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Another Ohio Family is Saved from Tahiti Village, Consolidated Resorts, Robert Paisola Reports

To our readers around the world,

Many of you are now assembled as official victims of Consolidated Resorts and Tahiti Village and The ANSY Company LLC

This is a letter that was sent to The Associate General Counsel Randy Richards Today to cancel this clients agreement. We want you to notice that we not only sent this letter as an official letter from Western Capital, but the client also sent a telegram instructing the company to cancel their agreement with Tahiti Village.

Today is the 5th day and notice in the letter below, how many people that we noticed of this specific cancellation to ensure that the typical games at Consolidated Resorts Are Not going to be played.

This is the result of having us in your corner, regardless of what Mr. Randy Richards , their attorney says on tape.

Congratulations America, your voice is being heard!


Robert Paisola
Western Capital




ACCOUNT 724182944



Please be advised that on or about June 03, 2009, a purchase agreement was entered into by and between Thomas and Pamela Foley and THE ANSY COMPANY, LLC, identified as Agreement Number 724182944.

On the document provided to the Foleys, entitled “Tahiti Village Vacation Plan- Purchasers’ Acknowledgment of Representations’ in paragraph 13 it states:

“ All terms of a Vacation Purchase Agreement, INCLUDING ANY CANCELLATION PERIODS, must be in writing and cannot be modified VERBALLY in any way. You have five (5) days from this date or payment of the purchase price in cash to cancel your Vacation Plan Agreement”

Based upon the foregoing, please be advised that this letter shall serve as a legal and binding cancellation agreement sent to your office, as the Associate General Counsel for and on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Foley.

This document is also being sent to the Nevada Division of Real Estate to confirm this Cancellation. It is also being filed with the Clark County Recorder’s Office to memorialize this official binding notice that is herein being provided to your office pursuant to The Laws of the State of Nevada.

Please be aware that the buyers have also sent you a telegram confirming that this is their desire.

This document will constitute a full and complete withdraw of the agreement that was executed between the parties.

We would ask on behalf of the purchasers that you immediately overnight a full refund for the down payment that was tendered with the agreement.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our offices or the Buyers themselves.

Please do not attempt to circumvent this Legal Notice, as you have also received telephonic instructions, as well as a telegram that was received by your company on this the 8th Day of June, 2009 DIRECTLY from the Buyers, Thomas and Pamela Foley.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact our offices at 1-877-517-9555.

Please govern yourself accordingly

Digitally Signed

Robert Paisola

CEO and President

The Western Capital Group of Companies



Clark County Recorder’s Office FOR FILING

Nevada Division of Real Estate VIA FAX (DATED AND STAMPED)



If you are in a similar situation, contact us NOW, at It feels really good to save a family from financial disaster!

Robert Paisola


Robert Paisola CEO said...

This is an update to the story that we wrote above. We were just informed by our client that they (today) received a bill from Bank of America stating that there was a charge for approx 3000 that was run by CONSOLIDATED RESORTS ON THE DAY THAT THEY WE ON THE PROPERTY!

Our question to legal counsel is this:

If a consumer has an absolute right to a 5 day cancellation (resision) period in the State of Nevada. How is it possible for this company ANSY , Consolidated, and Tahiti Village to IMMEDIATELY OPEN A LINE OF CREDIT and receive immediate benefit of the sale, as they are alligned with Bank of America in a fraud.

The law is clear that in no case , without exception can or may a Real Estate Transaction be funded prior to the EXPIRATION of the resission period.

This is a very serious problem and god help this company when we get done with them.

This client's "Brand New Interval Account" MUST be closed retroactively as if it was never opened. BOA MUST remove all inquiries and this practice must be reviewed by The State of Nevada.

We will bring you details as we receive comments from employees of this company, Consolidated Resorts, Tahiti Village, and ANSY

The most important issue is the issue of DEFERRED REVENUE and its effect on Goldman Sachs. This is a very complicated legal matter, but if ANSY has been recognizing the income on these transactions PRIOR to the EXPIRATION of the date of recission wherein the client may cancel the contract, then there are SERIOUS SECURITIES LAWS BEING BROKEN.

Wanna play boys? Just keep screwing with America.

More to Come

Robert Paisola
Western Capital Multimedia

cc: State of Nevada

TexMex said...

My name is Abraham Martinez and my girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas on 11/17/2008. We are not married and I have been reading for the past few months on Tahiti. We were taken to another room where the sales person and the manager kept insisting of the "Great Price for a Great Resort". Unfortunately, we fell into that Tahiti scam. I called when we got home a week later to cancel and they told us it was too late. Is there any way we can get out of the Tahiti contract? .......I have been researching and all I see are bad reviews with many dissappointing people. My maintenance fees, other fees, etc. just keep increasing with no resolution. I was unable to contact someone on the customer service line, however as soon as I got behind on a payment, "They called me consistently". Please help me. Anyone?