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So we are doing a routine onsite timeshare fraud investigation of Wyndham Resorts and Tahiti Village and what do we find!... by Robert Paisola

November 29, 2008

Hello My Friends around the world,

I am writing to you live from Las Vegas, Nevada where we have been reviewing the Wyndham Grand Desert Resort and the infamous Tahiti Village.

We were so excited to let you know what has been happening, but because of security and confidentiality concerns, we are going to show you a few photos!

This is a photo of this afternoon of a group that was protesting the Wyndham Resort. Take a look at the site, , it is pretty compelling.

This is me about 3 hours ago in front of the VIP DESK. We were able to interview a lot of great people that work for the resort, and we will be bringing that to you live very soon.

Next week is Tahiti Village Las Vegas Week. Our investigative team will be filming all week. Oh, You know Tahiti Village, they are the ones who use those old movie stars that nobody cares about.. Didn't they use Rosanne Barr? Yep, that is the place! Who in the heck is this guy anyway... Allan Thicke??? Who is he!! We will be reporting live from Las Vegas, Nevada taking care of our VIP Clients who believe that they have been scammed by these timeshare companies.

So, if you are having problems with Tahiti Village or Wyndham, THIS IS THE TIME! to step up and let us know your issue.

Watch the video above and email us at and let us know whats on your mind. If you have any other Las Vegas Timeshare Resorts you want us to look into, just let us know!

We will be broadcasting live regarding Timeshare Fraud on the ABC Radio Network and Citadel Broadcasting next week and will bring you more details as to how you can listen in your area.

Live From Las Vegas, Nevada

Robert Paisola
For The Time Share Chronicles

Here is some Information from the Whats Wrong With Wyndham Worldwide:

* California vs Trendwest - Complaint

* California vs Trendwest - Consent Decree

* Wixon vs Wyndham Resort Development - District Court Opinion

* Wixon vs Wyndham Resort Development - Order on Motion to Dismiss

* Wixon vs Wyndham Resort Development - Order Dismissing Second Complaint

* Wixon vs Wyndham Resort Development - Second Amended Complaint

Owners and Future Owners of WYNDHAM VACATION CREDITS...

Your Legal Rights may be affected!

Wyndham Resort Development has been sued in federal court by owners of vacation credits.

It is a class action. Wyndham is accused of committing these wrongs in its Vacation Credits practices:

Breach of Contract
Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Violation of California Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Act

Demands: Money damages, injunction to stop Fun Time booking preference and other things

Wyndham denies any wrongdoing. Wyndham’s tried to get the lawsuit dismissed but failed (except for one claim).

For more details see Wixon v. Wyndham Resort Development, C 07 2361, United States District Court, San Francisco.
If you have been solicited by timeshare operator WorldMark by Wyndham, your legal rights may be affected.

WorldMark (formerly Trendwest) was ordered to pay a total of $1.7 million in civil penalties, fees, and reimbursements.
It was also ordered to refrain from 35 separate illegal sales practices, including:
* Billing or charging a consumer without express written or oral authorization.

* Materially misrepresenting the location of resorts, availability of services, or the value of vacation credits.

The Robert Paisola and Legal Disclaimer-

We are going to remain on site for another week. We will give you up to date information on how we are treated, and we may even take you on a Live Vacation Presentation that you will be able to listen to!

This is a NICE PROPERTY and we want to give this specific property the benefit of the doubt. So, as always, you can guarantee that I will give you the play bu play as it happens! If you are a member of the group, contact us at 801-619-4700 and we will interview you on camera for our worldwide audience!
Likewise , if you are from Wyndham Corporate, contact us, and we will do the same for you. Call or email

UPDATE: The miracle of the Internet! We just received an email from another Wyndham Victim requesting we go to Puerto Rico to Investigate, and YES, we will go anywhere in the world that you want us to go, to tell your story.

The Costs will vary by location, and you MUST BE A VIP MEMBER, however, if you want your story told in a BIG WAY, then this is the way to go. simply email Robert Paisola about this possibility.