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Tahiti Village, Consolidated Resorts Scam Continues, by Robert Paisola

Mr. Robert Paisola

My husband and I are victims of the Tahiti Village, Consolidated Resorts time share scam. We subscumbed to the high pressure sale while on our honeymoon in Vegas. Upon our return, I got devestating news from my emloyer, I lost my job - buisness closed its doors- and therefore our income is now reduced by 50% ..we have been unable to make the remaining deposit payment to consolidated resorts, and we are now facing a pending lawsuit for the remaining balance on our contract of aprox $15,000 ( we have only paid $500 so far) We were told there is no way out of the contract, our five (calender ) days were used durring the vacation and travel, and included a Sunday- so were were unable to send certified revocation of contract letter in time to release us from the contract. (signed papers on a tuesday- flew back home friday, returned home at midnight, reviewed material on Sat- called but no service on weekends .. called Monday to learn we were screwed.)

Is there any hope for us, can someone help to expose this company for its high pressure, sneaky sales tactics and uncomprehensible binding contracts ? I feel we were mislead- the investment misrepresented, and the contract contains multitudes of fine print nearly incomprehensable, which when deciphered- are not details that were exlpained and presented to us at the time of sale.

Shouldnt there be a law to protect buyers in the event of a drastic change in financial or personal circumstances makes it impossible to fulfill the contract balance? We make about $21,000 a year now, single income -verses the combined estimated income of $50,000 we previously made... We are a family of three, soon to be four later this fall. Due to the change in income, we are already living on top ramen and pinching every penny to scrape by... we have no assets, not even a decent vehichle .. so the only way this company can get money from us is to garnish my husbands wages, which would put us into extreme poverty for who knows how long.
The has caused a myriad of problems for us as a newly married couple, and a second child on the way.. its the biggest mistake we have ever made. Im sorry we went to Vegas on our honeymoon.

We are looking at filing bankruptcy if we have to, there in no way we can live if my husbands wages are garnished... Its sad to consider, because we have otherwise good credit and not much outstanding debt... but what option do we have?

I aprecaite any advice you have to offer, and I apoligise for taking so much of your valuable time- I certianly apprecaite it,
Thank you ,

Audrey Stockham- Howell

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