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Wyndham Resorts Needs to look at this Case! Posted bt Robert Paisola

Mr. Paisola,
I am with Wyndham since Aug 07'. We have never used the package. I resigned from my job in Oct 07' to go onto work with another contract. Sad to say the contract was recinded and I was left without a job!

I spoke with Wyndham Resorts Reps countless times, they call my house at least 4 times a day and my cell phone too and explained to them that I never used the package and I would like them to let us out of the contract. I was informed that they couldnt do this because we didnt have the contract long enough.

Also, I have on 3 attempts asked that Wyndham stop trying to take monies out of my checking account, once in Dec 07', again Feb 08' and again Feb 12th, 08'. Each time they agreed and supposedly noted the account accordingly so that they would no longer draft monies from my checking account. I twice sent over a fax stating this to the supervisor to make this stop.

My checking account is in the red over $74.00. I was told by Wyndham that I would have to close out my checking account, so they couldnt get to it. I dont understand because my husband is footing all of the bills on his salary alone because I dont have a jobe and my credit and checking account is going down the tubes. I was told that my bank may contact ChexSystems due to repeated non-sufficient funds coming thru.

As I explained to Wyndham I cant take ANY vacation let alone theirs and we never used their package, so why cant they just drop us from this. If I used it I could understand but I dont understand them continuously making money off of someone whose bank account they have put into the red, ruined her credit and now tell me I have to close out my bank account I have had for years because they may not stop trying to get to my checking account.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am really stressing out and this is truly making me sick. What can I do to get my life back!! PLEASE HELP!!

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