Paisola: So – okay.

Ray: Huh?

Robert Paisola: Good. So, we’re sure he’s filing bankruptcy tomorrow.

Ray: He’s not filing. They have been planning this for three months and they have working like dogs.

Robert Paisola: Yes, okay. So, you’re telling me that they gave – there’s got to be something with Goldman Sachs or somebody in Goldman Sachs got paid off. Goldman Sachs does something illegal. Goldman Sachs did something to give them the $700 million for the 75%.

Ray: Absolutely. We’ll Goldman Sachs got a big teeth for giving the $700 million to Whitehall.

Robert Paisola: Okay. And who were the people? There’s a guy named Wier, W-I-E-R or W-E-I-R. Do you know that name?

Ray: No, I don’t heard that name.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Wier, Wier?

Robert Paisola: Wier, yes.

Ray: I don’t know that name. Where’s that name from.

Robert Paisola: I don’t know. That’s just a name that I have been given from…

Ray: From Goldman Sachs?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: No, I don’t know that name.

Robert Paisola: Okay, all right.

Ray: Okay. I’m going to give you the name of the guy that I’ve been talking to.

Robert Paisola: At the news?

Ray: Pardon me?

Robert Paisola: At the news station?

Ray: No, at Goldman Sachs.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: His name is Allan Bout.

Robert Paisola: Allan Bout, and what’s his number?

Ray: 702 – I’m sorry. 732-207-6567.

Robert Paisola: Okay. And does Allan know about the – I mean, does Allan know everything that you – have you told him everything you told me?

Ray: No, I told him nothing. I told him to give me information. I don’t want to blow him off. That’s his cell number. Here’s his office number direct, 212-357-3517.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: He’s in the Personal Wealth Department. You have to have $10 million to talk to him.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: I told him, “I heard about this whole thing in Las Vegas. Tell me about it.

Robert Paisola: And what did he say?

Ray: He said, “I’ll find everything out about it and I’ll send it to you by e-mail and overnight it to you.

Robert Paisola: Oh, my gosh. Okay.

Ray: So, there’s your connection there.

Robert Paisola: So, if I call – so, let me ask you a question. You mentioned to Monoyudis, “Have you ever heard of Paisola,” what did he say?

Ray: He said no.

Robert Paisola: Oh, my gosh.

Ray: It went right over his head.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: I said exactly the right thing to say to him all the time. You knew exactly what I was doing.

Robert Paisola: Oh, yes, yes, yes, exactly. And you got him to say they’re filing bankruptcy tomorrow which is predetermined. The three-month – see, there’s a 90-day period which you have to return money in a Federal – in a bankruptcy hearing. I mean, you – so they structured this bankruptcy.

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: This is structuring. That’s illegal also.

Ray: And – I’ll tell you what else is illegal. They turned around and kept some of the employees on and pay them, okay? Like a skeleton crew.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And then they turned around and cheated the rest of them out of everything, didn’t pay us a penny.

Robert Paisola: Hey, what’s Monoyudis’ cell phone number? He’d love to hear from me.

Ray: Okay, 702-595-4786. Now, he is the…

Robert Paisola: Fall guy.

Ray: He’s the president of the whole thing and the broker of record. He is like – I got to tell you what else he does. There’s a guy Tim Timmons.

Robert Paisola: Yes, go ahead.

Ray: Okay. Tim Timmons, 702-898-9425.

Robert Paisola: 702…

Ray: 898-9425.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. What Tim Timmons does is he licenses everybody without them taking any licensing requirements of the state of Nevada.

Robert Paisola: That’s correct.

Ray: Like when I had my open heart surgery, they just brought me in, told me to make a check for $160, Timmons, and they’ll cover everything up and they’ll just renew my license.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And that’s what he does. He’s under Monoyudis. Well, he’s getting paid by Monoyudis therefore, they keep everybody licensed.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Now also, they retained Stacey Rovacola [Phonetic] [01:03:07] and I’ll give you her phone number too. Are you ready?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: 702-507-9400. She’s as dirty as Mono. She’s been with Mono for 30 years. That’s her cell or it could be 702-275-5297.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. And her office number is 702-440-6917.

Robert Paisola: And what’s her position? What does she do?

Ray: She’s been Monoyudis’s private secretary. She’s the one that screams at everybody and she’s the one that you can’t say anything to. She runs the money. I’ve been fired 11 times in the company.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Rehired again. What?

Robert Paisola: I said, okay. That doesn’t surprise me. That’s okay – I mean, that’s probably where the business is.

Ray: Yes. No, but it shows you an inconsistency of action.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. So now, here’s the deal. I’ve got to get ready because I’m going to get ready to shoot my first show with the radio station.

Robert Paisola: What station are you – which station are you going on because I’d love to…

Ray: I’m not…

Robert Paisola: It would be awesome to double team us. I mean, they’d love that probably.

Ray: If they what? Say that again.

Robert Paisola: It would be great to double team us, put us both on there. They would just go crazy. But I’m trying to figure out a way to get money for employees, for the people that have been screwed because…

Ray: Okay. Well, I’ll tell them to call you. What can I tell you?

Robert Paisola: Okay. All right. Why not? That works.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: But I want to tape this show – I want to tape your show also if you’re going to do it because it’s going to…

Ray: I’ll give you a tape. I’ll give you a tape.

Robert Paisola: Okay. So, they don’t broadcast live or do you actually…

Ray: I’m going to go into that. I’m waiting for the call, between now and 12:00 o’clock, I’m going to go in and tape the first one.

Robert Paisola: Okay. So they’re going to do a taped interview. They’re not going to go live with you then?

Ray: No, but they’ll put it on the same day. That’s how they do it. They’re the ones that did the Wachovia deal.

Robert Paisola: Yes, got you. Okay. All right. So, tell me what’s the biggest Achilles heel here that if I call Monoyudis and say, “Hey, do you have a comment regarding this?” that would just make him just go, “Jesus, you got to be kidding.”

Ray: Tell him to explain what I told about Goldman Sachs buying 75% of Artie Spector’s company for $300 million or $400 million, Artie retaining 25%, Artie retaining the lobby, the 10 acres, the restaurant building and Monoyudis in cohorts with Artie, fucking all sales people, all the employees, all the admin people, firing everybody not paying them.

Robert Paisola: Not paying them. And also, Monoyudis is investing personal money into this, right?

Ray: He put $200,000 and he told me into Whitehall.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Let’s call him – I’m going to call him again. I love to torture him.

Robert Paisola: Got it. Go ahead.

Ray: Don’t go anywhere. I’m going to call him again.

Robert Paisola: Go on. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.

Ray: I’m going to ask him where the police are. I’m waiting for them.

Robert Paisola: Yes, good.

Ray: I’m telling him I’m in my swimming pool.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And I’m waiting for the police to come.

Robert Paisola: Oh, that’s awesome. I love it.

Ray: And he’s a poker player, okay? I’m going to leave – you won’t have to leave him a message. And the funny part about this whole thing is I just told him that I don’t have the money to pay my bills. It’s driving me crazy.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: So, that’s why the irrational behavior.

Robert Paisola: Exactly.

Ray: Listen to this. Jim, it’s your buddy, Ray. Listen, I’m in my swimming pool, the Jacuzzi of course, I’m waiting for the police. I do have a photographer here and they haven’t shown up nor have they called. I wonder, wonder who wrote the book of love. But, on the other hand, you are a poker player and you play high stakes poker. I think you’re bluffing but you never know. It’s kind of like that movie where Richard Dryfus goes to Florida and it’s called going in style. Are those the three guys – that’s the three old guys who go to Vegas to win the money. But Richard Dryfus, you ought to research on Google, did a movie and it’s about him in Florida and he went to all eight races and every time he goes to cash the tickets because he keeps doubling up he say, “You never.”

So, maybe the police will barge into my house with blazing shotguns and arrest me for saying that you have a fat ass. I don’t know. But the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t lying. You do have a fat ass and I hope you are taping everything. They don’t want to put an old man like me with cancer and open heart surgery in jail. They don’t want to see me…

Robert Paisola: Paisola will eat you alive.

Ray: I doubt that I’d give more than 20 or 30 years and then when you talk to Rob Paisola…

Robert Paisola: He’s going to eat you alive in Federal Prison.

Robert Paisola: He’ll fix me or when you talk to Barry Levinson before or after he talked to Oscar Goodman, I don’t know. Who knows? Only the shadow knows. I hope you’re having a fabulous time, Jim and I hope you’ve had a great 4th of July weekend and you enjoyed the fireworks. But a little old man like me couldn’t bother a big shot like you so maybe you’re going to climb on Artie’s jet and go bye-bye. I love that drama that you brought Artie’s son in. Artie didn’t have the courage to come in and face all of us and cheated us so I love that move that you brought the son in and the son cried. “I felt so sorry.” I was going to cry too, Jim. I felt sorry but here is the deal.

