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Consolidated Resorts- Tahiti Village Does it Again! Another VIP Client Gets Screwed! by Robert Paisola

Consolidated Resorts Does it Again! Another VIP Client Gets Screwed! Consolidated Resorts Attorney, Randy Richards, Responds! Attorney Lara E. Smith v Attorney Randy Richards!


Dear Robert Paisola, CEO, Western Capital

Two years ago, 2006 my wife and I bought a timeshare from Consolidated Resorts in Las Vegas NV in their Phase 2. It was their deluxe unit, the Royal Tahitian 1 week yearly floating for $43000. We knew from the beginning that buying a timeshare was not a good investment. What my family and I was looking for was a good Relaxing Vacation property that we could use and enjoy. I work many hours and if I had a property to use, it would force me to take more vacations. Then in the years that we did not want to go to Vegas, we could exchange it in an area that we would like to go. That was the plan but now we find it just a pipe dream.

As part of our purchase they gave my wife and I the usual hardcore sales. They tell you that the whole process should only take 30 minutes; maybe a couple of hour’s if you buy. We ended up being there well over 5 hours and by the 5 hour we were hurray signing the paper work to get out of there. The Sales staff falsely promised that we could split up our unit into 2 units, rent one and use the other or just use it 2 weeks out of the year. We could also split our weeks up 4 and 3 days if we choose. This was confirmed with the sales manager. They stated that we could get the rooms for $77 dollars a night if we use all our time or if we wanted a weekend getaway. This was a selling point for me because I was scheduled to go to Nevada on business. Plus they intentionally mislead us by telling us that we could refinance it because it was a deeded property. They ALSO gave us 6 free vacations which we have found out to be totally worthless. They give you 40 destinations to choose from, but when you try registering, they mail you a letter saying, 'we will contact you 30 days before your trip to let you know if it is available. ‘HOW CAN YOU PLAN A TRIP THAT WAY?? When you call, they refuse to speak to you before your time to hear from them. I read that these trips end up costing you a $1000, but I would not know because, NO ONE WILL SPEAK TO ME!!

We purchase the floating and the more expensive unit thinking that it would give us a higher rating to get the weeks and days that we want. When we purchased the property in Phase 2 we were told that we could start using our time immediately in Phase One. Since then we have not been able to use it once. Every week we have chosen, has not been available. We have also found out that if we can not get a date locked in, we can not exchange it for a location or rent it. Consolidated Resorts then came back and said we needed to pay “Additional Fees” and the Maintains fees for Phase 1 if we want to use it because our contract was for Phase 2. We paid all the fees only to be told that nothing was available. So now we have been paying maintains fees on a property that is not yet built and only to find out nothing was available. I tried to dispute this but finally gave in. Customer service is horrible. When I tried to call to complain, I was constantly transferred to someone who barely knows what is going on. This is easily the worst decision I have made in my life.

In August of 2007 we put the unit up for sale. After I put it on the market I started investigating Consolidated resorts and found out that selling it is not an option because there are so many of them for sale. I paid out over $800 dollar to other scammers that said they could sell it and all they did was to take my money. If Consolidated / Tahiti Resorts are such a GREAT place, why is the market FLOODED with their units for Sale.

April 2008 I decided to really start researching and get this property sold. My investigation uncovered that Consolidated Resorts was scamming people for lack of better words and issuing false deeds. I have now STOP all payment per my lawyer. Our lawyer wrote a letter to Consolidate terminating the contract for unfair Business practices and fraud, false Deeds. I want out of this contract with a full reimbursement of all funds paid and I also want to make sure my credit is not hurt over this.

Below I am going to list all the unfair practices, supporting testimony and false deed information.

Unfair or Illegal Business Practices.

1. Sales personal misrepresented property.
A. Deeded timeshare property can be refinanced as any other home or property. This was a total lie. I have contacted several lending companies and none would finance it. This was an important item because of the interest rate that we were being charged, 16%.
B. Time share could be rented out. This maybe true but if you can not reserve a week per the contract, how would you rent it out? After 2 years of ownership we have not been able to use it once or lock in a single week.
C. Split weeks into 3 or 4 day segments. The contract states that this could be done but when we called and requested it Consolidated said NO.
D. Split Time share into 2 units and use separately. One of the main reasons to purchase the larger unit was because it had a lock out and we were told that we could split it into 2 units and use it 2 weeks a year. When I requested this, I was told that this could not be done.
E. Phase 2 owners could use Phase 1 with no problems. This was not true. When I contacted them they told me we would have to pay the maintains fees and an additional fee to use phase 1. We did only to be told that nothing was available. So now we have been paying maintains fees for 2 years for a phase 1 that we can not use and phase 2 that is not even built yet.

