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Trendwest Screws Antother Client, Robert Paisola Reports

My name is Leila and I live in California.

In August 2006 me and my fiancé purchased a 6000 credit timeshare with Trendwest (which we dearly regret now).

First of all, when we were called to join a presentation we were told to say that we are married (which we are not) so we could qualify.

We understand that our contract states that we only have 7 days after the contract was signed to cancel. So, is this legal at all? Why shouldn't we be able to just cancel. I do not want my money back.

All I wish to do is to cancel now and stop making any further payments. They can keep the money I have been paying for over a year. I just cannot pay for this. I told them at the time of the purchase that I am a full-time student and that I just cannot afford this at all.

Unfortunately, the people were really pushy and made it sound very easy to pay for. Now, I am backed up with student loans and I cannot afford paying for a timeshare that I don't even use.

I have contacted Trendwest about this matter before and the only option that I was given, was to stop making payments and let it fall under collection and eventually, after seven years it would fall of my credit report. This is terrible! Is there any way out of this???
Please give me ANY advice you have! I do not know what else to do!
I would also appreciate if this request would stay anonymous. I do not want to be contacted by any other source but yours and only by email!

Thank you,


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