I’ve run out of time. You understand. They buy into this shit and you heard it yourself, him calling.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. They buy into this shit.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And they can’t let me go. I’ve gotten under their skin.

Robert Paisola: Oh yes, oh yes.

Ray: And what’s happened is, is they’re just beside themselves that I think I have been detective Daddy Dock and I have feared it out. Now, I told them, they can just pay me and I would have gone away a long time ago. I would have hanged up on you.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: They didn’t want that.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: All right? They could have just given me the $25,000 that they cheated me out of and that’s it.

Robert Paisola: So why don’t – I’m going to call Monoyudis right now and I’m going to mention the issue. Okay. I want you to please explain the Goldman – I’m going to put this in exact wording. “Mr. Monoyudis, my name is Robert Paisola…”

Ray: Why don’t you just give me a fax number? I’ll fax the fucking thing to you in the guy’s handwriting.

Robert Paisola: Okay, 408…

Ray: 408.

Robert Paisola: …889…

Ray: 889.

Robert Paisola: …24…

Ray: Go ahead.

Robert Paisola: …15. And there was also that contract where they’re going to share the revenue share called the U program.

Ray: I’m not giving that to you yet.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: That you have to wait.

Robert Paisola: All right. That’s fine.

Ray: You don’t want to be friends with me if I give you everything in one hour.

Robert Paisola: Okay, you’re right, yes.

Ray: Okay, 408-889-2415.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I’m not going to put a cover sheet, right? This will come…

Robert Paisola: Right in my personal e-fax, yes.

Ray: Okay. I don’t want you to go anywhere. I want you to get this and look at this so I can explain it to you.

Robert Paisola: Go ahead. Let me grab – I’m going to log on right now.

Ray: Okay. This is coming right from my fax machine.

Robert Paisola: Now, does this explain the whole deal? This explains the whole…

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got you.

Ray: Yes. One – then don’t forget about me when it comes to the money.

Robert Paisola: Dude, Monoyudis is going to freak out. Money is going to be the least of his concerns when the …

Ray: Hey, hold on, no – you're going to hook me up with,

Robert Paisola: You – what was – its kind the funny – like I mentioned a million dollar to you and you kind the laugh like it was bullshit like that’s nothing to this guys. I can’t even imagine what we’re talking about, I can’t even comprehend.

Ray: Okay, well just don’t forget about me. I step by you want to do a handshake.

Robert Paisola: Brother.

Ray: Right?

Robert Paisola: Brother – just go type in Robert Paisola all over the internet and it will blow your mind.

Ray: Okay, I'm not – I don’t even know how to turn the computer on.

Robert Paisola: Catch you.

Ray: I'm just trying to get you a fax, okay.

Robert Paisola: Got you.

Ray: Let me do this all at once, I have a hard time running a fax machine.

Robert Paisola: That’s okay.

Ray: Okay, here it goes. 1-408-888-92415

Robert Paisola: 408-889?

Ray: 8 – oh wait hold on, okay I got to cancel this, okay hold on.

Robert Paisola: 408-889.

Ray: Robert, I got to tell you this is fun.

Robert Paisola: Yes, it does.

Ray: I've got them under hill, you know that.

Robert Paisola: Oh, I can't wait from – I cannot wait for – I love the police will show up.

Ray: Okay, are you ready? Oh, I would do.

Robert Paisola: Because basically you called him a liar and I mean that just – I mean that just going to drive him crazy.

Ray: And you are the witness, I didn’t threaten him. Did I?

Robert Paisola: No, you didn’t threaten anybody, I didn’t see anything.

Ray: And you are on the phone while I was talking to him.

Robert Paisola: The entire time.

Ray: Right and you would never do that to me, now I called you on my landline so all this is record on my phone bill.

Robert Paisola: There you go.

Ray: And with that – with that’s the times and the phone numbers that I've been on with you, do you understand? To your cellpone and to his cellphone and that will prove that he – oh I put it in backward. I'm sorry, hold on.

Robert Paisola: It's all right.

Ray: That’s all right. We're both a little nervous this is like big time fun.

Robert Paisola: I just want to know – it is Monoyudis have the authority to cut checks and pay.

Ray: Oh, yes. Monoyudis has the authority to issue checks, cut checks. Monoyudis is right – right below Artie Spector.

Robert Paisola: Got you.

Ray: Now, he is the top guy, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. Here comes the second, I've doing this upside down, so I've to redial. Oh, this is fun. When I told him my job is to hunt him – okay, I've to cancel.

Robert Paisola: All you're going to do all day long is screw with him and you got to interview this people and you knew alive on the radio, they're going to – they're going to freak out.

Ray: Well, they bought their ticket, right?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: 1408.

Robert Paisola: 88 – 1408.

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: 889?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: 2415?

Ray: Okay. This is going to make you famous.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And my father’s name was Robert before he died.

Robert Paisola: Oh, really?

Ray: That’s another reason I like you.

Robert Paisola: I live you because you know how to be an asshole, that’s why I like you.

Ray: Yes, I know, yes. Do you – I'm like cobra, did I?

Robert Paisola: Yes, it's all right but you're actually like a big teddy bear though, just like me.

Ray: I am – I am a big fat teddy bear. I gained like 20 pounds, I'm not fat.

Robert Paisola: I'm just saying, you’d like – you like a teddy bear, you just bark a lot, no big deal.

Ray: Yes and I'm harmless.

Robert Paisola: Yes, true.

Ray: I am.

Robert Paisola: No, I'm serious. I'm dead serious that’s – that’s what the way I see you.

Ray: Okay, did it come through? I want to make sure it came through.

Robert Paisola: It's got – it's got articulate through the California, so hang on.

Ray: Okay, I'm going to do another copy just to make sure that it all works.

Robert Paisola: Got it. 702-804 – okay, you sent me one page?

Ray: No, I just got – it's up on the machine.

Robert Paisola: You sent me one page, right?

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: You sent me one page?

Ray: One page.

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on, something just came from 80497 something.

Ray: 35, 8049735, 1408-889-2415. Here's another one coming.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: 1-408-889-2415.

Robert Paisola: Okay, actually it looks to me you put it in upside down buddy because this guy …

Ray: Oh, that’s the first one though, not there's another one coming.

Robert Paisola: Okay, the first one came through but it came in upside down.

Ray: Okay, we are not going to hang up until I explain this to you. So, even if you are on the phone all day, we're going to be joined at the hip.

Robert Paisola: That’s fine buddy, go ahead.

Ray: I've got to go to the – its 9:16. I still have another hour to fuck around with you.

Robert Paisola: Okay, that’s fine.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: There it is, hold on, there's another one just came in.

Ray: Okay, now you're getting it in two more.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Now, this one comes upside down once you get it.

Robert Paisola: Okay, I see – I see a print out, oh my gosh, it looks – it's like somebody sat down in a bar, it was drawing things out.

Ray: Right, that’s what did Kalber did for me, that’s the husband who’s not license. He doesn’t sell. There's a reason for them Don Kalber. I give you his phone number.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And the wife is a officer of the company and the vice-president on marketing.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: Okay, so now I’ll go over it with you, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on let me – I'm going to print it out, hold on. I have one page now. I have one page from here.

Ray: Yes but that’s the whole thing.

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on.

Ray: Let me go … are you ready?

Robert Paisola: I'm just trying to get it, so I can see it, hang on because it's …

Ray: Did you hear the whole conversation that I never threaten him?

Robert Paisola: Brother, I heard the entire conversation. Not one thing – not one thing was ever said about being threaten.

Ray: I don’t threaten anybody. He just have a fat ass by the way. Okay, you got to ready so we can talk or what?

Robert Paisola: Yup, here we go, it's says private.

Ray: Right, now look in the left GS that’s Goldman Sachs. This is all written by Don Kalber, not me. I just wrote up – I said, “Why did the Goldman Sachs do this?” And he said, “They got big commission”. Monoyudis just told us, they got hundreds – thousands, tens of thousands of dollars that’s in the loan to Whitehall.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, so Goldman Sachs gives the money to Whitehall. See Whitehall there?

Robert Paisola: It's all right here, I got it right here.

Ray: Okay, now 10 people were invited to invest of which Monoyudis invested 200,000, Don Kalber invested a 100,000 then you got Carl, Carl – what he’s name.

Robert Paisola: Do you have – do we have a list of the investors that got screwed out of this money that they gave by chance?

Ray: No, I don’t have that.

Robert Paisola: That would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

Ray: Well, it will come up. Now, look to the right where it says upners.

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on.

Ray: [Indiscernible] [1:18:00] do you see that?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, 75% Artie Spectors in New York went to Whitehall.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, underneath that Artie retained 25%. Do you understand?

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: And look to the left side, that’s fund Whitehall and it says, 10 acres, it's looks – it's like a little scratchy but it's say 10 – that’s 10 and then …

Robert Paisola: Yes, 10 acres I see that, correct.