F. Free trips. As part of the package were given six free trips. After receiving all the information a couple months later we learned that there was major restricts and we could not book more than 30 days in advance before your trip to let you know if it is available.' HOW CAN YOU PLANE A TRIP THAT WAY?? Plus you had to use their travel company for all additional items. If we wanted to book additional people, our 2 children the cost of the vacation would go to more than I could book the same vacation for all 4 would be. I was told that adding the kids would be minimal. Another example is they would give us free accommodations but we would have to book airfare through their agents, the airfare was double what other travel company wanted.

G. Phase 2 completion date. The contract states that it should be completed in September 2007. I have just received noticed that the Grand opening is in August 2008.

2. Sales personal used unethical business practices
A. Sales presentation misrepresented the product
B. Sales presentation misrepresented the service
C. Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices
D. Sales presentation not consistent with the written agreement
E. Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer

DEED – Fraud.

Consolidated Tahiti Village Resort is a DEEDED Timeshare. My contract with Consolidated clearly states that we purchased into Phase 2 Parcel number 177-04-401-010. This is also recorded at Clark County NV Recorder website. Instrument ID: 20060504-01804 and 20060504-01803. I do not fully understand why there are 2 deeds for me on this property, but if you look at them Soleil LV and my wife and I are reversed parties. On September 2, 2008 I contact Carroll at the Chicago Title company, (760) 746-9904 to investigate this issue. As of Sept 8, I have not heard anything back yet.

Here is the link.

If you look up that parcel on the Clark county Assessor’s page you will find that parcel number 177-04-401-010 is NOT part of the Phase 2 construction. According to the Clark County Assessor’s page Phase 2 is 17704414000. See link.

Looking at the above link it is quite clear that Consolidated Resorts is doing something questionable. And because of this item I feel that it is within my rights to terminate the contract and demand a full refund.

Requested amount refund

Deposit $ 4,399.00
Principle + interest
684.45 X 24 months. $16426.80
Maintains Fee’s
598 x 2 ½ years $ 1495.00

TOTAL $22320.80

Total purchase was for 43000. I still own roughly 35000.

Supporting information

When I purchased this timeshare I felt that I had paid too much but if it had given everything that it had promised I would have been ok with it. In the beginning when I tried to use the property I did not record or document the exact times and dates that I tried to make arrangements. So I can not supply that type of supporting documentation.

What I can supply is links to other people and sites that show Consolidated Resorts has a history of scamming people and deed issues. I have also started contacting other Owners and the stories are the same. I suspect that once other owners investigate their deeds they will find the similar kinds of issues.

Ripoff Report. Com - This Website shows other people with the same issues. - This one is mine. – This is where YOU are the master expert! People in the same situation with the same company. In the older complaints this site mentions stop paying, that this place is a scam but in the more resent they are taking a different attitude. Please read all to see what I mean.

This one is where I learned about the parcel not being in Phase 2.

Link to Better Business Bureaus on Consolidated Resorts. 103 complaints in the last 36 months.

The Time Share Chronicles – by Robert Paisola


The basic fact is that this company used high pressure sales techniques and misrepresented the property. Then they issued questionable deeds. I have presented 16 people with very similar issues and I could find more given time.

Since I originally wrote this Consolidated Resort has responded back to my lawyer. They basically say that I have a contract and I need to pay them even if they have provided NO SERVICE per the contract.

We have now filed a complaint with the BBB and the FTC.

BBB sent this confirmation:
Your complaint has been received and routed to the following BBB: BBB of Southern Nevada, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
6040 S. Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118-2619
Phone: (702)320-4500
Fax: (702)320-4560

Please contact the BBB directly if you have questions about your complaint.

FTC sent this confirmation:

Complaint Submitted

Thank you for contacting the FTC. Your complaint has been entered into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Your reference number is:20144929

I have also found out WHY there are no dates open to owners, Consolidate has been renting out the resort. This is in direct violation with the contract. Case is described in more detail at this link.

