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Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta -Travel Escapes Club -Scam Scam Scam, Robert Paisola Responds

Hello Mr. Paisola,

My name is Maribel Reyes, and I was suckered into buying a timeshare in about 3 weeks ago. I was led to believe that there would be no refunds if I chose to cancel by purposely misleading me and having me initial what was actually the liquidation clause. Lots of things were promised to us, like very cheap airfare as an added perk to the timeshare, they even supposedly looked up airfare for us and gave a quote so we could see what a great discount it was. Now when I try to look up the airfare it is no where near the same price, and then when I try to call the Travel Escapes Club they called I can't even get through to a live person, nor even sign up on the website. Unfortunately, I know they try to cover all bases with the contract, and the contract is what is binding. That really embarrasses me. I did read through it, but not close enough where at the signature line it stated there were more clauses on the back side. The cancellation rights were conveniently placed on the backside, the only one of the documents that had writing on the backside. They took their time to review everything with me in great detail except for the back of the contract form. I never thought anyone could be so dishonest as to have clauses laid out after the signature line. I feel duped, I put a deposit of over $3000 and have a balance of $12000. I called the timeshare company with my complaint of misrepresentation of the contract, but the reply was, "you didn't read your contract. Make the most of it now." Is there anything I can do to get out of this? I would even be willing to lose some of the deposit to end the contract. I've made a formal complaint to the BBB. Do you have any other ideas? I've heard the PROFECO isn't so great and may actually be corrupt sideing with the timeshares. Please help.


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