Ray: Okay, now what it says fund, look to the right that says fund.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: That means funding. I thought it was 350 million went to Artie, it says 350 Artie get but then I talked to a guy in Florida who run the whole operation right under Monoyudis, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And he said, they got three quarters of a billion, so I put 3-4, see that billion, B-I-L it says.

Robert Paisola: Yes, 3-4 bil, right I see it.

Ray: Yes, but its three quarters of a billion.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: That’s no 3-4 billion, three quarters of a billion, that’s 750,000. Now, underneath it – it just says GMC.

Robert Paisola: Yes, that’s correct.

Ray: Okay, this is no funded paper …

Robert Paisola: No, funded …

Ray: … and leave the paper.

Robert Paisola: No funded paper, right?

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: $90 cents.

Ray: Right, that’s what GMC was giving Whitehall.

Robert Paisola: Before – that was prior to the fall of the …

Ray: … just been the fall shut down with the place [Indiscernible] [1:19:33] that within the 23rd, 11:00 o’clock, the 23rd of June.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: At 11:00 o’clock.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Now, look to the left with says, Loby, L-O-B-Y.

Robert Paisola: Yes, the Loby, it says, Artie the restaurant and the building with stay with.

Ray: And the 10 acre.

Robert Paisola: And a 10 acre.

Ray: Artie retained.

Robert Paisola: And the back.

Ray: Now, look to the right it says, sales and marketing.

Robert Paisola: Sales and marketing licensed and it has an X.

Ray: … right, CR, that’s consolidated reality and consolidated resorts The reason of the X is because they both are the ones that were – went bankrupt.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Now, underneath it's says Textron, went out of business. That was one of the lenders too, T-E-X-T-R-O-N.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And she had a guy wrote, no assets. They’ve all been laughing at me because I've been screaming for money but Monoyudis does in Kalber. Kalber is the husband of the vice-president of marketing. Says, “I will get no money because they have no assets”, see how he write no asset there?

Robert Paisola: Right, exactly.

Ray: That’s all the same handwriting, you see look, my handwriting, you can see differently.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: So, I studied this and no money back.

Robert Paisola: No money back, VP as sales or VP at marketing?

Ray: Right, VP as sales is Don Kalber and Monoyudis is president of sale and VP of marketing is Don Kalber’s wife.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And she’s a director of stockholder.

Robert Paisola: And that’s because there's no – assets in Textron.

Ray: In – consolidated resorts no, there's no asset in consolidate resorts and consolidate reality. See Artie was very sharp –now here's some has calling me [Indiscernible] [1:21:12]. Good morning. Good morning. Yes, good morning.

Robert Paisola: Speaker.

Ray: Yes, Romero. Who is this? Oh, Elias, okay, that’s another manager calling me. They got screwed.

Robert Paisola: Yes. Boy, we're going to have some fun.

Ray: Okay. I give you his number. His name is Elias Antypas.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: E-L-I-A-S, Antypas, A-N-T-Y-P-A-S. 702-806-2640, 806-2640. Elias [Indiscernible] [1:21:56]. Hello? Elias? He must be driving. I do a call back.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay and I'm going to fax you a list of all this managers too.

Robert Paisola: Are they still there or they're not – they're all …

Ray: They're all fired and cheated.

Robert Paisola: Oh, gist. They're all going to have stories.

Ray: Well, do you want me to do it or not?

Robert Paisola: Absolutely, yes, you bet, absolutely.

Ray: Okay, hold on. I'm going to go back upstairs and play fax run the …

Robert Paisola: Monoyudis is really going – and who wrote – who is the one that wrote this document, this flowchart?

Ray: Don Kalber, Maria’s husband.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I've told you that 22 times.

Robert Paisola: I know, I always – I never pretend like I remember, I always asked.

Ray: Okay. Are you ready?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. And I’ll go over and give you [Indiscernible] [1:22:55] and each one of this names come – 408.

Robert Paisola: 889.

Ray: 889-2415.

Robert Paisola: That’s correct.

Ray: Okay, well you and I have learned how to fax.

Robert Paisola: Yes, we sure have.

Ray: So, you went from the million to like where is your money now?

Robert Paisola: Well, I don’t know. It's just depends on – depends on – I'm looking for criminality. I'm looking – I mean if this can be proven that the investors would be interesting to see, who the investors are. They have to put out of prospect to some of that $700,000 million.

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: And something – something had to – what happen there, so that’s where I'm – that’s where I'm thinking.

Ray: Now, my wife is very computer literate and she’s got the computer around but I don’t think she is mad. You won’t have may go to your website, will you? Where is the guy I'm talking too? Will you? Okay, hold on, please – but you just got his website. Okay, Rob what’s your website?

Robert Paisola: Okay, it's called timesharechronicles,

Ray: Hold on, timeshare …

Robert Paisola: Chronicles.

Ray: C-H.

Robert Paisola: R-O-N-I-C-L-E-S.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: .com

Ray: It is www anything?

Robert Paisola: Yes, www just fine.

Ray: Okay, is time share one word or two words?

Robert Paisola: Oh, it's a whole one long – long word.

Ray: Okay, I'm going to fax this to you. Hopefully I don’t if she’s really upset with me. My wife is like – my wife and my mother, this is really affected them, I'm not lying to you.

Robert Paisola: Oh, I bet – I bet, I'm sure it has. I'm sure it has.

Ray: They really – okay, so I got to press redial, here we go again. This is the phone number of the 52 managers and other phone numbers and named and I’ll go over each one with you.

Robert Paisola: And this is – they have their cellphone and all of that on it?

Ray: What? Yes, this has everything. It's coming now. Why this is not working? Forget it – hold on. I'm going to make you a copy of it and then I'll fax the copy because my pin is been on my briefcase but we'll get it done.

Robert Paisola: That’s okay.

Ray: I think they had a good [Indiscernible] [1:25:39] weekend, like …

Robert Paisola: Oh, I'm sure they did until they saw what this is.

Ray: I just started before weekend. I wanted to make sure I ruin their weekend.

Robert Paisola: What's really interesting is they really think they're going to get away with this. They parked – where all the assets at? Because they been planning this for three months. So, you're saying consolidated has no money.

Ray: What I'm saying that’s – that was Don Kalber write that they have no money.

Robert Paisola: Yes but …

Ray: I don’t know what …

Robert Paisola: What is there – where they parked all this at? What they do with it?

Ray: Artie bought 40 cars, houses, two golf swing jet and then both to Germany to be updated for him personally. Divorce his wife. Bought two houses across the street from his wife, so he can live and see his kids and Artie just kept greedy and greedier and greedier.

Robert Paisola: What's his – what's his X-wife name? X-wife is lovely to talk.

Ray: Artie Spector X-wife, I don’t know.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Artie Spector, Google him.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And that who is married and when he was divorce.

Robert Paisola: Yes, we can do that.

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: Okay, I have a full – now I have the actually full 100% copy just like you have it.

Ray: Okay, my wife says, got your – she’ll be on that for half hour. Okay, so …

Robert Paisola: Did she pull up – did she say she see my picture?

Ray: Do you see his picture Honey? Let me see.

Robert Paisola: If you scroll down a little bit, just make sure …

Ray: Are a handsome guy?

Robert Paisola: Oh, yes. I'm beautiful.

Ray: Wait.

Robert Paisola: I'm beautiful.

Ray: I've saw somebody in the beach – you went too – is that your kids?

Robert Paisola: No, that’s my victim.

Ray: Victim, there's a loser too.

Robert Paisola: Let see timesharechronicles, so your – let see – have her double click on the top thing – on the top thing it says timesharechronicles.

Ray: Double click on the top sheet that says timesharechronicles. Oh, I see Robert Paisola, a handsome guy.

Robert Paisola: Thank you, thank you, yes.

Ray: Hold on.

Robert Paisola: Look at all the little notes.

Ray: … double click Robert.

Robert Paisola: At the top – list the name of the blog, it will say the name of the blog.

Ray: That’s the top that where is says the name of the blog, okay.

Robert Paisola: Okay, you should be reading this for hour because this goes back years I mean over our investigation.

Ray: And you’ll protect me, right?

Robert Paisola: It's pretty safe that you're not going to go to jail, that’s for sure.

Ray: Okay. You’ll protect me from all this insanity – try and kill me.

Robert Paisola: No, it will.

Ray: They have look at me when you said about me going to jail, I'm just saying that, that would depend on this guy.

Robert Paisola: No one is going to put you in jail. You are not threatened nor did you threaten.

Ray: No, I know that. Now, he was talking about Monoyudis called me, I mean I called being a fat ass. Robert and I were talking and Robert hears the whole conversation and I did it on the landline, so I have it all log. You’ve been on the phone for an hour. So, his phone, my phone and Monoyudis phone and then he’ll be my witness, have anyone threaten him.

Robert Paisola: And right – have your wife write down my name and she got, Just so and she can look and she can see.