I feel that termination of this contract and a full refund of $22,320.80 are justifiable. I am also very concerned that this company will continue to ruin my credit and I want to know what action I can take against them to stop this.


Time line –


May 01 - Flew to Las Vegas as part of a free trip. Not so free, paid to have upgrade hotel and had to pay for airline. Hotel ended up being Circus Circus, not much of an upgrade.

May 02 – Went to supposedly 1 hour Vacation Club presentation. Asked lots of questions and was told a lots of lies, see statement. Ended up being there over 6 hrs and missing lunch. We were starving and raced through the paperwork to get out of there.

May 08 – Last day of 5 day cancel period. Knew we paid too much but if everything we were told was true, then ok. No reason at this time to believe that we had been lied too.

August 01 - Went to Consolidated Reservation page to reserve a week in November 2006. Requested to split my Royal Tahitian and use the Bora Bora. I was told that even though we purchased phase 2 we could us phase 1 with no issues.

August 04 – received notice that I could not use property because I was a phase 2 not a phase 1 owner. I do not remember exactly but I think that I called and talked to a reservation person.

August 07 – I email them about my frustration about not being able to use the property.

August 09 – Received a email from Karen Leggett reservations, telling me again that I can not use the property because I was phase 2 not phase 1, She gave me a number to caller at.

August 10 or so – I do not remember the exact date that I called and spoke to her directly. She told me that if I paid the maintenance fees for phase 1 I could use it, $215.00.

August 18 – The maintenance fee was credit to my account.

August 19 or so – I called Karen back and requested my dates, this time she told me nothing was available in a Royal Tahitian and that I could not split my property. I had to use exactly the type of unit that I bought. This was not what I was told at the sells presentation.

October 1 – Consolidated billed me for the Maintenance fees again, $598.00. I contacted them and told them that I was told that the maintenance fees would be do on the Anniversary date, May 02 of each year, plus I asked why am I being billed for maintenance fees for a building that was not built. This issue went back and forth for till May of 2007. Basically I was told that I was paying the maintenance fees for phase 1 so that I can use it and that the sales man was wrong on the date that they were do.

2007 –

February 02 – Because of the issues I was having I decided to try to sell it. The sales presentation stated that this was a very popular site and I could sell it very easy for what I owed or more. I found a company on the internet and paid them $400 dollars to sell the property. The company is Timeshare Adventures, Don Moore. To make a long story short, it never sold. The internet company ripped me off. I have email traffic, to support this.

May 20 or so – Consolidated and I agreed that I would pay the maintenance fees on my anniversary date and that I do not have to pay the late fees. This was done through several emails and phone calls. I did not record these phone calls or keep these emails because I did not really think that it would come to this.

June - First phase 2 was still not completed yet. I contacted reservation to reserve a unit to swap on Interval. I was told that I could not use the property because I had a late payment showing. I explained that the late payment had been waived by the billing department. Again I was told that I could not use the property because of it and I had to provide the emails that showed they waived the payment. Since I did not have this information I paid the fee on 07/06/07. Only to be told NOTHING was available.

June – Since I was having trouble reserving a unit, I decided that I would try to use the 6 free vacations. What a joke. We contacted the company and were told that we could not combine them; they didn’t cover everything and so on and so on. Basically these trips proved to be totally useless.

October – I received a bill for the Maintenance. This totally frustrated me and I sent a letter to Consolidated about them charging me again in November when we had agreed that it would be in May and why was I paying for Maintenance fees for a property that is still under construction. Or why am I paying maintenance for phase 1 when I could never use it. So I did not pay it.

2008 –

January or so – getting letters and calls. They started to threaten my credit this time because of my job/career I can not have any negative things on my credit. So I paid them on January 31. Again they said they would waive the late fee but they did not. This was the last straw for me.

February 24 – Hired a second company, BML Marketing to sale time share because the first company had done nothing. I paid $400 and nothing. Rip OFF.

March – getting calls and letters about $29 dollar late fee. Started to research Consolidated found all kinds of information on and
Found out about the deed issue. That’s when I said enough is enough.

