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Consolidated Resorts- Tahiti Village- The Rules, By Robert Paisola

To all of our friends around the world who have been contacting our offices regarding Tahiti Village and The Consolidated Resorts Mess.

The following information is for your PERSONAL USE, and we are NOT RECOMMENDING that you follow these protocols, as we are not attorneys, however, it is essential we make a public statement.

1. We are receiving all of your calls. We are archiving all of your emails and if you have not heard back from our office, do not worry. We have your information.

2. If you are an employee of the company that is due money, send us a very detailed letter outlining how much you are due from Artie Spector.

3. There are MANY INVESTIGATIONS going on at this time regarding this company. We have received your recordings, letters and data and are using them to assist you

4. We can no longer take VIP Clients on this matter. This is now a Civil and Criminal Matter

5. Many of you are asking "Should I continue to pay on my account to ANSY (Artie Spector New York) , If we were advising a family member, we would say ABSOLUTELY NEVER PAY THIS COMPANY ANOTHER DIME.

If they sue you, and you are ACTUALLY SERVED with a lawsuit for non payment or a FORECLOSURE is LEGALLY FILED against you, IMMEDIATELY CONTACT US and fax us the paperwork. That will open a huge door that we will discuss later.

6. They are threatening me, and my credit may be hurt. AGAIN, if they damage your credit after the posting of this memo, contact us, We are working with the FTC and the conduct that we have documented REQUIRES the 3 major bureaus to complete DELETE the trade line reporting.

7. Many of you have received letters stating that you should pay a fee and simply turn in the deed. NO.

8. We are in posession of various settlement documents requiring that you remain QUIET that the settlement ever took place. If you got this, fax us the documents NOW at 408-889-2415 and we will contact you in private.

9. If I send the documents to you, I will have to pay a large fee to the company, Consolidated Resorts. Right.... We would love to see that played out in court.

10. I am an employee of Consolidated Resorts and they owe me money, will I get paid? We do not know. Everyone should call and ask for Arthur Spector and Attorney Randy Richards DAILY.

11. I heard that the company offered you 5 Million Dollars to stop this investigation..... This is false.

12. So what would you do? I would immediately buy a digital recorder and watch to see what is to come. Record each and every call with this company, (based on the laws in your state...)

13. Can you really assist us..... Just look at our results.

14. I am in the media and want to interview Robert Paisola, is that possible. No, not at this time, as there is now a criminal element to this case.

We hope that this helps for the time being. Again NOT ONE DIME TO CONSOLIDATED RESORTS EVER... And, today, we were told that they are STILL SELLING this crap... STOP AND LEAVE NOW. CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT. If you need help doing this we may be able to assist depending on the timeline.

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Rannie said...

I was set to go on my free minivac 7/10/09. I called to followup on things last week and was told the company was in bankrupt on the sales/marketing side. I had no idea what was going on with the company. No vac, no refund. I know that this is in no comparison to what these other people are going thru but is there anything for me to do in reference to my $129.00 paid? Thank you