Ray: He wants you to make sure you have that so you can look and see him.

Robert Paisola: Yes, Robert, R-O-B-E-R-T.

Ray: You know she’s got robertpaisola.

Robert Paisola: .com.

Ray: What if change your name to – .com – change your name to an easier name like Robert Keller, that’s my dad’s name.

Robert Paisola: There you go.

Ray: Very hard to go Paisola.

Robert Paisola: That probably a good idea at this point in my life.

Ray: Okay, did you get – did you get the fax with all the phone numbers and the names?

Robert Paisola: Something just came in, four pages, it looks like – oh, no wait, hold on, excuse me, no, one page – one page, stand by, hold on. Okay and it looks like computer print out Elias Antypas, to schedule and there's 52 names.

Ray: Right, everyone of those people – every one of them got cheated out of a minimum $20,000.

Robert Paisola: Okay, okay.

Ray: There's a – those are all their numbers.

Robert Paisola: Jesus. I've got to post that on the internet, just to – tell people to call – to people – tell the victims to call this people.

Ray: Once you do this – let me give you my fax number 702.

Robert Paisola: Hold on a second, go ahead, 702.

Ray: 804-9735.

Robert Paisola: 9735?

Ray: But I want you to do is write something, fax it to me – I’ll me 50 copies that I'll hand deliver that to everybody.

Robert Paisola: Okay, I got you – I go you, it's a …

Ray: I've got – I've got 15 that work for me right now.

Robert Paisola: Okay, so you're saying like you’ll go to Alex gym and then hand him and handed from me and say, you know, this is what we're trying to do, give us …

Ray: No, that’s not what I'm going to do. Here's what I'm going to do, learn something from Robert, I'm going to help you help yourself.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Trying is like sailing. I'm going to go to Alex Jimenez [Phonetic] [1:30:41] – a dear friend of mine.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And I'm going to say, “Do you want your fucking money and – die. You don’t want your fucking money, go run away like a little … “

Robert Paisola: Got it, got it, got it.

Ray: Okay, fax me what you want, I’ll make copies at my own [Indiscernible] [1:30:59] and by Wednesday, they're all be delivered.

Robert Paisola: To him. Okay – okay, got it, got it. I got you.

Ray: Now, I'm going to get you a lift from Tino of all the sales people too. I've got 200 names with phone numbers.

Robert Paisola: Oh, baby. Those people that once – that are really pissed.

Ray: Just remember me when it comes to what you're going to make and how I helped you do it because without you’d fucking around for another two years.

Robert Paisola: Oh, yes but who’s going to pay – who’s going to pay for this? Is Monoyudis just going to freak out when he knows we have all this?

Ray: I don’t know. What do you think?

Robert Paisola: I want – I want to put Monoyudis to cellphone on the website your wife is looking at.

Ray: 595-4786.

Robert Paisola: I know – what I'm saying is I want to just …

Ray: E-mail. Okay, the hell is to break in, I'm doing you know, I need, you have the list of all the – all the sales people, I've already fax the mangers list.

Robert Paisola: I have the manager list – I have the manager list – I do not have the sales people.

Ray: Tino. Okay, the managers – all the managers that got fax including you is going on the website, right now while we talked.

Robert Paisola:

Ray:, okay and all the phone numbers. I'm giving a letter that’s being fax back to me then I'm going to hand out this guy who’s got the were result and his just – I just had and Monoyudis has been calling me all morning. He’s scared to death. He’s scared of everything. I was up till 3:00 o’clock in the morning. You are half asleep when I call you, I went – I went to the Tropicana and there was a war going on there. Mark Desrocetrs called me last night at 10:00 o’clock and said, go to Tropicana, they're throwing everybody out because Artie Spector sold the mini-vac money and then kicked all the people out of the hotel and guess where – and guess where they kicked, they kicked them to Summer Bay but they couldn’t get in to Summer Bay unless they paid 300 and to be hook tour and tour with Cintron. Then, not all of them tour – half of them got mad and left, simultaneously I made friend with the girl and she gave me up a print out plus the inner office memo from the Tropicana.

Robert Paisola: Fax that to me.

Ray: Pardon me? She gave me the print out and instructions not to accept anybody.

Robert Paisola: Jesus.

Ray: If a guest comes to the window with the consolidated reservation, send them away, give them shit. Then I turn around and went to Summer Bay and the only one they took in to Summer Bay are people that would put up 299. Now, Cintron is running Summer Bay got that deal from Monoyudis that’s because Cintron used to work with us for 20 years. So, Monoyudis does off too many fax to Summer Bay. Now, listen to this, Summer Bay has been given many fax from Circus, Circus, so I went to Circus Circus and I got me a hold of one of the main guys of Circus Circus and I had him right down in writing everything that happened at Circus Circus. They turned away everybody, they didn’t even – they did not even let them check in. They just throw them out. So, you are in Virginia and you bought trip to Las Vegas, you put on your credit card, when you arrive to Circus Circus, they said, “Get the fuck out or you can pay our rate”. I said, “Really?” I said, “Why don’t you put that writing for me?” So they guy, I gave him 5 bucks and he put in writing and he wrote the wrote thing and I turn around and I faxed to my buddy to look up the website, okay/

Robert Paisola: Consolidated –

Ray: That is called Okay, now – okay, all right, so this was – listen, I don’t need that – I have my own lady on the computer. Now, let me tell you the rest of it, okay? And I took everything in writing and I've been faxing everything, Monoyudis is going ahead of his mind. They even gave me a list of all of the cancellations …

Robert Paisola: I want – fax that – fax us.

Ray: … that got on airplanes, got here and found that they were shit out of luck. They were sleeping in fucking check in – when I got there last night they're sleeping when I check in. Now, I didn’t have enough, so then I went to Tahiti Village last night.

Robert Paisola: Jesus.

Ray: And I interview Girlie, that’s the manager on duty and I said, “How many condos do you have here?” and she said, “7 to 800” and I said, “Oh, really”, I said, “Well, can't we put some of the people in that are sleeping in the hallways?” and she said, “No, Monoyudis just told me we can't do that. We just have to tell them to go fuck themselves and we're keeping their money”, virtually, I just said it fast, so you would understand.

Now, you know that when we are sitting at the table and Kalber diagram the whole thing on how this whole thing happened and then I took it and he answer me back and I said, “Fuck you” and walk out the door. Okay, well I turned around and I open an account with the personal Whitehall management company the Goldman Sachs. So, I faxed this, “To the head at Goldman Sachs”, now Goldman Sachs just paid back their TARP money and – to the government. So, they're giving bonus that’s why we talk, it was in the paper yesterday, 700-800,000, maybe want to be in the government scrutiny, they want to do what they wan to do.

So, I fax this whole thing that Kalber gave me to the top guy at Goldman Sachs, what happened to the money and Artie got 350 million that’s what Kalber told me but I talked to Romero and he got 750 million as the Web 2 Whitehall 75%, 25 stayed with Artie and consolidated. They turned around and how they fucked us up when they got consolidated resorts, consolidated management. We were paid that consolidated resorts, they bought money out of there. They have us working like dogs for the last several months and then Marie Kalber went crazy and done and Marie doesn’t know what to do because she's the officer company and she couldn’t believe and wasn’t expected to call the mini-vac – mini…

Textron went out of business, GMC pulled back. Everybody knows now, the world knows that at lobby of Summer Bay, Artie the restaurant building is on [Indiscernible] [1:37:14]. Artie owns the 10 acres and back and we all got fucked. That managers listed of all the TL and their phone numbers is going to be post on the website in 22 seconds.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Now, if you guys want your fucking money, you can tell everybody. You’ve got two choices, if you don’t listen to Daddy Dock which is me, you guys will get nothing because they're filling the bankruptcy tomorrow. If you listen to me and you call this guy Paisola and I will personally because you’ve been my friend for 25 years, if you call 801 – you got a pencil? Okay, call me back and I will give you a piece of paper Wednesday when I see you at the office that tells who to call, okay? They will get – do you want your money? How much money they owe you Tino? 15,000.

Okay, if you want your money, take my fucking word on our 25 year relationship that I've never fucked you. You work for me 25 years ago. I work for you for the 8 years. You call this guy, you’ll get your fucking money and you tell – what? Who’s going to pay it? If we can grab Artie Spector asset, that’s where it will come from. Artie will have to start buying us way out of it. Artie is going to go prison, on my humble opinion. Monoyudis will threaten me by calling the police. I said, “Listen you fat cock sucker. Go call the police. My address is 3731 Ruskin. You know my phone number. Call them and when they get here I’ll tell them what you did to me and if you take me to jail, I all have all the cameras and have it all over the fucking news. You saw me in television, Wachovia, right? Watch the news tomorrow pilgrim. I told you, I was going to open up the whole fucking kind the worst, didn’t I tell you that?”