May – Contacted Lawyer. Lawyer advised that we stop paying them any money till this issue is resolved. He then requested that I, send him a written detail statement for him to review and then he will send out a letter. The lawyer advised that I do not speak to Consolidated on the phone or in writing. Let him handle all of it. I usually prefer to handle issues myself. But based on my past experience with this company I felt that what ever I said or did they would say what they needed to, to keep me paying.

May – Started posting on and

June – Stop paying – cancel credit cards. Send written statement to lawyer.

August – Lawyer sends letter to Consolidated. The lawyer said he had to do some research and validate some of my claims. That is why he took so long to contact Consolidated.

August – first part of September – I was trying to purchase some foreclosures for Rental property. The plan was to buy 1 property for $60K that appraised for $115K. Refi the house and pull out $40K ASAP. I would then take that $40K to buy 2 more houses. That was the plan. The deal fell through because my Credit report showed a 60 day late payment on a MORTGAGE. This killed my financing. I was told that Consolidated could not put anything negative on my credit while I was disputing it under the Fair Credit reporting Act. I do not know if this is totally true or not. I disputed the charge with the Credit bureaus saying that 1. This is not a mortgage, it is a vacation club. 2. I am legal dispute with the company because they never provided any service for the money. The credit bureaus came back and said I had a contract and it is going to stand.

September 02, checked credit score and file dispute.

September 03 – Because of the Credit issue, I started to search out other people to help. I found the “Owners Advocate” and hired them to help with this issue, $1000. So far I can not see anything positive coming out of the “Owners Advocate”. I have sent them all the same documents that I am sending you.

September 05 – Found the Carl Hardin, the Chief Operating Officer of Consolidated Resorts Email. Sent him an email stating how unhappy I was with his company.

September 06 – Mr. Hardin emailed me back and said he would get back to me by the following Tuesday or Wednesday. I never heard anything back.

September 08 – Received first letter from my attorney, Consolidated sent August 22. Basically states that they have a right to take us to court and sue us for all the cost.

September 09 – I filled a complaint with the BBB and the FTC.

September 14 – Sent Mr. Hardin an email following up. No response.

September 18 received letter from BBB and September 23 from Consolidated. I discussed the letters with the lawyer and basically my lawyer told me that unless I have more people or exact dates that I was denied service do to Consolidate renting out the units, there was not much else they could do.

September 21 – Sent Mr. Hardin another email following up. No response.

October – My lawyer did review the response letter that I wrote for the BBB. I sent it in on the October 19 and have not heard anything else from the BBB.

October 09 – Got a foreclosure letter from Consolidated. Faxed my response back to Consolidated and contact you. Consolidated has phoned and left messages but they have sent nothing else in writing. I have not spoken to them under the advice of the lawyer.

October 19 – Tried to be nice and professional with Mr. Hardin. He never got back to me as promised. Sent a final email stating that I am going to search out other owners and start a class Action lawsuit.

October 24. Finally got in contact with Robert Paisola - I know that I finally have a chance to resolve this and Robert Paisola has a solid track record of success of dealing with Tahiti Village and Consolidated Resorts! Thank God for Robert Paisola.

November 1. Received letter from my lawyer were Consolidated responded to my Fax. Consolidated wrote their response on October 27…

November 3 Received letter from Consolidated in response to my letter. Basically they can do what ever they want and I can’t say anything….


Now Look At What Tahiti Village Consolidated Resorts Says from Attorney Randy Richards, whose data from The Nevada State Bar Association is:

Randy Richards
Status: Attorney Active
Company: Consolidated Resorts, Inc.
Address: 801 S. Rampart Blvd., Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Phone Number (702) 939-5825
Fax Number: (702) 967-5189
Admit Date 10/14/1998
Law School Brigham Young University
Bar Number 6794
Professional Liability Insurance Yes



1 comment:

Middleclass said...

Thanks a lot, Mr Paisola.

Wow, what a scam story.

I signed the contract of one two-bed room Tahiti Village yesterday. The sales guys were like car dealers. I and my wife got lost by the gang of these hard-core sales guys.
Luckily, we met one couple who bought it much cheaper price and tried VIP GOLD card that was as free option. The card is useless. No store or hotel accept that.
They reminded us that we could cancel the contract in 5 days.
Consolidate sales did not tell us this.
Many people complained about this in the internet. So, I went Consolidate office, gave the cancellation letter, and got the copy with its received stamp.

Again, thanks for the information.