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Bluegreen In Charleston Forecloses Again... Robert Paisola Investigates

Bluegreen has foreclosed on my time share because they refused to withdraw my monthly mortgage premium from my checking account. They have not only harmed my credit but the co-signer as well. I was enticed to purchase a time share with restaurant gift certificates to some of the finest restaurants in Charleston. I was told that I could get a time share reservation easily. I have owned the time share since March 2003 and have yet been able to use any time share much less the one that I was told I owned in Myrtle Beach. Every time I have had to go to Myrtle Beach on business I have had to stay in a hotel and have NEVER been able to get even one night at my time share. I can't believe I was so gullible.

Chris Fehr


Anonymous said...

We have a BlueGreen timeshare that we've been trying to desperately get out of. We have experienced the exact same issues. Never able to use it, always booked, constantly raising maintenance fees, etc... Any suggestions on how to get rid of this? We still owe money. What happens if we stop paying?

Anonymous said...

I agree! Desparately want out of this mess! anyone have any luck getting out using a claim of misrepresentation of sales? ANy kind of material breach of contract available?


Anonymous said...

I agree! I had a timeshare with Bluegreen and I called to try and settle or even pay the missed payments. they told me it was nothing that can be done. Now my credit is ruined and so is my spouses. If anyone have any information on how to get out of this mess please help!!!