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Westgate Resorts Scam- Robert Paisola Responds

Mr. Robert Paisola

Hello, I read a couple of things on allexperts that you wrote about Westgate.

Beyond my wishes, we purchased a TS with them in Orlando. Hmmm, I didn't want to, my husband always gets sold to easily. I was so frustrated with the wait cutting into our vacation (our older kids were waiting to go to Universal) that i just said fine we will do it to my spouse. We didn't cancel when we should have. (We only have 200 into it, thank God).

Anyhow, that was in Dec. 07. Now we have been in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, a strict budget. We really aren't suppose to be in contracts or have a mortgage. Couldn't we win getting out of this mortgage based on the grounds they were like "predatory lenders"? There is no way we are going to be able to make the payments. I guess my spouse was thinking our inheritance would come through our family soon, but it is not promising at all. Anyhow, I just think it is awful that they cut into our vacation with a 5 hour debate. I think it is convenient how they sold us one that was a "trade in" with a lower price -ha.

I knew this was a tactic. I thought it was also funny that the salesman said his son died in his arms and his wife almost died because of it. If you know of anything we can do to get out of this contract, please let me know. They told us that we are in it to stay no matter about the BR. They said we would have to go through the default process to even get out of it. Yeah, i bet that will be a lot of hassle; should I change my phone number? While I know there isn't anything they can do to me, my credit will just be worse I suppose. I was stupid for giving into my spouse due to frustration.


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