Monoyudis and them, they're scared to death. Paisola, who’s got his website, he’s been after Mono for 2 years. Paisola is big time, big, big, big, big time. If you go to his website, okay? You will see – he’s everything. He is a consumer advocate. His like Ralf Schneider [Phonetic] [1:39:24]. He’s the kind of guy that crawls up to your asshole and you wish to God, you where in another fucking planet, that’s who he is. I'm going to tell you who he is. He is a guy that’s been crawling up Monoyudis asshole for 2 years and they were suck pigs, I’ll bet, I’ll make a line with you when I've been doing this for 25 years together that Spector spends the rest of his life in jail. I’ll bet you that Monoyudis goes to jail. Carl Hardin goes to jail, Tom Ward goes to jail. I have been – my only mother fucking job Tino is chase this cock suckers. If you don’t hear the Jewish venom in my fucking voice, I feel sorry for you. It must be fucking – I have to tell you in this bold.

Let me tell you, I'm taking the cock suckers down one person. One person, you tell the gang, the 50 people, the Mike Richard, the Ed Wright [Phonetic] [1:40:12] that Keller is taking them all fucking down. To see – just open heart surgery and I said tomorrow. I said, “Jim, for me telling you has a fat ass, you're threatening me by calling police. This is like 20 years, 30 years”. I said, “Jim, I didn’t even know the way how the fucking traffic ticket. I never got busted for one joint. I said, what is it to give me 45 years in prison for call and the funny part of that is you do have a fat ass and your – you bring your pants so high, it looks like they're choking you. Now, what do you got to say about that big time?

And what about that fat get study – oh by way, your son is so gay Robert that is incredible. It comes along with his boyfriend and they hold on to each other penises and they – and they dance around the dance pad and we all looked at him like, what the fuck is going on. Your dad is a fucking website too, smoking a little bit. Tino, this thing is going to blow this week. Stay clear. I warn you last week, didn’t I? Okay, you want – if you think I'm kidding call Mono. Here's the number that’s going on the website, 595-4786. You have no idea. I went to Tahiti village last night.

Robert Paisola: How do you spell Monoyudis? Ask him if he knows.

Ray: How do you spell Monoyudis? M-O-N-O? How do you spell it? M-O? You cannot spell it either, all right. All right, I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye. You hold on, you hold on.

Robert Paisola: Okay, I'm standing by.

Ray: I'm on the call. Hello? And the call is coming in on my other phone.

Robert Paisola: It's okay.

Ray: It's all – they're all willing now, can you tell?

Robert Paisola: Oh, no it's going to be crazy, wait till you see. So, you’ve got a public forum around the world and I've got 12,000 media members around the world following on the Twitter which is another thing, this will all go too. So, this …

Ray: Who’s this? Oh, JC, I can't meet – yes I can't meet you today but you – how much money does Manny Yu just owe you? Okay, you call this somebody, you have a pencil? I've blown the whole face and they’ll pay you. You’ve got a pencil?

Robert Paisola:

Ray: I'm sorry, what?

Robert Paisola: have him go there.

Ray: Okay, what's the name of the idea?

Robert Paisola: Have him go – have him go to

Ray: Okay. JC, go to,, info and this guy Robert Paisola, okay? Paisola, his name is right there. Okay, P-A-I-S-O-L-A, Robert Paisola, P-A-I-S-O-L-A. Go to, okay?

Last night, the Consolidated resorts – all the people got throwing out to Tropicana. They send him over and throwing out to Circus Circus and they had no place to go and Artie have escaladed with all the mini-vac money. I don’t care about the $40 you owe me today, I'm too busy but don’t forget about the $40. Go – I'm going to give you the phone number of this guy too, its 804-671-7843. 804-671-7843. I’ll give you a job as manager, don’t worry but I'm not going to be there till Monday. I'm too tired up with this whole thing now but this guy will get to you your money. So, if you call him, you’ll see.

Now, also they're going to post all the managers numbers and names on the website and Monoyudis and I've been doing this for 5 days straight, all right? All right. Goodbye. Okay, that’s another one. They’re all been calling me.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: You fax me back something that says …

Robert Paisola: Right, right. I'm looking for the list of the employees. Have you sent that yet, the list of the sale people?

Ray: No, I haven't got that yet.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: I have to get it from Tino. I’ll get it for you.

Robert Paisola: Okay, so – so I'm going to put down last night all the paying clients that expected – expected or all the paying the clients that flew in Vegas, actually do you have a copy of the memo, the copy the memo from Circus Circus and a list of the people?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: A list of the victims that would be awesome.

Ray: Okay, hold on.

Robert Paisola: That flew into Las Vegas, expecting to receive prepaid accommodations at the Tropicana Hotel.

Ray: And Circus Circus.

Robert Paisola: And Circus Circus.

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: Were turned away.

Ray: I wouldn’t say all of merchant delight. Say a great portion of it.

Robert Paisola: Right, turned away at – at the specific.

Ray: Circus Circus.

Robert Paisola: Instruction of – who’s the one that wrote the memo you're going to e-mail me? The one that said, “Do not take this guests”?

Ray: That was the hotel Circus Circus and that was Shaun L. is coming now.

Robert Paisola: Okay, at these specific instructions of – who is being consolidated is the one that told – that told them to – that they're kicking people out and what started that? Is that from Monoyudis?

Ray: Yes. I'm that hearsay, I mean I can't …

Robert Paisola: Yes, prepaid accommodation at Tropicana – were turned away at the specific instructions of – God, I need Monoyudis as first and last name, Jesus, how can I get that?

Ray: Okay, can't you call – hold on, let me a get a business card. I'm trying to give you this fax, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: 1-408-888-92415, right?

Robert Paisola: 408-889-2415.

Ray: God dumb it. You and I are not communicating but I’ll hang with you.

Robert Paisola: It's all right, at the hotel Circus Circus are turned away at the specific instructions of consolidated resorts vice-president.

Ray: Okay, what is your number?

Robert Paisola: 408-889-2415.

Ray: 1-408.

Robert Paisola: 889.

Ray: 889.

Robert Paisola: 2415.

Ray: 2415.

Robert Paisola: Specific instructions of consolidated resorts vice president. Was Monoyudis …

Ray: James Monoyudis.

Robert Paisola: James Monoyudis.

Ray: I'm going to on my car and get you the phone number, I want to make sure this – this five page fax comes to you.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And while we're talking I'm going to go and I'm going to get the spelling of Monoyudis.

Robert Paisola: Okay, I've got – okay, I’ll stay right here. I’ll stay right here.

Ray: Oh, you could say – talking to me, I'm making sure the fax is going through.

Robert Paisola: Okay, so – so, attention worldwide media Consolidated Resorts pre-plans bankruptcy and violation of Federal Law. The bankruptcy – the federal bankruptcy.

Ray: Are you going to put me on Dateline?

Robert Paisola: If you want to go in Dateline.

Ray: I do.

Robert Paisola: No problem. The federal bankruptcy – the federal bankruptcy case will be filed tomorrow. The filing …

Ray: Once you clicked, it probably will be filed in the next few days. Why don’t you greed – let me work with you on what you're printing, so it's …

Robert Paisola: Case will most likely – most likely.

Ray: Will be filed the next 72 hours. Let me help you with that, I'm very good at journal writing.

Robert Paisola: Will be filed in the …

Ray: In the state of Nevada. Yes, did you get on a 1, 2, 3, 4 page fax?

Robert Paisola: Okay, stand by.

Ray: What?

Robert Paisola: Hold on. Okay, I got – so far all I have right now, I have, hold on, a one page fax is all I have received and that’s the one page that I do is just the name of the managers and the diagram.

Ray: Okay, I'm faxing the whole bunch of other shit to you.

Robert Paisola: That’s correct, that is correct. So, I have the …

Ray: Let me – someone is calling me. Hello? Hello? Hello?

Robert Paisola: Billion dollar company it's going to be screwed.

Ray: Okay, go ahead. Tell me what you’ve got. Hello?

Robert Paisola: No, I'm here – I'm here. This company – this company is going down in flames, this guy was former vice president manager and he’s telling everything about – I have a list to all the managers that they screwed, the fired 17,000 employees. They …

Ray: They fired 17,000 employees.

Robert Paisola: 17,000 employees. They …

Ray: Just put in there excess of a thousand and we're covered. I don’t like to miss …

Robert Paisola: They laundered – they laundered the money that people – the person of that division of Goldman Sachs knew about. The whole deal was a sham from the beginning, so Monoyudis is going to be scourged in the …

Ray: Okay, if you call this number, 702-440-6917 and ask how to spell Monoyudis, they will give you the correct spelling or this number 4 – 6917 is that what I gave you?

Robert Paisola: 6917, that’s correct.

Ray: Okay, if you call that number and say, “Hi, I'm a friend of Jim Monoyudis because I'm sending him a card. Can I have his – the correct spelling of his name?”

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: They will give it to you but while we're talking I've got so much stuff to give you, you wouldn’t even believe what I got – if I think I gave you a bunch of stuff now, you fucking wait.

