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Westgate Resorts and their CEO David A. Siegel Continue the SCAM, Reported by Robert Paisola

Robert Paisola, CEO, and CNN IREPORTER

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Dear Mr. Robert Paisola

I see now that I should not have signed. I had no intention of signing . . . but it seemed that I was unable to leave without signing. I was very tired and approximately 5 weeks after a car accident concussion. My 10 year old son was tantalized by the prospect of travel through Interval and kept saying - just sign Mommy - after five hours of propaganda - I relented. There was never any mention of a cancellation period.

I became very nervous and placed repeated calls to Westgate . . . I even went back in and spoke to several other managers. I only stayed one night at their place in Myrtle Beach. Then I moved to the campground. When I got home to Virginia 4 days later I tried to find the contract which the closing agent said he had placed in the briefcase. It was nowhere to be found. I placed more nervous calls asking about a cap on the maintenance fees. Nobody returned my calls. I started calling the 1-800 owner service number - and was left on hold indefinitely and disconnected twice.

Finally I got on the internet and found another woman's complaint about the "velcro" pocket. I found the contract on the sixth day and saw the clause with the 5-day cancellation period. In alarm I ran to the post office and express mailed a cancellation letter to the Florida address provided. It arrived on Friday, August 29. I signed the contract on Friday, August 22.

I gave a $300 deposit but they are scheduled to take a huge deduction from my bank account on September 15.

I cannot afford to buy this timeshare. I have a poor credit rating at the moment due to lawyer's fees and long-term family illnesses. I am working with my local credit union to straighten this out. I feel that I was the victim of predatory lenders. There is no way I can let them steal this money from my only child. I am a single mother with a low-paying public school job.

Are you able to help me get out of this contract? Please advise ASAP as I cannot sleep and am sick to my stomach. I never imagined that this situation could turn out so badly! What a fool I feel.

Thank you - I await your response and hope that you are nearby rather than traveling at the moment (sorry if it sounds selfish)

Kind regards,
Desperate Stephanie in Virginia

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