Robert Paisola: Well, I mean you pissed and I want to – now, you see the worldwide forum that I have in and when your wife starts reading and she’s going to go nuts, when she sees what this people…

Ray: I got you – she won’t get mad at me. Now, I have copies of checks, customers named, how about a 5,000 of them?

Robert Paisola: Okay, how about let me ask you this, how about a list of – first of all let’s talk about yesterday, so I can have the immediate news. So, yesterday these people, they gave you this – they gave you the manifest of the people that were turned away at the hotel at the direction.

Ray: I faxed it to you, you didn’t get it, you said. I just fax it to you.

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on.

Ray: I gave you a five page fax.

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on. See pre-planning at bankruptcy like this and stripping your company of assets and moving it around that’s – that’s completely, completely illegal and screwing all your managers, okay? So, I'm going to have to …

Ray: You’ve got to put Carl Hardin name, he is the CFO of the company. Carl Hardin, H-A-R-D-I-N.

Robert Paisola: He is still there? Was he part of the skim?

Ray: Yes, of course.

Robert Paisola: Okay, but do you think that Goldman Sachs is part of the skim?

Ray: No, I think there were dummies that got caught. I mean, how do I know?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: I mean – you're asking me questions that I have no idea. If I could every meet you, I would give you so much documentation we wouldn’t have to play, play the fax machine bullshit. I've got everything and I’ll just dump in, in your fucking lap.

Robert Paisola: Five, five page fax just came in.

Ray: Okay, well that’s nothing compared to what I'm looking at right now. Do I get excuse to try to spell Monoyudis?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Could you do it for us …

Robert Paisola: Yes, I can – I can take care of that, that’s fine.

Ray: Okay, boy you're smart, just call up and say, “You're a relative and you're sending a nice present to Monoyudis but you know, not a relative, just say you're a personal friend and you’ve a thank you card. How do you spell his name? If you don’t call, I will call.

Robert Paisola: All right, okay Tropicana there it is right there, great occupancy. Please have the guests call Tahiti Consolidated Resorts marketing, got it. The arrival date, the guests lists, the manifest, okay, got it.

Ray: You got the fax? Right?

Robert Paisola: Yes, five pages with Tropicana, that’s – I'm going to live on that.

Ray: Do you want to go what?

Robert Paisola: I'm going to go live on – I'm going to stick that up.

Ray: Okay, that was your idea. Now, do you want the business cards of the people that I talked too last night?

Robert Paisola: Yes, that would be excellent because then it would – it would validate everything what you're saying.

Ray: Okay, now I’ll go to this copy …

Robert Paisola: And there's also going to be – in the e-mail of Circus Circus from an executive at Circus Circus.

Ray: I'm sorry, what?

Robert Paisola: There's also an e-mail from an executive at Circus Circus, saying an e-mail going out, telling people that they cannot – they can't stay at the property.

Ray: No, that’s – yes, that’s I send it to you, I fax it to you.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got it, I'm printing right now.

Ray: Okay, what I fax you was …

Robert Paisola: Let me grab it, I have a – so basically I have three things right now – well, three things, one is the diagram with the fraud from Goldman Sachs for the way the deal was structured, for the 700 million.

Ray: Yes, that was not done by me that was done by Kalber.

Robert Paisola: By Kalber, right, right but I also a list of the senior management team of all of their names and their phone numbers and – now I have a list of the actually documents of where they turned away all of these people last night and it says, “Please have guests called Tahiti at – for more information”

Ray: Do you see the document that says, it says …

Robert Paisola: And I've got the manifest of reservations for – reservations manifest, three pages of manifest of reservations. Now, it just …

Ray: Like cancelled.

Robert Paisola: … are these just …

Ray: Which is the right.

Robert Paisola: Right, are these just Circus Circus people?

Ray: No, that’s Tropicana people.

Robert Paisola: Tropicana.

Ray: Okay, I got to send you another fax right now.

Robert Paisola: So, these are the Tropicana victims …

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: … list one, okay that just one.

Ray: Now, you got to be careful, we don’t lie. We tell the truth. However, – understand us, not all of them got screwed, quite a few of them got the right to make the decisions, Summer Bay $299 and that’s what's coming now, okay?

Robert Paisola: Only option, only option is to go to Summer Bay?

Ray: Right. Oh, I think you go standing on a hotel in their own fucking [Indiscernible] [1:55:59].

Robert Paisola: Right – do you paid – so it depends – the bottom line is they thought they're paying nothing but the only option to stay at Summer Bay.

Ray: No, no, no, Robert slowdown. They’ve thought they’d already paid the 149 or the 199 and they got on an airplane, they bought the airplane tickets and then they turned around or they bought airplane tickets from Consolidated – another entity and they got screwed on those.

Robert Paisola: Got you.

Ray: In another word, they get them on the phone and then they turned around and screw him again, get it that?

Robert Paisola: So, when – when they went with the Circus Circus as window, what were they thought? When they went to Circus Circus as window, what were they told?

Ray: They're told – well, you have it right in front of you, the guy signed it, that’s not my handwriting.

Robert Paisola: Got it and that Shaun L.?

Ray: Yes, I said to him in your own words, I need you to tell me, so I said – he said, ‘We got memo”, I said, “Why don’t you got get it for me”. So, last night I went there.

Robert Paisola: Now, do I have this memo, I'm sorry, do I have this memo?

Ray: It says, “Please have guest call Tahiti and …

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: … and they handwritten it.

Robert Paisola: Yes, got it.

Ray: Now, you see all the handwriting?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: That’s not my handwriting.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: I asked him in his own words to tell me what happen, so he put Consolidated Resorts marketing section out of business.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Turning guest away.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Phone to call? No refund, no room.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Shaun L. and his phone number

Robert Paisola: Kindly post that on the web and I mean right now, hold on.

Ray: Now, at the bottom, it says, he put down, they could stay here if they wanted to pay our rates. Do you see that?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Now, over to the right, it says, reservation …

Robert Paisola: CNX out of the system.

Ray: And no reservations from Consolidated Resorts found 475, supervisor is cancelled. That’s all that in his handwriting.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Now, okay? You’ve got that, now there's two more fax that’s coming to you, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Those are the business cards of the people that I talked last night that I extracted all this information out them.

Robert Paisola: What the hell were they – what these people thinking when they this is – when you just showed up, I mean were they're thinking you are – I mean …

Ray: Okay, here is how I showed up, so you can put this in the fucking New York Syndicate paper.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And I don’t care if you put my fucking name in either.

Robert Paisola: No, I'm not going to – I'm not going to giveaway the source yet.

Ray: Okay, you're going to put me on the Dateline, all right?

Robert Paisola: Minimum Dateline buddy.

Ray: Okay, now listen what I did. I get a call at 10:00 o’clock that there's a mob scene at Tropicana. I didn’t know this was going on, so jumped in my car. My wife is screaming at me, you know, the whole deal.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And I drive down there and I go to the front desk. Now who do I see? Look at your fax now. Is a real nice guy and he gives me his card, there's a card, get that?

Robert Paisola: Hold on.

Ray: That says, “Robert Hornbuckle …

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on, hold on.

Ray: Got it?

Robert Paisola: Not yet, hang on.

Ray: It will be there, don’t lie. One thing you find about me is I don’t lie.

Robert Paisola: I get that, I get that.

Ray: And everything I say, I back up and I don’t exaggerate, you know the stuff.

Robert Paisola: I understand and you actually minimize if anything.

Ray: Well, that way you're safe.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I mean you're hired for services and I know its 500, I tell you thousand then you're happy when you pay the 500.

Robert Paisola: Right, got you.

Ray: I’d never will burry you. You and I are going to be friends for life, right?

Robert Paisola: No question.

Ray: Okay.

Robert Paisola: And it is amazing there's no police there yet.

Ray: I'm sorry, what Robert/

Robert Paisola: I said, isn’t that amazing there's no police there yet?

Ray: Oh, yes. I forgot about that, I was hoping they would come. Okay, now there's a card coming that says, Robert Hornbuckle. So, I got in line, I was using my swimming trunk and Hawaiian shirt and my glasses and I use to be a good looking guy.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: So, I held my hair.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And I walked up to the counter, it was my turn and they said to this man, “Hi”. I said, “Can you help me?” Did you get the fax yet?

Robert Paisola: Not yet, it's not, not yet.

Ray: Okay, we’ll get it. If not I’ll sent it. So, I said, “Hi. I've got some people coming in” and they said, “Where from?” He said, “Well, they brought this …

Robert Paisola: Two pages fax just came in. Go ahead.

Ray: … yes, okay see the business card, Robert Hornbuckle?

Robert Paisola: I'm just pulling it, stand by. Go ahead, go ahead – continue on please.

Ray: Okay, so I walked up to the desk, you see assistant hotel manager, see that? Okay?

Robert Paisola: Stand by, okay I'm looking at it right now, yes, absolutely. I'm looking at Robert Hornbuckle, Assistant Hotel Manger, that’s correct. I see that.

Ray: Okay, now I asked him, if the people are here that came on the Tahiti Village mini-vac and he said, “Oh, no. We didn’t get paid from Tahiti Village. They paid Tahiti Village but we didn’t get paid from Tahiti Village, so we had them asking to leave and throw them out”.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: So, I said, “Well, that’s terrible” What I'm going to do? I've got to find this people and help them.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Can you help me, help them. I said, “Do me a favor, I've said will you – how did you find out about it?” And he said, “I've got it in your office e-mail”. I said, “Could you – let me see, so I know to – my boss doesn’t fire me”.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: And he goes – he goes and he gets his office e-mail which I fax you, do you see? Where it says, Tropicana?
Robert Paisola: Yes, that’s Tropicana and it's got occupancy, arrivals, departures, OO, SO.

Ray: Right, now look down and look at the last dot.

Robert Paisola: If a guest come the winner of exotic reservation please let them know that they need to call Consolidated.

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: And speak one of the representatives. The phone number is. Consolidated Resorts has deposit 25,000, the group code WR. If the [Indiscernible] [2:02:37] guest arrive group code, the dollar, amount of the room and the tax that will transferred, CMD 15 to the guest pay portfolio transferred to be log in – okay.

Ray: And now, I've said, “Can I have a copy?” he said, “No, just take the whole thing, I don’t need it”. I said, “Do me a favor. I'm looking for this people, can you print me some kind of like stuff VA so I can find them because they're all scattered and where do they go?” So, he said, “They went to Summer Bay”. So, I've sent you on that same page.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: The business card of Summer Bay?

Robert Paisola: [Indiscernible] [2:03:07] it.

Ray: Right and I hooked up with Mary.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: And I put her cell number there.

Robert Paisola: 702-354, yes.

Ray: Yes, 354-8510. Do you see it?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Mary, she wrote it down.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: So, I said, “Where do the people come from?” and they said, “Tropicana”, I said, “Okay”. Now, look at one of the faxes that says, $299 on a piece paper, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay, hold on a second – that was not on this one, the 299.

Ray: No, no, it's on another page, you’ll see it.

Robert Paisola: Where were the 299 been buddy? Tell me? Is it on …

Ray: It's in one page of paper. It's just a back of business card, on the back of the Tropicana …

Robert Paisola: Okay, right. It says, win [Indiscernible] [2:03:51] Credit Circus Circus 299, Mary in account another person.

Ray: Yes, here what it says – here what is says, this is my handwriting, I was taking note, “Wouldn’t let them stay at Circus Circus”.

Robert Paisola: That’s correct.

Ray: 299, Mary said, they had to pay another 299, it's says, Mary 299 another/they have to go on, on another presentation at Summer Bay.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, now do you call Mary at 702-354-8510, she’ll tell you the same thing.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, now I showed here the three the three pages with all the cancellations that give – the Tropicana.

Robert Paisola: Tropicana, right.

Ray: Then I said to her, “Well, are there any other hotels sending new people that you're going to hit for another 299. Remember they paid the 299 and a 149 before they left their home in Ohio and then when they got out here, they were now told they have no reservation, go some place else”.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, then Circus Circus, I gave you that, that’s says, “The Consolidated Resorts marketing section is out of business and all that shit.

Robert Paisola: Right, but we don’t have the names of the people at Circus Circus there were displaced.

Ray: They never got checked in, they got sent out.

Robert Paisola: They got sent out, just go to the pay phone – go to the pay phone and call.

Ray: Yes, they were sleeping in the lobby when I was there.

Robert Paisola: Got it. Okay.

Ray: Okay, now on the upper right hand corner that piece of paper, do you see the name, Audias?

Robert Paisola: Audias Sold Out, Girlie Moundy [Phonetic] [0:02:33] 2:05:20.

Ray: That’s not a manager, I'm sure.

Robert Paisola: Manager on duty, Audias, Sold Out.

Ray: Do you see it says 700 plus or minus?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay, so I've said to Audias and Girlie, I said, “Look, I've got a bunch of people I'm looking for. They went to the Tropicana and they went to Circus Circus and they paid in advance and now they have no place to stay. If you’ve got 700 condos, I have some people. Can we help them out and put them there?”

Robert Paisola: And that’s – that’s at Tahiti, correct?

Ray: I said, Tahiti Village.

Robert Paisola: Right and you're showing them all those paperwork?

Ray: Yes.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: So, then I said to them, “Help this people out. That’s a horrible thing to do to people. It's like 12:30 on night now”

Robert Paisola: Sure, sure.

Ray: So, I said, “You have not sold out. Everybody went home Sunday night and Monday.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: Okay. Come on, you can't do this to people. They said, “Oh, no, oh no, I'm told by Monoyudis and Tom Ward and Carl Hardin that we can't and [Indiscernible] [2:06:24] Caddy that we can't do anything. Get those names right. Monoyudis, Monoyudis is the boss, as Carl Hardin.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. H-A-R-D-I-N.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Now, under Monoyudis is [Indiscernible] [02:06:43]. His been with the – C-A-D-D-Y, his been on the company 28 years.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay, now Tom Ward is a broker there as well. He’s been with the company 28 years.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Tom Ward. So, those cock suckers are behind the whole thing with Artie Spector. Now, Artie Spector bought Kaplan out, the one Michael Kaplan, the one that was the – just a couple years ago for like $30 million. He was one that was the VA.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: Attorney general, he’s a lawyer.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: But he’s a scammer, okay? So, now you have the whole – you have the whole story.

Robert Paisola: Okay, what I'm going to do, what I'm going to do is I hang up. I'm going to put this thing together and get this stuff live, okay? I've got tons of paperwork and …

Ray: How long will it take?

Robert Paisola: Oh, I'm going to need at least an hour.

Ray: Okay, well start working. Now, when can I go in the internet and where do I go?

Robert Paisola: I've just got …

Ray: Oh, wait, one more number for you, write this name down, Mike Rounds.

Robert Paisola: What do you think – what do you think Hardin would say – what do you think Carl Hardin would say if knew all if this was going on?

Ray: I'd tried calling him, 39 times since Friday. He never answers the call.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay, so write this name down, Mike Rounds.

Robert Paisola: Rounds, R-O-U-N-D-S?

Ray: Right, he runs the four resorts in Las Vegas. He’s a general manager of all hotel occupancy and he’s a real nice guy.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Okay. Now, you call him at – here his cell number, private number 702-440-6811.

Robert Paisola: 6811, got it.

Ray: 440-6811.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: And ask him, if they could have helped the people last night with places to stay.

Robert Paisola: Absolutely, as a matter fact that’s the first call I'm going to make right now.

Ray: Now, wait when they tell you something else, the people at Summer Bay got the people from Tropicana base upon the fact – the guy that runs Time Shares at Summer Bay, his name Cintron, Jim Cintron. C-I-N-T-R-O-N.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: And he runs it whether a sister or his cousin, Merriam Cintron

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: He works for Consolidated for 20 years.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: He got into a big fight with Monoyudis.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Monoyudis fired him.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: He left and went at Summer Bay.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Now, Monoyudis asked all these people unto to him said, “You can have all this hook tours that we stole money, hook tours is been if they gave a credit card and that – one of the things they have to do to get the – played in Vegas 99 or 149 for three or four days is they have to go to Time Share presentation at Tahiti.

Robert Paisola: Right.

Ray: And said call us the down – Monoyudis and Artie Spector through Artie’s company as they sold all the names to Summer Bay.

Robert Paisola: Okay, got you.

Ray: That’s the connection between the Tropicana, Tahiti mini-vac, they kept the money under – under the name of [Indiscernible] [2:10:07], not under the name of Consolidated. They tried to insulate themselves by doing at that way.

Robert Paisola: Now, didn’t you tell me that Allan Bout is going to get back to you – you showed him all this and he didn’t have any idea?

Ray: I didn’t show him any of this. I called him and told I wanted to open an account with him but I had to give me some information on some investment proposal.

Robert Paisola: But he was the one – go ahead, I'm sorry. Was he the one …

Ray: He was what?

Robert Paisola: The bottom line is there were like you know, when you said – there were number of people who are screwed up of money investing in Whitehall …

Ray: I didn’t tell him that.

Robert Paisola: I know but is there a prospective or something that …

Ray: He is mailing it to me, over knighting it but I want him to find out on his own.

Robert Paisola: Got it.

Ray: He doesn’t mean anything. His nothing more than peanut, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay, so …

Ray: … about him, he didn’t do anything.

Robert Paisola: So, the biggest …

Ray: He was a studs, I was working for information.

Robert Paisola: So, the biggest person is Mike Rounds right now, because Mike Rounds is the one that’s responsible for all – being on the streets.

Ray: Well, I don’t know who the biggest person is.

Robert Paisola: Well, because of his connection with Jim Cintron and – which is – which has a sister named Merriam Cintron.

Ray: No, that’s Monoyudis, that’s Monoyudis. All Michaels Rounds does is control.

Robert Paisola: Right, under Monoyudis direction.

Ray: Right, he controls the occupancy as a four resort, the name of the four resorts is the new one, the large one is Tahiti Village.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: The second one is Tahiti and the third and fourth one are Club De Soleil 1 and Club Definitely Soleil 2. Mike Rounds controls all that you know all the occupancy for those. So, if Monoyudis says, “Don’t put anybody in” that’s what it does.

Robert Paisola: So, tell me who’s the – so I can say, okay, -- I've already talked to this people a manager at Tahiti Village, just give me some names, so I can say, okay – you’re top person at Tahiti is this, your top person ….

Ray: Mike Rounds, Mike Rounds …

Robert Paisola: If I'm talking …

Ray: The top person at Tahiti Village is Monoyudis.

Robert Paisola: Monoyudis, okay. M-O-N-O-Y-U-D-I-S, okay and then – then at Tahiti who is the top person?

Ray: Tahiti sold out. There is nobody there, that’s Monoyudis too.

Robert Paisola: Okay, Club De Soleil 1?

Ray: Monoyudis sold out, that’s Monoyudis too.

Robert Paisola: So, Monoyudis is the one put all these people in the street?

Ray: Right.

Robert Paisola: Got it, okay. I’ll call you back brother. I appreciate this. I got a lot of work, lot of work to do.

Ray: Now, where do I go to see this fucking website bullshit?

Robert Paisola: Oh, your wife is already on it buddy.

Ray: I know but I need to know because …

Robert Paisola: Consolidated –

Ray: consolidatedresorts.

Robert Paisola: .info.

Ray: Okay and is there some stuff posted yet?

Robert Paisola: Oh, yes – it's live right now, nothing we've talked about but there's stuff up until you know, up until the other day, so we're good now.

Ray: Right, in an hour all this is going to be on?

Robert Paisola: Well, I'm not saying an hour, I've got a lot of going to do, a lot of information.

Ray: Okay, www.

Robert Paisola: .info right and I bought that – and that domain is being blown up right now.

Ray: Okay, so, you think – I’ll get any enumeration or whatever what they call …

Robert Paisola: I think – I think that – I think it would interesting to hear what, I mean this is consumer issue, they’ll say that – their position is going to be that, well, we went bankrupt –we're having a financial problem and that’s why this people are being displaced because the company in financial turmoil. However, it's not – it's not a clear financial turmoil problem. What is it is, it is – it's structuring of assets and I want to know where that money is, I want to know where that cash went – they're saying it doesn’t exist anymore.

So, as a creditor, you're considered a creditor because you can file a notice of …

Ray: I know, I know – let me ask – to tell you one more thing then I got to get to my meeting. I got 25 messages and I don’t know who they're from but I have to – talk to you later this afternoon and give you a list of where they're from, that’s number one. Number two, I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm going to say, I'm going be very slow, deliver it in crystal clear. When you get a real estate license, you represent a buyer, you represent a seller or you represent the buyer and the seller. You have what it's called a fiduciary responsibility not to fuck anybody.

Robert Paisola: That’s correct.

Ray: Monoyudis is the broker, Tom Ward is the broker. If they knew all of these three months ago and they pushed us to sell more and they came out with 20% down, gets a better deal and interest in 15%, get less of a better deal and they knew this was coming and they didn’t disclose it. They're fucking thieves.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: Fiduciary responsibility to be honest with the consumer. Don’t forget what I just said.

Robert Paisola: Just because of their – be they are the brokers of record.

Ray: Right. When I represent you and your wife to buy house Robert, I've got to tell you if someone died in the house, if they're going to build a freeway next door. If the guy is in bankruptcy, I've got to tell you, if there's termite work on the house, if there was any work done to the house without a permit. It's called fiduciary responsibility.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: You can't just go steal. Now, -- you know, what started this whole thing? Don’t you?

Robert Paisola: Go ahead.

Ray: Got me crazy. I got a call from a customer last week that given me $300 and this afternoon I’ll fax it to you and he bought on June 13, that’s called the Pender. He didn’t have all the down payment. So, he gave me $300, I gave him a receipt. He did the paperwork with a promise of sending another $1000 in to cover 10% of the $13,000 sale. He called me on Wednesday of last week and he said, “I can't put the thousand in the bank till Monday”, okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I told him, not to put the thousand in the bank because of what's happen and I don’t want to see him get ripped off, okay?

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: He thanked me. Then he said, “How do I get my $300 back?” and I said, “You call Monoyudis, this guy will make sure you get your 300 back” okay?

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I called Monoyudis first. I said, “Let me call first”, and I said, “Jim, I've got a problem. I got a guy that wants his $300 back and I told him not to deposit anymore money because of this current situation”. He went crazy on me and starts screaming and yelling. “You can't do that, that’s – that client belong to us. I want that $1000”. I said, “Jim, I can't tell him that, I'm an honest man. I got to live with myself plus I'm license real that are in two states”. So, what I got to tell you Jim is top [Indiscernible] [2:17:02] as the captain of – but the boats all gone. I already told them not to put the money in the bank.

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: I could not remember who the guy was, so I called him up in the phone and I said to me, “You know, Don I don’t remember you but just for fun, are you from Michigan?” He said, “No, I'm not from Michigan. I'm from LA, Colton” and I said, “Tell me how I meet you because I give all my clients a special pin and my business card and I have all their numbers and the backup to each sale and every check out guest have a 10 or 12 sales, so I have a doze on everybody for 9 years …

Robert Paisola: Yes.

Ray: … that I'm going to give you” He said, “I'm the banker dude that just got out of jail. I have all the tattoos. I'm 275 pounds. I belong here. I bought my wife up of my Harley with my gang …

Robert Paisola: Oh my gosh.

Ray: … I just stop in Colton and I got married and I want to take my wife on a nice Time Share to Hawaii and you said – I said if I gave you $13,000.

Robert Paisola: Okay.

Ray: So, then I said, “Okay, so called Monoyudis back and I said, “Jim, lets not fuck with this guy. Just give him 300 back, they're coming up this week like eight of them with all their girlfriends like getting some fucking movie”, okay?

Robert Paisola: Oh my gosh.

Ray: So, Jim said, “No, I'm not giving them anything”, okay, I'm going to say, “Jim, one more time you speak English. I'm telling you, give the guy 300, it's nothing. Give him a couple a nights free. We have empty units allover the places, its 120 degree up here. Chill them out. Be cool”. So, I'm a sweet person …

Robert Paisola: Oh, yes absolutely, absolutely – that’s the only choice you have.

Ray: All right, so I called the guy back and I said, “Look, I'm cool man. I saved you the money. Don’t shot the messenger”. He said, “I'm not mad at you. Give me the number of this guy Monoyudis he won’t give me our money back”. So, I gave Monoyudis’s number and I don’t even want to tell you what happen.

Robert Paisola: No, I really want to know because I want that guy number too.

Ray: I give it to you, it is buried into my box off to give it to you later …

Robert Paisola: What do you say to Monoyudis? I want to hear like what did he do? I can't even imagine a guy like that.

Ray: He indicated – I talked to him over the holiday too and he’s having a big party with all his – friends and all like that.

Robert Paisola: Oh, yes.

Ray: He said, “Oh, I'm not worried about my 300, we’ll be in Vegas next week”.

Robert Paisola: Yes, I got you, okay. Yes. Yes, I love.

Ray: Just want to fuck. You Robert, do you want to go fuck with someone that’s all tattoos?

Robert Paisola: No, no that’s – that’s one of the craziest things I've ever heard …

Ray: Okay, well that’s – everything – let me asked you one question before I jump in the shower. Has everything that I told you been verified in written?

Robert Paisola: Everything you told me that I've got has been completely verified.

Ray: Okay, then my job is done. Have a good day. I’ll talk to you in a few hours and I give you more.

Robert Paisola: Much love my friend. We’ll talk soon, okay?

Ray: Hey, let me ask question. Do you made more progress with me in 3 hours because we did two fucking ears, didn’t you?

Robert Paisola: You’ve given me a lot of information. I've a lot of work to do, a lot, a lot of names, a lot of people. I can even – a lot of work and …

Ray: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Robert Paisola: I appreciate you. Thanks buddy. This is Robert Paisola with the Western Capital Foundation. This is a live recording on Monday, July 06, 2009 at 11:21 AM, speaking to former employee of Consolidated Resorts. This call will be transcribed and is the soul property of Western Capitall – Western Capital Foundation, Robert Paisola over at Paisola Inc. Western Capital Investigative Services and is to use for court purposes only. This call is now terminated.

If you are a victim of Tahiti Village as a purchaser, vendor, or former employee, we want to talk to you. Please send your DETAILED story to

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